Wednesday Update on Young Love July 18 Glow Tv

Wednesday Update on Young Love Glow Tv

July 18 Episode

Shiv stops jag(round round camera…) . jag released his hand and shouts to get out.shiv tries to say not to do this type of thing.jag misbehaved with him. shiv gives a hard punch on his face. Then the dhisoom dhisoom starts. Jag hits him few times then shiv’s de dana dan on him.jag throws some stones at him. shiv saved himself and hits him more.police came and stops them. shiv asked them to charge him for beating a govt official in drunken state.

At the police station, jag is shouting that he is not at fault. The inspector is giving respect to shiv without listening to him. shiv tells him that he is doing as per rule and as a normal person not as collector. He asked about the vegetable vendor’s compensation. Police tells that they will take that from this man but it will take time. Shiv then gives some money to the veg vendor and says hope its helpful. He happily left after thanking shiv.

At that time,Ds calls shiv at that time and asks whether he is in jaipur. Shiv said yes. Ds tells that its called coincidence that he is at jaipur to when anandi is at a low state and they r going to jaipur for divorce. Shiv says he knew that already. At that time jag was shouting from behind. Ds asked what is this noise. Shiv tells all the fight with adruken man. Ds wonders how could anyone stoop that low. Shiv says may be he doesn’t know what stuggle is and got everything easily in life.that’s y putting family value so down. Their convo ended.

Anandi heard ds’s talk with shiv and seems upset.

FIR done at police station and jag’s name was jagat singh. shiv then goes near to jag who is in the lockup and tells him that he seems from a good family and asked him to change his attitude and to cool his mind as it may put him in trouble. But jag is in old attitude says he will see him after getting out. Shiv’s realizes he is a gone case and left after thanking the police inspector.
Gauri is busy in making arrangement for her wedding and then tries to call jag but cant. 1st she thinks may be due to heavy drinking he couldn’t talk and worried for him and after that thinks its must be singh family who might have created some prob to stop the divorce so that jag can go back to anandi.

Ds saw bhairon is upset and sitting alone in hall. Ds tries to console him as he is worried about divorce will be happen smoothly or not. Bhairon tells her that he is jag’s father but he doesn’t feel bad about the breaking of relationship with him. ds says everything will be fine . only jag should come at time. Bhiron informs that he came already. Both r talking that they don’t even want to see jag’s face even tomorrow but for anandi’s freedom they have to do that. Anandi overhears and goes to her room.

Jag is furious in the lock up thinks he saw shiv before and tries to recall and recalled that tv interview and got to know he is the collector and he had seen him with anandi. He calls the one of the police to give him his mobile as he wants to call someone. He thrashed jag. jag thinks everyone have the attitude for their power and he cant get out until morning.

Singh family and Anandi come to Jetsar and check-in to a hotel. Anandi sees two kids playing hubby-wife game, and gets upset. She remembers all that she used to do for Jagya as a kid. She yells at the kids to stop playing such stupid games. Parents come there and start a fight. DS manages to take Anandi away from there. Anandi requests to be left alone for a bit. All Singhs hope Jagya makes it in time for court.

Jagya is in jail and asks the inspector when he will be let go as it is morning already. He says he needs to be at court for his divorce hearing. He talks respectfully to the inspector, but the inspector ignores him.

Shivu calls DS and she tells him that Anandi is very upset and she doesn’t usually share her feelings with anyone but Sumitra. Shivu suggests that they have Anandi calls Sumitra. DS says it won’t help as its not a face to face meeting. Shivu is in thought and thinks that there may be a way. Shivu comes to Singh’s hotel room. DS is happy to see him. Shivu sets up his laptop to start a video chat with Sumitra. Everyone is very happy to see Sumitra. They talk to Sumitra happily. Sumitra is very emotional to see them all. Sumitra asks about Anandi. DS tells her that Anandi is not doing good. She tells Sumitra that her final hearing for divorce is today and is very upset. Sumitra feels bad. DS is glad that Sumitra can chat with Anandi. Shivu says he has an idea.

Singhs and Shivu gather in front of Anandi’s room and ask her to open the door. Anandi keeps crying and doesn’t open the door. Sumitra calls Anandi “Laado” and Anandi is shocked. She hears Sumitra’s voice and opens the door. She sees everyone and notices Sumitra on video chat. She is very happy to see Sumitra. DS tells Anandi that Shivu has set this up for Anandi. Shivu sets the laptop on the table and leaves. Everyone leaves. DS signals Sumitra to talk to Anandi.

Anandi and Sumitra have a heart-to-heart and Sumitra consoles Anandi. She tells Anandi to not let Jagya hurt her anymore. Anandi says she is scared if she is doing the right thing. She fears she will lose the Singh family after divorce. Sumitra says that whatever happened it is for the best. Jagya and Anandi’s relationship was not meant to be. She may not be related to the Singh’s by law, but she is bound to them as their daughter. Sumitra continues to console Anandi and makes her feel better.

Wednesday Update on Young Love July 18 Glow Tv