Wednesday Update on Strange love 28th April 2021


Wednesday Update on Strange love 28th April 2021

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Shlok taking Astha with him. Sojal hears some noise and thinks of going out and check who is it. Bharat asks her to sleep as she would have much work in the morning. Sojal thinks that Shlok loves Astha a lot and Astha is very lucky. Shlok brings Astha to the mandir where they got married. Astha says leave me hand Shlok. Shlok ignites the fire and shows Astha. He says I married you here and now I will tell you the truth of my life, the truth is I hate you, I only hate you. Astha is shocked and cries. He says you came in my live lying and how can you think I will love you, do you remember I told you that I strictly hate lies, then how can I love a liar.

He holds her hurting her and says remember when you met me for the first time. Astha thinks about it. He says you insulted me and the second time, you crossed all the limits. He says you insulted my dad and my family, I regard my dad as my Lord, you insulted him. He says my dad got ashamed infront of everyone, that day I decided that I will write your fate. Astha pushes him. He says you hated me but now you have see my face daily, then you will realize your mistake. He says I did not marry you, but punished you for the lifetime. He says you don’t have anything left than this ashed of the fire. Astha cries. She breaks down.

Astha says it means that it was not love, your words and every promise was a lie Shlok. Seh says its strange that I was madly in love and got blind and could not see your hatred. Shlok claps and says good, atleast you realized what you did. He says all this is a drama, everything was a trap in which I caught you and you got trapped in my love. He laughs on her. He says the work you got in event company. getting my company event, it was all because of me. Astha thinks about it.

He says what happened, are you shocked knowing this, the story did not end yet. He says you coming to my home and working for me, and I saved you from the auto driver was a part of the story. Astha is shocked. He says you made me do much things, even our trip to Kolhapur. Astha thinks about it. He says it was a part of my plan, everything and you felt I was getting attracted to you. He says when your irritating questions started and you refused to marry me, so I married you in the mandir. She thinks of their marriage. He says you hated my face, you did not wish to see my face but now you have to see this face, you will not get love from this face.

He says because the drama has ended now, the end. Astha scolds him and says how can you do this, you married me to take revenge, I was not blind and weak, I was not a fool. I really loved you so I married you. She says I fell in love with you, my love was not a cheat, this marriage means a lot to me. He says are you crazy, you got the answer you, now when I told you everything, you are crying, you should be happy. He says I m having fun seeing your condition. He says I married you infront of the Lord, now infront of them, I will tell you one thing, that I hate you and will always hate you.

Shlok leaves from the mandir. She cries and sits there near the fire crying. He gets in the cat and leaves her alone. Saiyyan….. plays….. in the background. Astha thinks of their love moments. Khwab ho pyara….. plays….. She thinks of his bitter words and cries. She comes back home alone and sees the Lord’s idol in their house. She wipes her tears and gets strength from the Lord. She goes to her room and says wahts the use to think of the memories, when I will only be hurt. She says you broke all my dreams, she says I m sorry mum and dad that I did not listen to you and believed Shlok, I lost today, this house does not value me, so I won’t stay here. She packs her bag and Shlok comes to her.

He says are you going somewhere Mrs. Shlok Agnihotri. She says yes, away from your fake world. I m not the one to stay here and weep, bearing all the pains. She says keep this fake world with you as I get suffocated here. He says what can we do. He taunts her saying you might have not seen such a big house. She says I m stunned that your mentality is so cheap, I hate you, I came in this house only because I loved you, and now when there is no love then why should I stay here, so I m leaving. Shlok says your mentality is cheap as your mind is small, now you are my wife, I should make you realize what will happen when you go from here, how sad they will be seeing you like this.

She says yes, but if I don’t tell them, they will be more sad. He says think how will you face the society, what will you tell everyone. Astha says it better to face the world than you, move from my way, I have to go, else I will send you to jail in domestic violence charge. Shlok says oh, I told you that you can’t go, it means you can’t go. She says I also told you that I m going, it means I m going, you can’t stop me. They look at each other angrily.

