Tuesday Update May 29 on True Love Glow Tv

Tuesday Update on True Love Glow Tv

May 29 Episode

Vansh tells Ichcha and Veer that Taps left because she didn’t want to be part of their lies. Ichcha tells Vansh that she wasn’t lying and that the letter she was going to send him got switched around. Veer looks thoughtful but Vansh laughs at her for trying to make up yet another lie. Ichcha thinks about how Veer told her that he told Vansh that Veer-Taps are a happy couple, and she decides not to mention Taps’ name. Veer tells Vansh to give him 24 hours to bring all the truth out. Vansh turns to go inside the house, but takes a step back and tells Veer that he’ll give him the 24 hours to prove lies as true. He goes inside. Ichcha asks Veer how he’ll manage to prove a fake relationship as a true one.

Ichcha goes back to her room, where Vansh is sleeping facedown sprawled across the bed. She slowly takes off his shoes and puts on a blanket for him while he silently watches her. She goes to close the door, and glances at Veer staring at her from outside. She closes and locks the door, then takes a seat by the door and falls asleep. Veer goes to sit by the balcony and thinks about Ichcha.

The next morning, Ichcha wakes and remembers last night. She changes and brings some tea for a still sleeping Vansh. He wakes up and admires Ichcha making tea in the room. He gets out of bed and Ichcha notices him, taking a few steps back. Vansh walks up right by her.

Vansh comes near Ichcha, holding her face in his hands. He glances at the wall behind her, quickly remembering last night. He lets go of her, pushes her backwards onto the couch and storms out. Ichcha later is praying in the temple, promising herself that she will make this relationship work. Mai comes there and thanks God for sending Ichcha to make her son’s life brighter. She tells Ichcha to come to the kitchen later so she can make something sweet for everyone to eat. In Dadaji’s room, Umed tells Dadaji that he slept peacefully after a long time. Mai comes there and tells them that Ichcha will be making something sweet for them, but without sugar for Umed. Umed tells both of them that he will be eating something sweet today.

In the Thakur house Taps is in her room when she reads the text messages left by Veer. When she reads that Veer was only calling her to talk to Vansh, she throws the phone away. Nani goes to Taps room and is shocked to see her there. Taps narrates to her everything that happened. Nani advises Taps to stick by her condition and watch as Veer comes looking for her instead.


Tuesday Update May 29 on True Love Glow Tv