Wednesday Update on Promised love 28th April 2021

Wednesday Update on Promised love 28th April 2021

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Noor coming to Razia’s room and says you used to sing this lori for Azaan and he used to sleep hearing this. She says may be he needs to hear this once again, kisses on Razia’s cheek and says good night. Azaan is in his room. He hears loud music coming from outside and gets angry. Just then lori plays…nanha munna…He hears it and sleeps. Noor comes there. Azaan holds her hand in sleep and asks her to stay. Hamari adhuri kahani plays….Noor sleeps beside him. In the morning, Noor wakes up and asks Azaan if he got a good sleep. Azaan says yes, wakes up and sees her, gets shocked. He asks what is she doing here and asks her to leave. Their chains get stuck. Azaan asks why did you wear this chain.

Noor says it is given by you. Rubina asks Khalid to apply something on her marks. She scolds him for bringing itching powder. She hears Noor’s voice and goes to Azaan’s room. She sees Azaan and Noor on the bed, trying to get the chain free. She asks if she started wooing Azaan also. Noor asks about the red marks on her face. She then slaps her hard on her face and asks Dilruba and Mashuqa to get Rubina’s ticket done for her mayka. She says I am sure Khalid will not miss her. Rubina apologizes to her and says sorry. She asks her to let her stay here.

Noor agrees and asks azaan to go and take bath. Azaan thinks he had a good sleep which is interrupted by Noor. Mashuqa and Dilruba talk about Noor. Dilruba tells that Azaan slept after 5 years. Khalid gives the itching powder to Noor. Noor asks why is it powder. Khalid tells that Rubina opened it. They have a laugh. Noor tells that she asked him to buy this powder for Azaan. Khalid asks if she came to make everything fine, tells that he came to see Azaan reacting and saw him sleeping for the first time in 5 years. He says make everything fine Noor. He asks can I hug you once. Noor gets emotional and hugs him. Rubina sees that and gets angry. She thinks she will not leave Noor. Noor asks Khalid not to tell anyone about this and looks at the itching powder.

Azaan is angry and thinks what did that mad woman said that I am stinking. He leaves. Noor thinks this powder will work in 10 mins as it is on his clothes. Azaan shouts calling Noor and starts itching. Khalid says may be you are allergic to something and asks him to take bath with hot water. Azaan goes. Khalid asks Dilruba to fill warm water for Azaan. Noor asks Dilruba to go. She looks at Shayra’s pic and thinks she will make Azaan fine.

Dilruba telling Azaan that he has filled hot water in the bath tub. Noor comes there. Azaan asks what is she doing here? She asks stinking Azaan is taking bath. He asks her to just go. She slips and falls in his embrace. He asks what the hell, if she has gone mad? Noor says it is your mistake and asks him to leave her. Azaan asks her to go. Noor says she don’t want to see six pack abs as family pack. Rubina takes Khalid to room and complains to him that he never hugged him with so much love. She asks if he forgot his friendship limit and threatens to tell Azaan. Khalid asks her to listen to him.

Rubina comes to Azaan’s room and tells him that Noor had brought itching powder to conspire against him. She says if he says yes then she will kick her. Noor comes and holds her. She warns her to try to complain to Azaan and tells that this house is hers. She sprinkles powder on her. Rubina starts itching. Noor says it is rice powder. Rubina goes. Noor hears Shayra’s voice and comes to Razia’s room. She sees Azaan playing the video in which Shayra is asking Razia to eat food. Noor comes there.

Azaan says he is going to work. Noor asks which work? Azaan takes her outside. Noor tells that Razia might come out of the coma if he tells the truth to her. She says badi ammi was never afraid of any problems. She asks if he don’t want her to get fine. Azaan asks her not to interfere in their lives and can deal with his Ammi, the way is he? He tells that he is doing this for 5 years and had managed everything. Noor asks him to tell the truth, may be she will get fine. She asks if he wants Razia to suffocate and die. Azaan shouts asking how dare she? Noor says if he accepted defeat from the loser and tells that she is glad that they’ re not friends anymore. Dilruba comes to Noor and tells that Azaan sits out whenever he misses Shayra. Noor says old wounds will not heal soon.

Next morning, Rubina tells that she will obey Noor. Noor asks her to keep fast. Rubina agrees and asks Dilruba to take her tea. Noor asks Dilruba to give tea to Khalid. Azaan comes there. Noor teases him. dilruba comes to kitchen and tells Mashuqa about what Noor has done. Mashuqa falls down. Dilruba helps her get up.

Azaan meets babu Bhai and tells that he didn’t have food as Noor teased him. Babu bhai asks why didn’t come to club? Azaan says I had slept. Babu Bhai is surprised and says Noor made you sleep which you couldn’t do in 5 years. He asks him not to judge him and shows the bottle asking him to decide if he wants to teach her a lesson.