Tuesday Update on This is Love July 17

Tuesday Update on This is Love

July 17 Episode

Ishita slapping Niddhi. She asks why did she attack on Aaliya, does she not know the pain, a girl dies from within when her face spoils or anything happens to her body, her family dies along with her, you should be punished severely, you shouldn’t get out of jail. Inspector says Niddhi will be strictly punished, this time I will makes sure that she will does not come out of jail. Raman scolds Niddhi. Inspector arrests Niddhi. Raman thanks Inspector. Ishita says our children are safe, I m able to breath now.
Adi asks Ruhi to cheer up, you are free of the blame. She tickles him. He laughs and says even you got free Ruhaan. Aaliya says I knew you both can’t do this. Adi says Mani uncle will still doubt me. She says no, everything will be fine. They celebrate
with the kulfi Romi got. Everyone eat Kulfi. Raman looks on and goes to room. Ishita goes after him and asks what happened. Raman says nothing, I recalled Pihu seeing kulfi, she used to ask me to get many flavors, she asked me to feed her as she did not like to spoil hands, if Mani did not support Shagun in court, I would have not lost Pihu. I will never forgive Mani for this.
Its morning, Mani looks for newspaper. Aaliya gives him paper and is happy. He asks why is she so happy. He checks newspaper and sees Niddhi’s arrest news. Aaliya tells him that Adi is innocent, Ishita and I explained you a lot, Niddhi has taken Ruhaan’s avatar and did this, why did you not believe us. She says you explained anger ruins relations, you supported Shagun and did not listen to Ishita, you know her since many years, I wish you heard us. Mani says you are saying right, I did big mistake.
Ishita reads newspaper and smiles. She says thank God, Adi and Ruhi’s name got cleared, I will show this to Raman. Mani calls her and asks how are you, I called to say sorry for my big mistake. She asks what will happen if you say sorry, I m getting angry hearing your voice, you were my best friend, my only friend, I told you my son did not do this, you did as if its between your daughter and my son, Aaliya is my daughter too, you made me an outsider by my doubt, I can’t forgive you easily, you did not do small mistake, Pihu got snatched because of you. He says I know, but… She says I m sorry, I don’t want to hear your voice. She ends call. Mani tells Aaliya that Ishita is very angry. Aaliya says its natural, you did much wrong, but you both have friendship, and fights happen, Amma is so good, I m sure you should personally go there and apologize to Raman and Ishita to clear the differences. He agrees to meet Ishita. She wishes everything gets sorted.
Simmi wakes up Ananya and asks her to get up, she will get late for school. She realizes Ananya has fever, and asks why did you have kulfi, you should take care. Ananya says sorry, I will go school if you say. Simmi says I won’t send you school, rest, I will get haldi milk, you will get fine. Simmi goes. Ananya gets the onions and says wow what an idea Shravan gave, I won’t go school and watch movie at home. Simmi comes back and hears this.
Raman sees Pihu’s pic and cries. Ishita comes and asks him to come for breakfast. Raman shows Pihu’s trip pics, I wish I could go with her. Ishita says yes, she looks happy, where is Shagun, she is not in these pics. Raman says she would be sitting under tree. He tells about Pihu and misses her childhood. He says its all because of your friend, Mani should have not supported Shagun in court, I lost my daughter because of him, I will never forgive him. Ishita says I had to share something.
Neelu comes and says Mani has come to meet Ishita. Raman goes to Mani and asks what will you snatch now, there is nothing left, read this, Adi is innocent, we all shouted and you did not believe us. Mani says I came to say sorry. Raman asks will my daughter come back if you say sorry, everyone called Ishita a baanch always, she is your friend, and when Ishita got chance to get her daughter, Shagun took her. Mani says I was hurt for Aaliya’s state. Raman says you supported Shagun and snatched my daughter. Mani says I understand, I will try to explain Shagun. Raman holds his collar. Mr. Bhalla stops Raman. Raman says no one will come in between. Raman asks Mani to try and get Pihu back, now Adi is proved innocent, I did not say anything as I was concerned for Aaliya, you did mistake. He angrily slaps Mani and makes him leave the house. Ishita says you can’t behave with Mani that way. Raman says I won’t listen to anything. She cries.
Simmi makes Ananya have haldi milk and says now doctor will come and give you injection, there is viral fever going on. Ananya says I don’t want injection, I don’t have viral, fever is by onions. Simmi says you did this, you will have to go to school. Ananya says its holiday now, bus would have left. Simmi says I will drop you to school. Ananya says I will take permission from Papa, I won’t go. Simmi asks her to come. Ananya calls Parmeet and complains about Simmi. She makes Simmi talk to Parmeet. Simmi tells Parmeet that Ananya is spoiling, okay fine. Simmi asks ananya to regularly go school from tomorrow. Ananya gets glad and thanks her.
Shagun is tired of Pihu’s trip. Mani comes and asks her to sign on papers, to give Pihu’s custody to Raman. She asks what, do you know what are you saying. He says I realized my mistake, I should have not supported you, I understand you have strong reasons to keep Pihu, but Ishu is her real mum, its wrong to make daughter away from mum, Adi is proved innocent, I was wrong, sign on this and give Pihu to her parents. Shagun refuses to sign and says I m her mum, I gave her birth, I will not let Pihu get away, Ishita has Ruhi and Adi, I have just Pihu, I know Ishita is your friend, but none can snatch Pihu from me. She goes. Mani says what did this happen, I m sorry Pihu.
