Thursday Update on Strange Love 17th June 2021


Thursday Update on Strange Love 17th June 2021

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Ajinkya coming and greeting everyone. Aditi hugs him and is happy. Everyone greet him. Niranjan asks him to have breakfast and tea. Anjali asks Sojal to make tea. Aditi smiles seeing him. Niranjan asks him why is she worried. Aditi says dad was away from me so many days, so he might be worried. Ajinkya says yes. Astha thinks of getting some info from him about Aditi. Ajinkya’s wallet falls and Astha picks it up and sees a photo. She thinks she is Aditi, but does she have six fingers. She gives the wallet to him. Ajinkya goes to his room. Aditi goes with him.

Astha comes to her room and thinks what to do. She thinks how to bring out Aditi’s truth and she saw six fingers in the photo of Aditi, if he has only one daughter, then it will be Aditi’s photo. She thinks Shlok and Aditi are childhood friends, I may get their photo in storeroom. Astha looks for the photos in the storeroom. She gets some photos and says this girl is not real Aditi, don’t know what is all this. Jyoti dresses in the suit Sid brought for her and Sid looks at her. Sid comes to her and says you are looking really nice. She says this was not needed. He says make a good tea for me, she smiles. Sid looks at her and smiles.

Astha brings the photo albums in the hall. Anjali asks whats all this. What are you doing with albums. Astha makes excuses. Astha asks Sojal to come and see the albums with her. Sojal calls Aditi to join them. Aditi comes and smiles. Astha shows the same pic and Aditi asks how is she. Astha is surprised. Astha says Aditi don’t you really know who she is. Astha smiles and says you say you and Shlok are childhood friends, see this girl has six fingers. Aditi leaves. Astha stops her and says where is your sixth finger. Aditi gets tensed. Astha says if you are Aditi, you must have six fingers. Aditi says I have removed it recently. Astha checks her hand and says no mark of the operation. Aditi says I don’t need to give you any explanations.

Aditi starts shouting and asks what is your problem. Everyone comes and asks whats going on. Ajinkya and Niranjan also comes. Astha says Aditi is trying to change the talk. Niranjan asks whats going on. Astha asks Ajinkya about Aditi’s six fingers. He says yes, I got it removed when she was small in her childhood. Astha says Aditi said she hot it removed recently, who is lying, you or Aditi. Niranjan scolds Astha fro doubting on him. He says its like you are doubting me. Aditi cries and says I don’t know why is Astha doing this, she doubted on me before also and today on my dad. Niranjan says Anjali did not tell me. Shlok says enough Astha, now you won’t say anything.

Astha says no, its not enough, the truth is she is no Aditi and I will prove it. Aditi says how much more will you insult me, I can’t bear it. Astha says stop this drama. She says Aditi is lying. Aditi sees insect killer on the table and thinks now see Astha how I frame you in your trap. Anjali asks Astha to stop this. Astha says all the accidents were her plan, she is lying. Aditi says now you won’t have any problem with me, as I won’t be alive. She says I failed infront of your hatred. She drinks the insect killer. Everyone are shocked and runs to save her. Varad asks Shlok to take her to the hospital.

Niranjan asks Varad to call the doctor at home. The doctor treats Aditi and tells everyone she is fine and she will be conscious soon. Niranjan requests him not to tell this to anyone, the truth is she had it by mistake. The doctor says don’t worry, I understand and leaves. Ajinkya cries. Aditi opens her eyes and looks around. Ajinkya hugs her and says Niranjan you promised me that you will take care of my daughter, whatever happened today have hurt me. He says look at my daughter. Aditi says I m fine dad, its not their mistake, its my mistake. Aditi says she has forgiven Astha as she regarded her sister from heart. Niranjan says you have disappointed me Astha for the first time.

Anjali says its good Shlok and her divorce will happen soon and she will leave this house. Aditi gets happy knowing this. Shlok says we all should leave now and let her rest. Shlok says come Astha. Astha says but Shlok. He says shut up, you did much drama, come now. Astha looks at Aditi angrily and leaves. Aditi thinks she is happy hearing about the divorce.

