Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 11th August 2021


Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 11th August 2021

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Anita coming to Rangoli and having a drink. Rangoli asks do you want to see Ahaan and Pankti together. Anita says never. Rangoli bribes her and asks her to do as she tells her. Anita smiles. Vikram waits at backstage. He gets shocked when Monty is given the honors. Monty goes on the stage. Monty says its a honor to sponsor Ahankti. Everyone claps. Monty smiles. Vikram says you think Rhythm will sponsor this concert, so you will get all the credit. Monty says I m doing this for kids, not concert, you won’t understand charity. Vikram says if you understood love, you would have not doubted Poorva, but she is really… Monty says shut up Vikram. Vikram says you didn’t see there, Rangoli is the star attraction, JMD’s face, you lost again.

Kids say we have a surprise for Ahankti. Monty goes to help Poorva. Kaira comes to him. Poorva goes. Rangoli is called for the performance. She asks Ahaan to wish her luck, she has to charge the audience. Ahaan wishes her all the best. She goes on stage and sings Nasha nasha…. Anita goes and locks up Pankti. Pankti finds the door locked and shouts for help. Anita smiles. Everyone claps for Rangoli. Ahaan says it was rocking, don’t know where did Pankti go, I will go and see. Ahankti is called for the performance. Rangoli asks Ahaan to go for his solo, Pankti will come till the duet. Uday asks Ahaan to put phone on silent. Ahaan gives his phone to Uday and goes. Rangoli smiles.

Pankti calls Ahaan. Uday doesn’t see the call. Ahaan sings Har Dafaa…..He performs well. Everyone claps for him. Ahaan ends his solo and waits for Pankti on stage. Rangoli says this is called rocking performance. He asks where is Pankti. Ahaan says duet announcement will be made, I will go and see. Rangoli stops him and says your and Pankti’s name can get spoiled if you go, maybe Pankti got nervous, she didn’t get time to practice, this happens sometimes, Ahaan please don’t go for the sake of the kids, Pankti also wants this concert to happen. The duet announcement is made. Everyone shouts Ahankti…. Pankti calls Uday.

Rangoli and Ahaan go on stage. Uday answers call. Pankti says my make up room door isn’t opening, open it fast. Uday says I m coming. Ahaan and Rangoli sing the duet. Pankti knocks the door. Uday calls out Pankti. Anita hides. Uday sees Anita near the make up room. Uday opens the door. Pankti rushes. Pankti thanks him and says don’t know who locked me. He says I think your mom did this. Uday says maybe duet ended. Pankti gets shocked.

Pankti running to the concert. People and trustees praise Rangoli. Pankti cries and says what can I do Uday, my make up room door was locked, Ahaan and Poorva didn’t answer, what shall I do now. Ahaan comes and says that which a singer should do, sing, auditorium is still packed, come and sing with me. Pankti comes on stage and performs. Ahaan comes to support her. They talk of the power of their love. Everyone claps. Rangoli gets angry seeing them. Pankti and Ahaan sing Tu Aashiqui….

Everyone claps and praise for Ahankti style finale. The people shout once once. Pankti smiles and agrees. Rangoli looks on. Ahaan plays music and sings Tu wafa hai meri….. Pankti sings and dances with him. Rangoli shuts her ears. She gets angry seeing people’s good response and goes. The kids come there and give Ahankti’s pic to Ahaan and Pankti. Srivastav praises Ahaan and Pankti’s talent and call them real stars of the show. Manav and Aparna smile. Rangoli tears Pankti’s poster and smiles seeing Ahaan.


Monty goes on stage to honor Ahaan and Pankti. Srivastav asks Manav to call Rangoli on stage. Rangoli is called. She hears the announcement made and comes. She receives a bouquet and gives it to Ahaan. Ahaan thanks her. She says hear this fans’ clapping and praise, you deserve this, big cheers for Ahankti. Everyone claps. Vikram asks servant about everyone. Servant says everyone went with Ahaan. Vikram asks him to prepare snacks for his guests. Rangoli comes and asks Vikram if there is any new project.

He reads out the news about her bad publicity and says you are JMD’s star, you are not famous as Ahankti, I decided to sign them too. She gets shocked. She gives him a rose and taunts him. She says if I m not exclusive for JMD, then you are not an option for me, congrats for the new face of JMD. He tries to explain. She leaves. Ahaan and Pankti talk to their fans on video chat. Ahaan asks Pankti about the surprise party. She nods and hugs. She gets KK’s call.

KK congratulates her for the successful concert. Ahaan takes her phone and scolds KK. He ends call. Pankti tells him about Rangoli’s same blame on Vivek. He says Rangoli’s stalker Vivek, how can you believe him, Rangoli is our friend, she helped us. She recalls Vivek’s words. He says I know you know differentiating between right and wrong. He asks him to smile, they will have a double party. Tu aashiqui….plays….