Wednesday Update May 30 on This is Love Glow Tv

Wednesday Update May 30 on This is Love Glow Tv

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla telling Amma that she has a good news. She drinks wine and asks Amma to have milk. She tells Amma that Raman scolded Ashok and it means Raman loves Ishita a lot, he can’t bear anyone says a word against Ishita. Amma smiles and says I have seen his love, when Ishita was kidnapped, Raman panicked. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, even Ishita loves him. Amma wishes their family unites, we should find that kidnapped, I will pray. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, this would happen, we will celebrate.

Its morning, Ishita asks Neelu why did she not wake her, I would have said bye to Pihu. Neelu says you are unwell, so Shagun asked me not to wake you up. Ruhi comes to kitchen. Ishita smiles seeing her. Ruhi gets milk. Their head strike. Ishita cares for her, and asks are you
fine, look at your hair, shall I comb. Ruhi says no, I will do myself. Mrs. Bhalla likes the paratha smell and asks Ishita to serve them. Romi says I m eating this after a long time, teach this to Mihika too. Raman smiles.

Everyone sit to have breakfast and ask Ishita to make some food for them, its been late that they had food made by her. A phone rings, and they all ask whose phone is ringing. Neelu finds phone and says Ishita had this phone when she came home. Ishita recalls she took Ismail’s phone. She tells this to Raman. Raman asks who is this boss. Ishita says Ismail’s boss used to call him and they all used to get scared by their boss. Raman attends call and Anil asks the goons to leave from the city. Raman tells Romi that I think its Anil Nagpal’s voice, he thought I m his goon and he did not doubt its me, we will inform police, but cleverly, if Anil knows we are against him, he will use our details, we suffered for 7 years because of one lawyer, Niddhi, she snatched Ruhi, we will deal with Anil carefully.

Ruhi hears them and worries. She goes to room and cries, thinking how can I be so rude to them, I can’t forget those seven years so easily, I feel so empty, how will I give them love, I don’t think I can give love to this family, why am I here, I have no rights to stay here, I don’t have any place here, I should leave.

Mihir asks what, no, Anil can’t do this, why, if he is helpless. Raman says no one has right to hurt Ishita, I will teach a lesson to Anil. He tells Mihir that Anil should not know why we called him here. Anil comes and meets Raman. He asks Raman is everything fine at home. Raman says yes. Anil gives him papers. Mihir checks papers. Mihir asks Raman how is Ishita. Raman says yes, she is fine, don’t know who was that kidnapped, he did not take good training, Ishita is smart and dealt with them well. Anil asks Raman not to worry, he will get his work done. Raman gives him the file. Anil leaves. Mihir tells Raman that you are right, Anil is involved in Ishita’s kidnapping. Raman says he will give its proof himself.

At home, Ishita tells Raman that she will go with him, that man is dangerous. Raman refuses. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to go together and spend some time. Raman says I m going to catch kidnapper, but to spend time, keep Ishita at home. He leaves.

Ruhi goes to Pihu and kisses her. She says I will miss you a lot. Tere dil ka mere dil se…………….plays…………. Ruhi leaves from her room. Ruhi takes her bag and is leaving from Bhalla house. She gets sad and cries. She says its good no one has seen me, and stops seeing Mani. He says I came to meet Ishu, but can we talk, come. Ishita comes out of Iyer house and sees Mani taking Ruhi with him, and Ruhi’s bag left there.

Mani and Ruhi sit in lawn. He asks where is she going, from whom is she running. Ishita comes there and hears them. He says I know you are annoyed with Ishu, close your eyes Ruhi, recall that day when you went away from family. Ruhi refuses. He says it’s a request, try once, please. He asks Ruhi to recall when Ishita said we have to leave, you were scared, there is small change in story here, now you are not Ruhi, you are the woman who just became a mother, the woman who could not become a mother, whom people called infertile, whom people left and did not love just because she could not become a mum, now a miracle happened, she was very happy, then she gets to know her 2 day old child got kidnapped, and the kidnapper is very dangerous, she can do anything with baby, the baby is very critical and crying, mother can hear her cry…..

Ruhi recalls that moment and cries. He says when we get what we want in life, we have fear, the mother was crying for her baby, and kidnapper asked her to get another daughter to get baby, now we will make another change, replace the 2 day old baby with Pihu. Ruhi shouts no, Pihu ….. Mani asks her to think of Ishita’s pain, she has been through this pain that night. Ruhi says I understand, but how to explain you, that Ruhi loved and trusted everyone, especially on her Ishi Maa, she had many emotions, but that Ruhi is dead, she is no more.

Mani says its nothing like that, else you would have no love for Pihu, you reacted this way thinking of Pihu, you just to find old Ruhi in you. She says no, my love is just for Pihu, not anyone else. Ishita looks on. Ruhi says you wanted to know why I was leaving today, I don’t want my and Pihu’s love to end, I love Pihu a lot, and don’t want any change in our relation. He says I think your relation will get strong and love will increase, give yourself a chance. Ishita smiles.