Raman shouting on Aaliya for a simple error. He fires her from the job. Mihir goes to Aaliya and tries to talk. She says I will go, Mani was angry and realized his mistake, he went to apologize to Raman, but how could he raise hand. Mihir apologizes to her. Adi comes and talks to Aaliya. She gets silent and leaves. Adi asks what happened here and goes to Raman. He asks Raman why are you behaving this way with Aaliya, how can you fire her from job, it was Mani’s mistake, not hers, even she has gone through a lot. Raman asks what about my daughter, Mani’s decision has snatched my daughter from me, if you want to leave, the doors are open, you can leave. Adi says fair enough and leaves. He goes to Aaliya and apologizes.
Aaliya says I think I should be with
Appa, he needs me. Adi asks her to give termination letter. She says no, your Papa fired me and I don’t want you and me to go against his decision, he needs you and Appa needs me. Adi says sorry from his side, don’t get annoyed. Ishita looks on, and gets Aaliya and Adi back to office. Raman asks why did you get her back. Ishita says you gave this work responsibility to me, Aaliya and Adi are imp for my project, Aaliya did a lot, I m sorry, I can’t let them go, I won’t let my business suffer because of emotions. He asks will you go against me for her.
She says sorry, I won’t support wrong, you have problem with Mani, vent out anger on Mani, not Aaliya, you were against Adi, but Aaliya supported and believed Adi, why are you getting angry on her, I will decide about her, I want my team, sorry. He says I hope you know what you are doing, Pihu got away from us because of your friend, even you are responsible, you trusted your friend a lot, whats this justice, daughter for a daughter, this is my world, my decisions will work here, I won’t let you interfere. He leaves. Ishita says I think we should focus on work, everything else is just distraction, lets get back to work, Adi and Aaliya leave. Ishita worries for Raman.
Shagun asks Ashok to help her, Mani can’t get against me. Ashok asks who do you think I m to manage your scandals. She says politician, Mani is stupid, Raman and Ishita kicked him out, he wants me to return Pihu, he went to apologize to them. He says you mean Mani and Raman fought, I got an idea, this idea will destroy their lives.
Raman drinks at the bar and cries. He calls Pihu and says I miss you. She says I miss you too, I came at my friend’s place for nightout. He asks why don’t you call me. She says mumma says if I call you, you will take me, but I don’t want to stay with Ishita aunty. He asks are you happy there. She says yes, everyone is so good, I went on nature’s trip with mumma and missed you, Mani and Aaliya are really good, Mani took me to Chinese restaurant too. Her friends call her and she ends call. Raman cries and gets angry thinking of Mani’s words. He says he is pleasing my daughter and Ishita is supporting him too.
He gets a call and Raman says call me later. The man says I had to just confirm it, its verification call about Abhimanyu, he applied for loan and you have to give guarantee. Raman says I can’t give guarantee, he is a cheap man, he will not repay the amount. Raman ends call and says I will take revenge from Mani, as Ishita said.
A girl comes to Mani’s house and says I m trainee in your company, I need your sign. He says I did not see you. She says manager will fire me, don’t call him, I m only earning person in my house. He says fine, sit, show me the papers. She coughs. He goes to get water for her. She starts shouting and says Sir, don’t come close. Shagun comes and says calm down, stop crying. The girl says Mam, save me, don’t know what your husband wants to do with me. Mani gets shocked. Shagun asks who are you. The girl says Mani called me home for work and he is doing this. Mani says what nonsense, she is lying, and came here to take signs. The girl says he called me here for interview. Shagun says I know my husband, I trust him, he has daughter of your age, who has sent you, why are you doing this, I will call police and your truth will come out. Mani looks on.
Ishita calls Raman and says why is he not answering. Adi asks Ishita to come. Ishita says wait, Raman is not answering and replying messages. Adi says we will go and find him. Aaliya says its all because of you, Amma you should have not stopped me, its not late, I don’t want to suffer. Ishita says nothing will happen, Raman is a kid like Adi, he will apologize to you. Adi gets a call and tells friend that he won’t come. Ishita asks them to go to party and relax, so much happened, go and party. Adi and Aaliya leave. Ishita thinks whats happening to Raman.
Ishita comes home and asks Neelu did Raman come. Neelu says no. Ishita asks about everyone else. Neelu tells her about family members. Ishita worries that Raman did not come home till now. Raman comes in drunken state. Ishita asks whats this, why are you not answering, what happened, are you drunk. He stumbles and she holds him. She asks why did you get overdrunk, you explained Adi. He says I will decide in office, you can’t say anything, I will do what I want. She asks you think this was right, it was professional decision, this is home. He asks who broke this house. She asks did I break…. Ruhi says stop it, I m making video for Pihu to show how much we miss her, and you both are fighting like this. Raman says sorry, we will make video for Pihu, I should change, she should not see me like this.

Raman washes face and says I have to make video for Pihu. He cries and gets a shirt which Pihu likes. Ishita looks on and cries. Raman sees Pihu’s pic and says Pihu, see I have worn your fav color shirt, I look like your serial hero, I miss you a lot. Ishita holds him and says Raman… Raman says no, I don’t have to cry, I have to look happy for Pihu.