Thursday Update May 31 on This is Love Glow Tv

Thursday Update on This is Love Glow Tv

May 31

The Episode starts with Raman coming home. Shagun and Ishita want to tell about Sakina. Raman tells them that Anil is caught and he said some woman is behind Ishita’s kidnapping. Ishita says we wanted to say same. He asks how do you know. She says Sakina told this to me. Raman says I won’t leave Anil. Shagun asks him to be with Ishita first and then see this matter later. Amma thinks who came at this time of night, and sees Mrs. Bhalla out. Mrs. Bhalla comes there with wine and sits drinking. She says there is woman behind Ishita’s kidnapping, and I feel its you. Amma says what, Ishu is my daughter. Amma also drinks, and argues with Mrs. Bhalla, blaming her. Appa checks the drink, and thinks to leave, they both will continue. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla argue.

Its morning, Ruhi and Ishita
have a talk. Ishita tells her that heart matters, face and beauty do not matter, till Ruhi has old Ruhi’s heart, you will look good anyway. She asks her to come and have breakfast. Ruhi says I m not hungry. Ishita says I m your mum and know you don’t have food when you have something going on in mind. Ruhi asks do you know all my habits. Ishita says yes, I did not forget anything, tell me what is the matter. Ruhi asks why is everything so hidden at home, Romi came here for me, he would leave soon, what about Pihu, who will tell her that you are her mum Ishi Maa. Ishita smiles and says you called me Ishi maa after long time, thanks, we will solve this as you are with me. Ruhi says I will help you, I don’t want Pihu to go through same things like me.

Raman says I want to find out that woman. Ishita says I need to talk to you, Ruhi said Pihu does not know I m her mum, its good Ruhi is getting involved in house matters, if Pihu knows by wrong source then… Raman says I understand, but Pihu is little girl, its complicated, its tough to explain her. He gets Mihir’s call. She asks him to go. He asks her to take care. He goes out and sees Pihu checking her nose, if he got long. Raman says no, nose is same. She asks how, I lied today to bunk school, I lied that I have stomach ache. He says little lie is fine. Ruhi hears them. He says I also lie sometimes. She says you may have lied for good. Raman says I lied to you too. Pihu asks what. He says your mummy…. Ruhi comes and interrupts. She sends Pihu to apply ointment to her long nose. Pihu goes. Ruhi asks Raman will he tell truth to Pihu now, that Ishita is her real mum, not Shagun, this is right time. He says you have grown up, will you tell her. She says yes, I will explain her in my way. He gets Mihir’s call again and goes.

Adi laughs talking to Aaliya about Mihir’s reaction at pub. She says Mihir is so nice, he was so concerned, learn something from him. He says you are getting impressed by Mihir. She says yes, anyone can get impressed by him. She goes. He thinks to learn impressing funda from Mihir. Raman tells Mrs. Bhalla that she is going to see Anil, I don’t want Raman to come, he can beat Anil. Mrs. Bhalla asks how can you go alone. Shagun says I will go with Ishita, I came across such men during NGO work, I know how to deal with them. They leave. Mrs. Bhalla prays.

Ishita and Shagun meet Anil. Ishita asks Anil who is that woman, answer me, if Raman comes, he will beat you, tell us and we will punish that woman, not you. He says I don’t know anything. Shagun gets his sister here and asks him to swear on his sister, and tell them truth, tell us who is that woman, we will get your sister married in a good family. He cries and says that woman is Niddhi, I did this on Niddhi’s saying, she gave me much money, my ancestral land was mortgaged, I have freed that land by that money. Shagun says you are lying, we have seen Ashok and Niddhi’s clipping. He says I swear on my sister, I m saying truth. Shagun says you are lying. Ishita says maybe, he is saying truth, it was Niddhi’s plan. She looks at Anil. Shagun asks Ishita to go home, I have to go to Pihu’s school by taxi. Ishita says fine, I will inform Raman.

Raman says impossible, it can’t be Niddhi, he is lying, why did you go there to meet him. She says we have to know who is that woman. Shagun goes to meet Anil again. Anil says I have to explain her that nothing will happen to her. Anil looks at Shagun.

He asks how can you do this with my sister. She asks him to be quiet, I can do anything, your sister is with me, she is fine as long as you do as I say. He says don’t do anything to my sister, I will do as you say. She reminds the money he took, just name Niddhi when anyone asks you, tell me who is that woman. He says Niddhi. She says good. She leaves from there saying Shagun Arora is back Ishita

Ruhi thinking of Ishita’s words and crying. She thinks how she has hurt Ishita by her bitter words. She says how did I behave with Ishi maa, how rudely I spoke to her, I insulted her and she did not tell me anything, I feel guilty and want to apologize, I should do something to please her, but what. She says I have to tell Pihsu hat Ishi Maa is her real mum, but how will I explain Pihu, she can’t understand this, what can I do, how to explain Pihu. She recalls how Ishita used to explain her by stories in childhood, I will also try the same.

