Tuesday Update on Promised love 27th April 2021

Tuesday Update on Promised love 27th April 2021

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Noor asking Dilruba to keep her stuff in Razia Begum’s room and throw her out of room. She then says she will do this work and goes. Rubina is about to touch the Pasa when she hears Azaan shouting at Noor. Rubina hides. Razia takes heavy breathing. Rubina thinks before that mad Azaan can see me, I shall go from here. She says I will let you have this pasa for some more days and asks her to take care of her amanat. Azaan asks Noor, how dare she to return this house and for trying to go to ammi’s house. Noor says how dare you, this is my house and I don’t want anyone to misbehave with me.

Rubina asks who is she? Khalid says bhaijaan’s wound. Azaan asks Noor not to go to razia’s room again and says if you trouble her then I will burn this house. Noor says what I could hope from you. He says Shayra had hopes from you, but you didn’t fulfill it. Noor says Shayra had hopes from you too, but if you had trusted her then the situation would not be this. She says why I am talking about past and asks him to take the money from her and go to Spa to change his looks. She throws money on him. Noor asks Dilruba and Mashuqa to keep her clothes in Azaan’s room.

Rubina asks who are you? Noor says I am the owner of the house. Rubina says she is the bahu of the house and Khalid’s wife. Noor says I thought you are Servant like motu and patlu. Rubina tries to make Noor fall, but the latter stamps her feet on her foot. She says it doesn’t look nice if bahu of the house walk improperly. Rubina picks the money notes which Noor has splashed on Azaan and thinks from where did naukrani’s daughter got the money. She then gets happy to get the money.

Mashuqa and Dilruba talk about Noor in the kitchen. She says she called me moti and asks if she is less fat. She asks God to send Shayra and asks why did she send the toofan. Dilruba asks why did she come here? Azaan talks to Razia and says he doesn’t know from where she came and where she got the money to buy the mahal. She says Noor used to listen to you and had kheer by your hand, but today she is taking your name. He says I will make everything fine and promises her. He says I will have to, for you. He says I have two people’s support, my mother’s blessings and Shayra’s memories.

Noor comes to Razia’s room and looks at the Pasa box. Khalid asks if this is necessary. Azaan says yes, nobody is willing to give him a job. He says he will leave. Noor comes to Razia and melts down seeing her. She gets teary eyes. Razia too gets tears in her eyes. Noor sits down on the bed and calls her badi ammi. She says your daughter returned after many years, asks if she will not talk to her. She says I am your Noor, your jhalli Noor, whom you used to make sheer khorma and made her sleep too. She says you have always thought me as your daughter. He says I will make everything fine. She holds her ears and says sorry.

She says I have returned after many years and will not go. She says today is your birthday and says happy birthday. She says I promise with you on your birthday. Azaan tells Khalid that Noor will be guest of 24 hours. He says he will kick her out in 24 hours. Noor tells that she will not go from there, until Azaan and you get fine. She says I will be with you. This is not just begum mahal, but my house, my family and world…I have come here to make everything fine. She says whatever is snatched from you, Azaan’s friend, your daughter and Shayra’s sister return to you with interest. She says I have to save Azaan.

Azaan telling that today will be last day of Noor in his house. Noor wakes up hearing rats sound and shouts. She finds the door locked and jumps off the window. Azaan thinks of Shayra and says I am coming to you…Shayra. Noor comes to him and hugs him being scared. The rats come there. Noor jumps and climbs on him. Mashuqa and Dilruba come there. They get scared seeing the rats. Azaan asks Dilruba to open the window and make them go. Dilruba opens the window and makes the rats go. Azaan drops her down. Noor gives her hand signing him to hold it. Azaan picks his phone and is about to go. She says you haven’t trusted Shayra when she was alive. Azaan says Shayra is alive and will return, like you have returned.

Noor says you brought rats for me and says she is a wild cat, will not be scared of rats. Noor collides with Khalid. Rubina scolds Noor and tells that she knows how the girls trap the guys. Noor whispers something in Khalid’s ears. He says no and smiles. Rubina asks what did she say? Noor goes. Khalid says he is sleepy. Azaan looks at Shayra’s pics and says just 2 more hours, then new day will start and you will return. He says you didn’t come today, but knows that you will come tomorrow and I will wait for you. He hears Shayra’s voice message. Noor looks at him.

She comes to Dilruba and questions him, what Azaan does all night. Mashuqa says why she wants to know what he does. Noor says this is my house and looks like it is an orphanage. She says I shall know what everyone does. She asks what Azaan does in night? Dilruba says when Azaan returns, he looks at Shayra’s pics and cries. He marks the days on the calendar. She says Doctor said that he got insomnia. Noor asks him to give kesar in milk and asks them to ask Azaan to earn money for a good sleep. Mashuqa says if Yasmeen Bi wouldn’t have been alive then she would have beaten her with chappals. Noor thinks Azaan didn’t sleep since 5 years, and thinks to make him sleep first.

Khalid comes home secretly. Rubina switches off the light and asks what did he bring? Khalid says he brought stuff for Noor. Rubina pushes him and opens powder bottle. It pours on her face. Rubina sneezes and asks why Noor asked him to buy stuff for her. Khalid asks if she is fine. Rubina starts itching and scolds him.

Azaan is watching the video of his marriage. Noor comes and switches the TV and lights off. She asks him to pay for the electricity. Azaan shouts at her. Noor says you shall live on my terms and asks him to switch off light by 11 pm. Light comes. He switches on TV. He sees Shayra’s video. Noor asks him to switch off light and TV. Mashuqa says Noor must have switched off the lights. Dilruba says he is happy that Noor came and will make everything fine now. He says everyone was mourning here, but soon all will be fine.

Azaan comes to Razia and says he will sing lori for her. Surmayi ankhiyon me…..He recalls Noor’s sayings.