Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 16th June 2021


Wednesday Update on Cost of Love 16th June 2021

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Anita thinking about JD. She says its a big loss for me. Sheetal comes home for JD’s final rites. Media and guests comment about the murder motive, why Sheetal killed JD, when everyone praised their love story. Sheetal says I had to come to make sure that JD died. Vikram says he was my dad. She says no, he was a sin, he had to die, sins have to end, a devil died today, don’t worry, we should be happy. She stares at JD. Everyone looks on.

Aparna hugs Sheetal and says we will free you soon. Sheetal meets Pankti. They cry. Sheetal hugs her. Sheetal says don’t think this is my punishment, its my repentance to love a man like JD. Pankti says no, Lord didn’t do justice. Manav asks Vikram and Ahaan to come, its time for JD’s final rites. They take JD’s funeral. JD’s final rites are done. Everyone looks on. Manav recalls JD’s words. Everyone thinks of him. Vikram lights the fire to the pyre. Pankti thinks of JD’s words.

Everyone returns home. Vikram stays restless. He cries seeing JD’s pic. He says why bad happens with me, what sin did I do, dad left me and mom went to jail, I fell alone. Aparna consoles him. She says you are like Ahaan for me, we all are with you, you can share any worries with me and Manav. I will try you don’t miss Sheetal, I will try that Sheetal gets freed. After 12 days, Anita tries some shades. She says I don’t look sad in this, I m looking much pretty. She says its JD’s tervi tomorrow, I m preparing for it. Poorva says don’t get much decked up. Anita says stars have to look good everywhere. Poorva says don’t go there. Anita says I have to act there like stars. She acts and sheds fake tears to show sorrow for JD’s death. She smiles and asks how is it.

Poorva says I can’t tolerate this. Anita says all rich people will be coming there, we have to catch some client. Poorva says its your wish. She goes. Monty talks on call and says I can’t talk to Ahaan about going London, fine I will talk to him tomorrow at his place, trust me. Poorva hears him and asks about London plan. He says no, I m sending Ahaan and Pankti for tour, it will be awkward, I have much work here. She asks what work. He says marriage. She asks marriage?

He says yes, I feel I should get married now, I have earned much money and enjoyed life, I want someone with whom I can share my happiness and sorrow, you should also marry. She says yes. She gets leaving. He holds her hand and stops. He sits down on his knees and proposes her for marriage. She smiles. He asks will you marry me and become Mrs. Poorva Monty Shetty. She nods. He makes her wear the ring. They hug.

Anita asks Pankti to get ready fast, they are getting late. She asks where is Poorva. Pankti says prepare to invite people. Anita asks why, is anyone dying here. Pankti says Monty proposed Poorva. Anita asks you mean marriage proposal, its great news, after JD’s tervi, I will talk to Aparna about you and Ahaan. Poorva comes and says Aparna has already accepted Pankti as bahu, marriage is just a formality. Pankti asks them to come. Anita thinks what will I do if these two golden eggs laying hens get away.

Kaira asking Manav about the show off. He says its not any showoff, JD was my brother, he has left us, soul isn’t good and bad. She nods. Vikram gets JD’s pic. Anita, Pankti and Poorva come. Vikram asks why did Pankti come. Manav says I called them, Pankti is part of the family. Vikram says I won’t accept Pankti as part of the family. Aparna says Sheetal wants Pankti to become bahu of this house, please forget everything and make a new start, come we will start the puja. They all pray in the puja.

Someone comes there and wishes for JD’s soul peace. They all turn to see the man. Manav says we didn’t identify you. The man says how will you identify me Manav, when we met for the first time, sorry just calling you Manav looks rude, Mr Manav Dhanrajgir. Manav asks how do you know my name. The guy says I know you all, everyone knew JD, the biggest music baron, but I knew him more well, I m Reyansh Deewan, I want to organize Ahaan and Pankti’s concert in London, they will be performing there. Everyone smiles. Monty comes and says I have signed Ahaan and Pankti. He says Reyansh is much famous.

Reyansh says you have to leave in two days. Aparna says two days would be less, we thought to get Ahaan and Pankti married. Reyansh tells her that great pics taught them, the show must go on, family comes first, you get Pankti and Ahaan married, the typical big fat wedding, but show will happen in London without them. Sheetal comes with police-lawyer and says Ahaan and Pankti will go in the concert. Everyone smiles seeing her.

Sheetal says we shouldn’t hurry for marriage, children have seen a bad time, let them go and take a fresh breath. Aparna says the blame is still on you. Lawyer says no one has seen shooting the bullet, its matter of some time, we can call off this case as JD was trying to kill Sheetal. Pankti says we will go London and come, till then Sheetal will come back, we will marry in her presence. Manav says she is right, we will get time to do marriage preparations. Sheetal asks Reyansh to start his preparations then. Sheetal says I didn’t heard your name, how do you know my name. He says you were behind JD’s success, you are strong and inspiring. She says its not about me now, its about Ahaan and Pankti, start preparing. He says I already made preparations, I m glad to be among you all, everything should be perfect. He goes.

Kaira says I will make your fav dish till you are here. Sheetal nods. Constable says we have to leave. Sheetal asks them not to be sad, its matter of some time. Sheetal wishes good luck to Ahaan and Pankti. She leaves. Vikram goes to room and cries seeing JD’s pic. He recalls JD. Richa comes to him. He says dad left us, mom went to jail, Pankti wanted Ahaan, she got him, you want to know why I dislike her. Richa says its not Pankti’s mistake, don’t get angry. He says what’s mum’s mistake, she is in this state today. He goes. Aparna comes to meet Sheetal in jail. She cries. Sheetal encourages her. She asks Aparna to be strong and manage responsibility. Aparna asks her to come back home and manage responsibility.

Sheetal says you know I held the gun by which JD died. Aparna says but you remember, lawyer will try best to get you out of here, bad time passed, you will be with us soon. She asks Sheetal to have khichdi. Sheetal asks how is Vikram, he would be missing his dad. Aparna cries.