Ruhi goes to Pihu. Pihu says I should have gone to school, I m getting bored. Ruhi says we will go and have fun, come. She asks Pihu what type of stories does she like, we were told Mahabharat and Ramayana in school, we
were told Lord Krishna’s story once, it was really nice. Pihu says I know he used to trouble his mum by his mischief. Ruhi says you know he had two mothers Devki and Yashoda. She tells her about Krishna born to Devki and raised by Yashoda, who loved Krishna a lot. Pihu says this happens in stories. Ruhi says no, this happens in real lives too. Pihu says none of my friend has two mums, this happens in serial. Neelu tells Pihu that her friend has come. Pihu goes. Ruhi says how shall I tell Pihu that this happened with her, Shagun is not her real mum, how to tell her real mum is Ishi Maa.

Raman talks to inspector and asks him to find out why Anil is lying, find that woman. Ishita tells Raman that she is safe, why is he tensed. He says you are not safe. She says Shagun accompanied me when I went to jail. He says Ruhi and you came back, I think I should talk to Shagun. When you were not here, Shagun gave her 7 years to this house, but I can’t marry Shagun, I will be indebted, but I don’t love her, I m sure she also does not love me, I was marrying her to secure her future, the fact is she loved Manoj, she left him for Pihu and us, now I can’t cheat her, there is no love between us, I m worried for her. She says even I m worried for her, she deserves love, she did not get stable relationship till now, she needs someone sensitive, loving and caring. He asks who. She says Mani. He says I was mistaken, but he is a good man. She says he is really good, I will talk to him. he says no, let me talk to Shagun first.

Amma tells Appa that her head is aching, how will I cook food. Appa says I will cook. Amma says you double my work by messing kitchen. He says I will order food. She says I want homemade food. He asks whats this, Vandu is not at home. She says we will dine at Mrs. Bhalla’s house, she added wine in my coffee, you have to come with me. He agrees and says even I m hungry, lets ho.

Mrs. Bhalla says I have two bahus and no worries snow. Amma and Appa come to have lunch. Amma tells Ishita that Mrs. Bhalla made her have wine and I was having headache, we thought to come and dine here, as I can’t cook. Mrs. Bhalla smiles and asks her to have anything. Raman comes and says I will join later. He sees Shagun and signs Ishita. He asks what happened at Pihu’s school. She says some discussion about upcoming project. He says fine, come with me, I need to talk. Shagun goes to him.

Adi goes to Mihir and says I went office, and got to know you are enjoying holiday today. Mihir says I was feeling lazy, come we will have food together. Adi says you are getting handsome day by day, your moustache suits you, girls would be crazy after you in college days. Mihir says no, it was opposite, I was simple and girls used to call me Champu by her partitioned hair style. Adi asks him to say how to impress girls. Mihir asks why are you asking me, go and ask Raman and Romi. Adi says I need to know from you. Mihir says fine, I will find out and tell tomorrow. They have lunch.

Shagun asks Raman what does he want to say. He says you mean a lot to me, but I can’t marry you, I agree that you did a lot for me, and no one else can do that, I don’t love you, I don’t know you love me or not, we were marrying for Pihu’s sake, when everything is getting fine, I want you to think of your future, you need someone who loves and respects you. She says I m happy. He asks till when will you stay happy, Ishita and I spoke about this, she suggested Mani will keep you happy. she says no, I don’t want to get away from my children. He says you won’t go anywhere, just think once. She goes.

Shagun goes to her room and gets angry. She says Ishita made plan to make me leave from this house, does she think its exchange offer, give family and get Mani, Raman finds Ishsita’s advice is right, I m doing so much since 7 years, I will not let her plan get successful, Ishita wants to live with Raman and kids happily, this will never happen, what I did not get, you also won’t get it. She thinks to use Pihu. She gets a call and asks person to manage Anil, let him stay in jail for sometime,e I need some time.

Mihir wonders shall I talk to Raman and Ishita, no Adi will feel bad, how did he think I will give him tips to impress girls, I will find info online to tell him. He checks tips to impress girls and thinks to give these tips to Adi. Pihu shows her homework to Ishita. Ishita says its solution, not a problem. She explains her. Pihu smiles. She says Ruhi told me about Lord Krishna’s story and his two mums, does any child has two mums. Ishita looks at Ruhi. Pihu asks Ishita to say. Ishita cries.


Thursday Update on This is Love Glow Tv