Wednesday Update on The Frontliners 11th August 2021


Wednesday Update on The Frontliners 11th August 2021

Sid asking Riya’s mum to tell about her dad. Riya’s mum says I can’t tell his name, I don’t want to bring him back in his life just on her doubt about her disease. Ishani says her state will be serious if we don’t do her tests. Riya’s mum says I don’t want her to know about her dad. Sid asks what will happen if she knows. He recalls his mum. He asks why are you forcing your decision on her, every child has a right to know about her dad, you have any idea what she feels when she sees other kids with their dad, you didn’t give her birth alone, you have to tell her father’s name.

Ishani looks at him. Sid says tell me my dad’s name. Ishani gets shocked. Riya looks on. Sid goes. Ishani says I will talk to Sid. Sid recalls people asking his dad’s name. He goes out and breaks a car windscreen. Ishani stops him and says I didn’t see you in this state. He asks her to leave him alone. She says sorry. She sees his hand breaking. He says you need to work on your social skills. She asks what happened, you treat patients with love.

He says Riya has a right to know her dad’s name. She says even you have to work on social skills, did you understand her mum’s state, its tough to raise a child alone, its more tough to not tell her dad’s name, there would be a big reason for this, every woman has a dream to have a happy family, its a nightmare, maybe that man is useless, drunkard or any murderer, or maybe more bad, he won’t be knowing making noodles or omelette, I don’t know to ask you or not, do you see childhood in Riya. Sid says its nothing like that, I want Riya to get treatment, her mum’s reason isn’t bigger than her life, will she understand when Riya dies. Shashank comes and asks Sid to apologize to someone. He sends Ishani.


Sid says you should have not come here. Shashank says it was imp, I heard about you, handover this case to other doctor. Sid says no need for that, I know I should apologize to Ms. Das, sorry. Shashank says don’t take me wrong, if my fate had a son like you, I would be proud. Sid cries and hugs him. Shashank says I don’t know that man, he would be a fool that he didn’t find about his son Dr. Siddhant Mathur.

Aman asks Asha to see his biceps. She says I don’t want to see you. He says I will do this for you. They see a patient. They check their phones. They hear a phone ringing and ask the man to put it on silent. The man says my phone is in my stomach, my friends kept a bet, if I swallow my old phone, they will gift me a smartphone. Aman asks are you mad. Asha says we have to do your surgery. The man says I m scared of it. Asha says we will try to remove phone from your digestive system.

Sid apologizes to Riya’s mum. She says I don’t know what Riya is going through, you understand it, maybe your mum had also…. he was my boss, I came in his fake love talks and fell in love, it was late until I knew about his marriage, I was pregnant, I told him about the child, he blamed me to be characterless, he threatened to defame me, what would I do being with such man, who doesn’t love me or my daughter. Sid says I m really sorry, I didn’t know. She says you would be feeling Riya is going through a lot and I don’t know it, don’t forget I m her mum, whatever I did in these ten years, I did for seeing happiness on her face, I m in more pain than her. She cries.

The man says phone isn’t coming out. Asha says we will do the operation. Aman asks why is she desperate for the operation. Asha asks him to think about operation, if they don’t prove themselves in a year, they can’t become permanent resident, Ishani is leading in the race. Aman says we will go to other hospital. Asha says I have no money, I m not a male like you, if I don’t prove myself, my parents will get me married to anyone, can’t you understand. Aman says so what, you will get everything for free if you marry. She shouts on him. She asks don’t you understand, my parents will get me married to some fool like you. He says you are saying a lot. The man says you can do my operation. She smiles.

Sid calls his mum. She asks what happened, you called me today, how did you think of me today. Sid says I miss you. She says don’t lie to me. He says you know everything, if I m fine or not. He cries. She says you are my life, if anything happens to you, I know it, why are you crying, are you again… He says no, I have you, I don’t want anything. She says I was scared that Sanjivani’s responsibility will snatch you from me. He says no, you are my dad, mum and Lord, I miss you and I love you. She says I love you too, go and check your patients, come home soon. He ends call. He cries. Ishani looks at him.