Abhay telling Bua that he is fed up, Jyoti is nowhere. He says I asked three men to find her but no use, only loss of money. He says I don’t want this tension, I will make up a story and tell her family that she is lost. Bua says think about yourself, they won’t leave you. He asks then why should I do. Bua says it won’t be good to tell them. Abhay gets a call, he says is it Jyoti’s and takes the call. Its Anjali’s call who asks him to make her talk to Jyoti as her fourth month has started. Abhay says don’t worry. I will take care of her. Anjali says we have booked a room in the hospital, if you need anything then tell us. Abhay says we got saved this time, but I won’t pick any phone on landline.

Astha thinks how to bring out Aditi’s truth. Anjali comes to her and scolds her. She says only few days left for you in this house, if anything happens to Aditi, we should have not left you, you have hurt Niranjan today and Aditi would have died because of you. Astha says its not my mistake, I m not wrong. Anjali says you are shameless, take this soup and give it to Aditi. Anjali asks her to behave well with Aditi.

Jyoti sees Sid teaching a girl playing mouth organ. Sid sees her and plays it again. Jyoti smiles. Sid gets a call and is happy. He tells Jyoti that he got an interview call, it if goes well, he will be glad. Jyoti says best of luck. He says thanks and leaves. Astha comes to Aditi with the soup. Aditi asks how did it feel after losing. Astha says leave it, is some time, I won’t ;eave you, I feel you are not like you look. Aditi says it does not matter who I am, as you are going. Astha says I will leave this house only after showing your true face to everyone. Aditi says stop dreaming, I did not know about your divorce, else I would have not tried to kill you. Aditi says I m glad that you are leaving from Shlok’s life.

Astha asks why are you doing this, what do you want to get, do you love Shlok, I will move from your way, but you have risked Shlok’s life too, I can see only hatred for him in you. Aditi says its more than you see. Sid comes for the interview at Varad’s office. Sid asks for a chance as he always wanted to work with him. Sid leaves from his cabin and thinks whether he will get the job or not.

Its night, Shlok comes to Astha while she is cleaning his bed. He says no need for all this. He scolds her for blaming Aditi, she would have died and she would be responsible, he says its not a game, wake up. He rests to sleep and asks her to switch off the light. She says how can you say this. He says enough, just go. He says everyone has a problem with your nature, as you think you are never wrong. He blames her moral values and upbringing. He says you have hurt my dad today by insulting Aditi. I will not leave you, you are a stranger. Ve saiyyan………………plays……………… Astha cries. Astha says how could you tell such a big thing, am I a stranger for you.

He says I love you being here for six months, I fell in love with you and wanted to come closer to you. Shlok hears this. She says I failed, but till I stay in this house, I will give you pain as I will also support the truth. Astha thinks she felt Shlok will believe her, but its good her eyes opened. She goes to sleep. Shlok looks at her. Astha cries. Sid is putting his clothes on a stand. Jyoti thinks she would have got him a job by Varad. Sid says Varad Agnihotri, don’t know what he will do. Jyoti asks him to trust Lord. Sid asks about her.

Niranjan asks Anjali to end her punishment. He says what was the need to tell about divorce infront of Aditi, I still want Astha and Shlok to be together. He says buy some jewellery for Aditi on Gudi padawa day. Anjali says but Astha….. Niranjan says Astha still have a right in this house. Astha cries. Saiyyan ve as raasta dikhaade tu………………….plays………………. Shlok is awake too. She thinks how Shlok saved her multiple times. They look at each other. Khuda………………plays………………Shlok thinks about Astha’s words and her love. Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon……………….plays……………. Shlok turns.

Its morning, Anjali asks Astha and Shlok to do the ritual. Shlok and Astha look at each other. Aditi looks at them angrily. Everyone looks on. Aditi thinks Astha can’t save her marriage now.