Shlok telling Astha that she can’t go to her house. She says I m going and its final, no one can stop me, not even you. Shlok smiles looking at her and gets up. He holds her hand and hurts her. She says leave me, you don’t have any right to come close to me or touch me, I m not afraid of you. He says you say you love me. then whats this, fine, I don’t have a right to stop you, but give me two mins. He brings a file and sits. He asks her to read the documents before leaving if you love your dad. Astha is puzzled. He says are you an idiot bahu, don’t you understand what I m saying. He says if you step out of this room, then …. Astha looks at the file and checks the papers. She is shocked to read the papers.

She looks at him. He says you can do this to save your dad, he can go to jail because of you and I will call the police. The police knows what to do if they get the papers, your dad signed on this papers, he has made a mistake. He says your dad can be arrested on the crime of taking bribe, that too because of you. He says if anything happens to him, then don’t come back to me. Astha says don’t dare to do anything to my dad. He says now tell me, show me by stepping out of this room. He takes the papers back from her and looks at her. She takes her bag and stands at the door.

Astha stops at the door and comes back to him. She says I did not even think in my dream that you would do this. She says what you did today is wrong. She says I hate you the most. Shlok stops her and hurts her again holding her cheek. He says whatever, you have to stay infront of me, as you are my wife. He smiles with an evil expression and leaves. Astha cries. The next morning, Astha wakes up and thinks about Shlok’s words. She calls her dad and wishes the Lord to protect her dad. Sojal is doing her work. Anjali comes and Sojal talks to her saying see how I have cleaned the mandir. Anjali says great, where is Astha, Sojal says don’t know, I did not see her, maybe she is sleeping.

Sojal praises herself. Anjali says don’t talk much. She says Astha will do this work from tomorrow, if she does not, then I know what to do. She asks Sojal to make the food properly else she and er mum would have to eat it. Sojal thinks Anjali is not after Astha now. Astha gets reday in her room. Shlok comes to her and holds her neck. She tries to get free. He says you are looking very beautiful today. He says your dad is still free, then why are you sad, smile… Astha gets up and leaves. He shouts keep smiling.

Kavya tells Bharat that she wants to celebrate her birthday. Bharat agrees and saays we will celebrate at home, as we can’t do a party. Astha comes to her and says Kavya, we will keep the party and your friends will also come and we will have fun. Astha says its a promise. Bharat says but…. Astha says don’t say no, these memories matter a lot. Astha hugs Kavya and says when she goes to her in laws house, this memories will be her strength. Se says you will be happier than more once you fulfill her wish. Bharat says fine, we will celebrate your birthday bash and do it every year. He promises Kavya and blesses Astha.

He asks Kavya whom will you call, will you cut the cake. Kavya hugs her. Bharat smiles. Anjali sees the decorators and asks them to leave. Bharat says I called them to celebrate Kavya’s birthday today. Anjali says its my house and I don’t know anything. He says Astha and I have decided this. Anjali scolds him and says who is Astha to decide what should happen in this house. Shlok comes to Astha and asks her to smile. He says you should have love and happiness on your face. He says be like a good bahu, it will be better for you.

Astha says leave me. Anjali says there won’t be any party here. Bharat says do’t do this, we have invited Kavya’s friends. Astha and Shlok come there. Bharat says what would I tell to my friends. Astha says think about Kavya. Anjali says I can’t break m house rules for Kavya. She says we don’t celebrate girl’s birthdays in this house. Bharat says what will I tell to my guests. Niranjan comes and says the party will be there. Everyone look at him.

Niranjan says Kavya will feel bad if we cancel the party. Anjali looks on. Bharat says tanks to Niranjan and says this idea was Astha’s. Niranjan says Astha you have done a good thing, the party should not have anything less, call special guests also. He leaves. Anjalu gets angry. jaya talks to Sojal and asks her to keep Anjali happy. jaya decides what to wear in the birthday party. Sojal says its Kavya’s birthday, not yours. jaya asks her to find out about the problem between Shlok and Astha. Kavya comes to her and jaya talks to her sweetly. Kavya brings a horror mask for her and scares her. Sojal and Shlok laughs.

Shlok takes Kavya with her. Sojal says see Astha rules in this house. She says een my daughter follows Astha. jaya says Shlok is very happy with Astha. She says do something else Astha will win everyone and you will be like slave in this house. Astha asks Kavya to call her friends. Astha does the birthday arrangements. Astha is shocked to see Shlok wearing the mask. He really looks like a monster. Shlok says I will whatever Astha says.