Ishani saying I will come later. Sid says sorry for all that, I kno how life passes without a dad. She says this case reminded you all this, memories hurt a heart. He says I wish we could had some medicine to forget sad memories. She says if we feel pain, our mind starts neglecting it, you will be fine. He asks what’s your story. She recalls her childhood and says I have some work. He says I m sorry, I didn’t expect this reaction, I feel you also have a wound on your heart, maybe its a bigger burden than mine, we are living this broken life with a hope that this will heal. She asks does this happen. Nurse calls Sid for Riya. Sid says we have to go.

Riya’s mum says I had put hot tea near her. Sid asks Riya not to worry. Ishani says we can check the burns. Sid asks Riya does she feel anything. Riya asks what. Ishani moves the pen over the leg and asks do you feel any pain. Riya signs no. They worry. Riya’s mum asks what happened. Riya asks can I have icecream. Sid says sure, nurse will get it for you. Sid asks Riya’s mum to come out. He says Riya has lost all sensations of her lower body. Riya’s mum says no. Ishani says its possibility of Refsum disease, we have to meet Riya’s dad.

Sid says if we lose time, it will be bad, please trust me, I will not let that man’s shadow fall on Riya, I will go and take his samples, I promise, just tell me his name. Riya’s mum says Rakesh Desai, MD of Desai company. Sid and Ishani see Rakesh’s name in the board of directors. She says wow, he likes to write quotes also. He says yes, we like to serve others…. She says we shall talk to him and explain him that none will know about it. Sid says he won’t understand, I m being practical, will we let Riya die, we have to break rules and find new ways. Ishani takes Rakesh’s appointment.


Ishani goes to Rakesh’s office. Sid comes there as watchman. He greets her. She gets shocked seeing him. He says I heard you have an appointment with Rakesh, you will need my backup. She says no thanks, I will handle, go from here. He says you will need me. She goes. Rakesh says I got a call from Sanjivani, I thought Vardaan’s peon will come, tell me. She says your ex-employee Mukta Das, she ha come to hospital, I understand this reaction, you are the father of the ill child. He asks what nonsense, you are believing her. She says relax, your name won’t come out, I just want your blood sample and eyetest. He calls the security. Sid comes there and punches him.

Rakesh faints. Sid stops Ishani. He locks her and says you don’t know this. She says you are going wrong. Sid ties up Rakesh. Rakesh gets conscious. Sid says wait, I will take blood sample first and then do the eye test. Ishani asks him is he done. Sid says two mins more. Sid says you have symptoms of Refsum disease, it will be confirmed after tests, you gifted her this disease instead taking her responsibility, such a creep. He opens the door and asks Ishani to come with him, else he will break the blood sample bottle.

Ishani says so sorry Mr. Desai. She tries to free him. She says its not my mistake. Sid takes Ishani out. He asks her to sit fast. She says I will go by rickshaw. He says we have no time. She asks for helmet. He says I have to wear it, I m a safe rider. She says you broke Rakesh’s nose. He says if I didn’t force him, how would we save Riya’s life. She says we are doctors. He says exactly, our work is to save patients’ lives. She says our wrong work will be known. He asks her not to lecture and sit. Rakesh shouts catch them.

Sid and Ishani leave. Rakesh says I won’t leave them. Riya asks Sid did you go and meet my dad, does he not miss me. Sid says I was born 9000 days ago, I got this same question maybe on 500 days, where is my dad, why he left me, my mum has lived 8500 days just for me, we are lucky to get such mums, who didn’t let us meet our dad, who fought the world and raised us, they loved us and gave happiness, you agree. She nods. He says our lives are like this puzzle, its not imp to solve every puzzle, agree, give me a hug. She hugs him. She says his lines. He says you are smart girl, take rest, I will come to meet you again.

Shashank comes to meet Vardaan. Vardaan says you could have called me. Shashank says your luxury ward plan, I agree. Vardaan says I agree. Shashank says I want something, one general ward will b e changed to luxury ward, some profits will be used for general ward. They bargain for the partnership. Shashank says 15%. Vardaan says done, I would have given 20%. Shashank says and I would have agreed for 10%. Rakesh calls Vardaan and asks him to fire Sid.