Tuesday Update on Young Love July 17

Tuesday Update on Young Love

July 17 Episode

Anandi is sitting with her students in her school having food from their tiffins. Shiv comes there & offers her jalebis. She is reminded of the time when Jagdish had got jalebi for her. she says she doest like jalebis now but the students insist & she is forced to eat them for their happiness. shiv tells anandi that a registrar Mr. Rathod is going to come to jaitsar. he needs to be in jaipur tomorrow. and hence anandi will have to meet mr. rathod tomorrow at 11 pm in the circuit house. anandi refuses n says she is going out of town tonite. shiv explains to her that rathod is coming for her school & he doesnt wish to cancel this meeting as dis cud delay release of funds. he requests her to postpone her work but she is adamant. after much arguement she reveals that she is going to get her divorce tomorrow & hence has to go at any cost. shiv is shocked & says he will reschedule the meeting. shiv tries to offer comfort but she freezes him out & he leaves.

Jagdish is ready to leave for jaitsar. he asks gauri to come with him but she refuses once more. she sends him off with a tiffin. jagdish leaves. gauri is busy dreaming about her marriage with jagat. she calls her mother & tells her that jagat has gone to jaitsar to divorce anandi. her mother advices her to do a pooja.gauri tells her she will remarry jagat after his divorce as she wants to celebrate this new start of her life.

Anandi goes to the store room where she had kept the suticase which had all of jagdish things. she is lost in her old memories of jagdish n her life. dadisa is observing her silently. dadisa silently promises (speaks with herself) once this chapter in ur life ends no pain will ever touch u as long as i live

Jagdish has reached Jaipur. he is trying to call Gauri but her number is busy as she is busy placing an order for her wedding dress. he gets angry. he informs his father that he has reached Jaipur. his father shoos him off with rude replies to all his questions. this angers him further. he orders for a large drink & downs 2 glasses. gauri calls him then but he is rude with her. she is worried that he has drunk again but he shamelessly says he is still drinking.

shiv is reminded of anandi while in jaipur. shiv admits to himself that he has fallen in love with anandi, her selflessness, her work, etc.

Jagdish leaves the restaurant & sees a woman shouting at her child. he is reminded of his mother & his hate for anandi increases as he remembers his mother slapping him. he admits out loud that he hates anandi, her goodness, her selflessness, etc. jagdish is drunk & is not seeing where he is going. he collides with a man carrying vegetables on his cycle. all his vegetables end up on the road & a passing car crushes them all. the man asks jagdish to pay up for his loss.jagdish gets into a fight with the man & threatens to beat him up. he raises his hand to beat the man but his hand is caught by shiv. shiv tries to knock some sense into jagdish but jagdish catches his collar. shiv punches him in return.


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