Wednesday Update on Evil Eye 16th June 2021


Wednesday Update on Evil Eye 16th June 2021

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Nishant says to Piya you shouldn’t go in front of her until she recalls everything. Mohana says I am a human. Piya says I think we can go out. Piya comes out. Mohana says she is a Devik. She tried killing me. She is your wife right? Ansh says yes she was my wife. Vedeshree says they had a huge fight and she left the house. It’s been five years to their separation. Don’t you remmeber that? Ansh says yes. Nishant says you shouldn’t have come in front of Moahan. You have to hide until she believes that she is a human. Piya says everyone is trying why won’t I?

Saavi says what are you doing Naman? You shouldn’t have eaten this medicine. He sings and says yes I am an idiot. If I weren’t I would have told you I like you. I hid it. I really liked you. Then Dilruba also tried to hint it. I didn’t want to say but this medicine. So I will say it. I love you, I want to spend my life with you. He faints.

Ansh says Piya, Mohana is asleep. Come out. Piya is planting. She says they are nice right? He says yes. Ansh says Piya, Mohana got mad at you when she saw you. Piya says I will stay here with the plants. Ansh says here? She says yes I love plants. Ansh says okay. Ansh says we will find a solution. Piya says did you notice? He says you dyed your hair? She says it happened on its own. Ansh says are you okay? You have been acting weird since we returned from the jungle. Piya says yes it feels weird but I am okay. Ansh says we have to get it checked.

Naman opens eyes. Saavi says are you okay? He says am I sick? Saavi says you ate that medicine. He says if I said something weird then don’t consider it. It wasn’t me. Saavi says we have to go to di’s house.

Avi says how long will we make her believe that she is a human? Chetali says what if her powers come back? Naman and Saavi come in and say we won’t let that happen. This medicine made her lose her powers. We made this liquid from the medicine. You can add it to her food or even make her inahle it. Nishant says but you have to make sure Mohana doesn’t get mad, she can get her powers back if she does. Vedeshree says then we have to keep Piya away from her.

Vedeshree and Chetali come to Mohana and give her coffee. Mohana says why are you giving me everything in the room? I am not sick I could make my own coffee. Chetali says we made it for you. Mohana gets her powers back and throws it on the floor.

Naman says where are Dufli’s clothes? Saavi says they are gone for laundry. He says we should give khichdi to her as well. Saavi says upto you. Naman says is she mad that I told her? Or that I backed out? Dufli laughs.
Nishant says to Saavi on call pandit ji told me about a good guy. You should meet him. Saavi says what? Nishant says yes for proposal. Saavi says okay I will.

Mohana says why are you fooling me? I know I am Aikain. I have powers. I will kill everyone. Chetali says please calm down. Mohana says stop lying. I won’t leave anyone. Tell me the truth. Ansh sprays room freshener. There’s that medicine in it. Mohana calms down. He says it’s room freshener. Mohana says why are you scared Vedeshree? Was I angry at you. Ansh says because of the accident this happens. You aren’t well. Mohana hugs Vedeshree. Mohana says I am sorry. You take care of me and I was mad at you. Chetali says you’re family. Mohana says I am glad you left that Piya. She makes me very angry. I will find you another girl.

Dufli plays with Saavi. Naman says I don’t feel well. There is something. Saavi says what? Naman says people show off all the time. Like these men who come with proposals. Saavi says pandit ji know him and his family very well so you don’t have to worry. Naman says I didn’t mean that. Saavi says that’s your problem. You say something and then you don’t mean it.

Mohana says Ansh, this is Vidya and her parents. They are looking for a guy for their daughter. I met them in the neighborhood. I know you don’t know her. You can meet her and let me know. Come here. Ansh says I am fine. Piya is looking out. Mohana says do you want to ask Vidya anything? Ansh says no. Ansh says to everyone what is Mohana doing? Piya would be so mad. I can’t marry to live this lie. We have to tell Mohana that Piya is still my wife. Shekhar says we will find a way out. You should go to Piya.

Piya has tied Vidya with trees. Ansh says what is this Piya? Piya says I don’t like anyone taking my things. Ansh says she would die. Piya says I don’t care. Ansh says this can’t be you. Piya says it’s me. She ties his legs. Ansh breaks the branch and saves Vidya.Saavi comes back with the guy. Naman says you look happy. She says it’s the same guy. He lives in US. I will move there. It isn’t a bad idea. He’s a nice guy. There shouldn’t be any problem. Naman says so you would leave us all?

Vedeshree says what is wrong with Piya? Ansh says she has been acting weird since we returned from the jungle. The tree was cursed. Piya can’t harm anyone. Ansh says I have told Nishant. He’s finding a solution. Ansh says thank God Adi and Pari didn’t see Piya like that. Shekhar says you should be with Piya. We will handle Mohana.

A creature brings Nishant a stem of the same tree. Chetali says I mixed the medicine in the milk. Mohana says what medicine? Vedeshree says Shehar’s medicine. Mohana says Vidya and her family left. I don’t know. We will find another family. I have invited our neighbors we would tell them we are looking for a girl.

Ansh says Piya let’s go to the room. She says there are no plants there. I don’t want to be without plans. Piya says I feel very powerful like I cn do anything. he says we will bring the real you back. He takes Piya to the room. Piya says why are you so scared of Mohana? You’re such a loser Davansh. Mohana comes there. Piya hides. Mohana says I heard a girl’s voice. Ansh says I was watching a video.

Nishant tries to do test on the stem. The stem burns his lab. Nishant says what was that? Why did it try to burn the witch book? I should try to read about it. The book shows Mohana’s face. Nishant says is Mohana related to this? How? He sees Vishalika’s face too.

Chetali says what a decoration. Mohana says this is to help Ansh with his loneliness. I saw a girl in the house. It’s wrong. I won’t let him go on the wrong path. I have planned Ansh’s Swaimwadu. They are here. Chetali says our neighbors are here. We have to hide.

Nishant reads Vishalika was a witch and her powers used to go in front of a tree. Nishant says this means Piya is under Vishalika’s effect. If she comes in front of Mohana, they would kill each other. Mohana says Ansh get ready. Vedeshree says we will get him ready. Ansh says I can’t marry due to her fear. Shekhar says we can’t let our plan fail. We can’t let her be a witch again. Ansh says I know all that. I can’t marry another woman.