Mani asking Ruhi to give herself a chance. Ruhi goes. Ishita smiles. Mani says Ishu. She goes to Mani and says how to thank you, we could not explain Ruhi such a simple thing, you explained her so easily, she loves Pihu, it was so easy for you, you united my family, thanks. He says you don’t need to thank me, I showed her a new perception, she is ready to stay here. She says its over and I should leave from here, I came so that Ruhi unites with family. Raman tells Mihir that he informed police. Police comes. Inspector asks Raman who is the kidnapper, do you know him. Raman says he is my lawyer Anil. Inspector asks do you have proof. Raman says you will get all answers. Inspector asks are you sure of your plan. Raman says yes. Mihir asks Raman why will Anil give
proof of his crime. Raman says Anil forgot the school in which he studied, I donated the land to trust.

Mani says you are right, you should leave this house right away as your work is over. She asks why now. He says everyone is sleeping and no one will stop you, if you stay here, it will be unjust with Shagun, come with me.

Mani says it will be tough for you if you stay for more time, come, I will help you in packing. Raman and Mihir reach the pub. Raman says I think Anil did not come till now, we should spread up, else he will doubt on us. Mani and Ishita do the packing. He asks her to come. Ishita stops and looks at the family pics. Mani asks her to hurry up. She cries and walks towards the main door. Manu asks her to come. Ishita says I have to leave, but I m not having courage. Mani asks what happened, you want to leave this house right, why are you taking time then, if anyone comes, it will be a problem.

She does not step outside. He asks what happened, you are not able to come out, and you talk of leaving this house, how can you think you can go to Australia, whom are you cheating, yourself, I know you more than yourself, you are telling your best friend that your work got over and you will leave, your soul stays here, you love Raman and kids, you don’t do this mistake, you are getting everything back, don’t lose it. She cries. Adi comes and sees them. Adi asks are you going, did you think your work is over as Ruhi came home, what about me, am I not your son, I need you, you are leaving me. She says I m sorry.

Adi says enough, I understood you don’t love me. She asks are you mad, I m so sorry, you know how much I love you. She hugs Adi and they cry. Mani cries seeing them. Ishita says I m not going anywhere. Mani says I think I should leave. Ishita says Mani, I m… Mani says don’t worry, this is not final good bye, I decided to shift to India, when you stay with Raman, you will have fights with him, you will need your best friend to complain about him, I will be there. She smiles and holds his hand. He says I have to see Aaliya as a responsible father, she is outside of home. He leaves. Adi asks Ishita will you never leave us. She hugs him.

Aaliya is at same pub, and drinks. Mihir sees her and thinks her BF will manage her if she gets much drunk. He sees the boy spiking her drink and goes to him. He tells Aaliya that this guy was spiking your drink. Aaliya says I m not drunk, its nothing like that. Mihir says I have seen you drinking, and scolds the guy. Aaliya says I was having tablet with water. Mihir checks and says this is…. She says that’s water. The girl comes and says Varun is her BF. She kisses him. Mihir asks how can you kiss him infront of everyone. Aaliya asks how can you be so orthodox. Raman says sorry, Mihir is orthodox. He takes Mihir and asks what were you doing. Mihir says I was helping her. They see Anil. Ramna meets Anil and says you here, what a pleasant surprise, your face turned pale. Anil says I m waiting for my wife. Raman says you chose a nice place, have a good time.

Mihir tells Raman that Anil left, how will we catch him. Raman says don’t worry, he will give reason of his coming here. Anil says whats Raman doing here, and calls Ismail. Raman gets the call and asks inspector to come. Raman answers call and Anil asks where are you Ismail. Raman asks him to turn and see. Anil turns and gets shocked seeing Raman. Raman slaps him hard.

Raman says so you are Ismail’s boss, see him Mihir, inspector ask him. Anil says you can’t ask me without warrant. Inspector slaps Anil and arrests. He asks Raman not to worry, we will interrogate. Mihir says I can’t believe Anil can do this. Raman says I want to know on whose saying did he do this.

Vandu asks Mihika to make coffee, and says you are youngest so we ask you. She asks Ishita to come. Mihika says Ishita is thinking of Raman. Vandu says Ishita and Raman are made for each other, you both did crazy things for each other, now Ruhi has come back, no one can stop you and Raman from uniting. Ishita asks what about Pihu, Raman is her Papa and Shagun is her mumma, Shagun gave a lot to this family, its complicated, how will we sort this out. She gets Raman’s call and says thank God. She tells Mihika and Vandu that Anil got arrested. She gets another call and says I m coming. She tells her sisters that Ismail’s wife Sakina came and said she wants to talk something imp.

Inspector beats Anil. Raman and Mihir look on. Anil says I was made to do this, I just followed the instructions. Inspector asks who is that person. Sakina tells Ishita that don’t get my husband arrested. Ishita says don’t worry, I told Raman. Sakina says my husband told me that a woman is behind your kidnapping. Ishita asks what, I don’t understand, who can be that woman.


Wednesday Update May 30 on This is Love Glow Tv