Wednesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11th August 2021


Wednesday Update on Mariam Khan Reporting Live 11th August 2021

Mariam giving pics to everyone. She shows Aijaz’s pic. She says this pic got cut. They laugh. Majaaz says I will teach you to click pictures well. He asks her to have food first. Mariam asks Madiha does he has a twin sister. Madiha says no. Majaaz jokes. Mariam takes the food for Aijaz. He hears a sad song and stays upset. She asks him to have food. He refuses. She asks him to see the pic and then have food. He gets shocked seeing his pic with his lover. He asks did you show this to anyone.

She says no. He says give it to me. She says first have food. He says I will have food. She says I need this pic back. He says this is the pic of someone I desire. She says its my pic, I want it back. They fight for it. The pic gets torn. He gets angry. She runs away. He sees her lover’s pic. He gets the lover’s call. She says I will never come your home now, you will get insulted, I will get habitual to live without you. He says I promise I will not let you get insulted again, I will wed you and bring you in this mansion. She asks really. Mariam says I will give this pic to Aijaz. She hears him.

Its morning, Mariam sees Madiha’s preparations. She says I will have food in Iftaar, I will also keep fast, no one can scold me. Amna gets milk. Madiha also gets a milk glass. Mariam finishes the milk. Madiha asks Mariam to get ready for school. Mariam says today I will take good pics, Mahira scolded me, as she looked joker in her pics. Majaaz calls her and asks her to remember three things, frame, focus and click. Mariam clicks pics. She says I will frame the shots in best way, I will click good pics. She says I want to become like you, a journalist. He explains her the work and motive of a journalist. She gives camera to Majaaz and goes to get ready. Madiha says stop teaching this to Mariam, sell the press so that we all get rid of this journalism. He looks at her.

Fawad says I have teach them a lesson. Rifat asks him to go to school. She scolds the servants. Zain says I will drop Fawad to school. Rifat asks the reason for his love. He says I thought to drop him as his school is on the way. Rifat says meet the principal and find the kids’ parents. Zain says yes, I will complain about them. Mahira drives and asks Meher to make her notes.

Mariam signs no. Meher refuses saying our subjects are different. Mariam sees a board and asks Meher about it. She asks Mahira to drive slow. Mahira stops the car when Mariam pushes her. Mahira drops Mariam on the way and goes. Mariam comes to school and gets tired. She says I have come slow. Teacher says you have come late for the class. She says my dad says coming late is better than accident. He says oh yes, go and sit. Teacher asks them to say the names of five aquatic names. Everyone raises hand. He asks Mariam. Mariam sees her friends signing and says Fish…. Teacher asks what’s the other four. She says Fish’s mum, dad, brother and sister. Kids laugh. Mariam is made to leave the class. Her friends also tease teacher and get out of the class.

Fawad says you got punished again, you will learn a lesson today, my elder brother will come to complaint against you. Zain comes. Mariam gets shocked seeing him. Mariam says so he is Fawad’s brother. Fawad will tell everything to him. Fawad says principal loves my brother, you are gone, you will be punished. Zain says what’s guarantee of their safety, its a big mistake. Mariam thinks good boy will get upset with me. She thinks of Zain. Principal says right, tell me the names of those kids. Fawad says your parents will beat you a lot. Mariam thinks of Majaaz. Principal says thanks for informing, I will take all the necessary action. Zain sees Mariam.

Mariam apologizing to Zain about ruining Fawad’s room. She asks him not to complain. Zain talks in a friendly way and tells her that even he doesn’t like Rifat’s friends. She hugs him and calls him good person. He says you are also good. Fawad looks on and shouts. Mahira is on the way. She gets Rihaan’s call and disconnects. Meher asks are you getting crank calls, we have to do something. Mahira says relax, its unnecessary calls, Ramadan is starting from tomorrow, it will be much fun to sight moon together. Meher goes for her class.


Mahira is on the way and answers Rihaan’s call. She says I m coming, I m already troubled by this old car. She gets call again. She doesn’t see and hits Zain’s car. The people look on. Police asks Mahira to get down the car. Zain checks his car. He sees Mahira and stops shouting. Tujhko mai rakhlun wahan…. Hawayein…..plays…… He smiles. He thinks Mariam said right, she drives car like a plan. She says its again my fault, I m really sorry, ask them not to take me anywhere, I have to go somewhere. Inspector asks her to pay 5000rs fine. She says I can’t pay. He takes her phone. Mariam tells her friends about the event at school. She says dad taught me to click good pics.

Zain says I will pay her fine, let her go. She thanks him and says I will return your money. He says don’t worry, I will drop you home. She says no, I will manage. Mariam takes Aijaz’s pics. Madiha asks about charity fete. Mahira says our school and college are organizing this charity fete for poor students. Aijaz asks can anyone go there. Mahira says yes, there is an entry fee. Mahira asks Madiha to come along. Madiha asks who will do all the work, who should make you understand, there is much work apart from studies and decking up. Meher and Mahira joke. Madiha says you think I would have not told this if I had boys instead you girls. They say we didn’t mean this. Madiha says you don’t value anything. Meher says sorry, we are wrong. Mahira says mom has magic in hands. They hug and apologize. Madiha says I have forgiven you. They say we have to become super mom like you. Mariam likes their pic.

At the college fest, Mariam takes a family picture. Majaaz says she never showed so much interest in anything. Mariam asks them to smile. Majaaz asks Mariam to come for the pic. He asks a man to click the pic. Fawad and family come there. Rifat and her sister in law see some girls to find a suitable one for Zain. Wasim asks them did they come here to see girls. Rifat says we shall have some food and leave. Madiha and Rifat don’t see each other. Majaaz collides with Wasim. Zain sees Mahira and goes after her. Hawayein…..plays……… She says I have no money to give you today, but please don’t tell my parents. He says no, I wanted to tell you, its a nice event, its all cute. She says I also did the arrangements. He says its really good.

Aijaz meets his lover. He flirts with her. Mariam comes there and asks for pic. He gets shocked and prays. He disappears. Omkar and his wife come and greet Majaaz and others. Mariam and Fawad collide. Her cold drink falls. They argue. Fawad falls down and says I will complain to my brother. She thinks Zain has come, I will ask him about the pic. Meher stumbles and makes the drink fall on Rihaan. She apologizes. Zain asks Mahira’s name. Mahira sees Meher and says Meher…… she goes. Zain says Meher, I know your name and wanted to know from you. Mariam and Fawad fight. Zain says you don’t fight with beautiful girls.

Fawad says yuck and goes. Mariam asks am I really pretty. Zain says yes. She says I have to become journalist like my dad. He says I m so impressed. She asks why was my mum’s photo there in your house. He asks how is that possible, where is your mum. She shows Madiha to him. He gets shocked.