Tuesday Update on Young Love colors hd


Colors hd, 17 April 208

Basant is worried coz it is already too late. Poor bhairon tries to get a lift on the road but cant get any. He sees a dhaba and thinks he should enjoy the punishment given by bhaisa. At the airport basant gets to know that flight is already landed 4 hour before. He calls badijiji’s son to confirm about the rnaasa came in the same flight or not and gets to knows that she had came in the same flight He come to know that Ds already left the airport. He searches rnaasa while driving and chases a car thinking that’s maasa’s car but broke the signal and traffic police caught him. The car goes away.

In the same car Ds is yelling at the driver to drive fast. Poor driver can’t understand what to say! Bhairon is drinking cold drinks at the dhabba and missing Os and muttering !nasals old dialog how she used to say. Ds notices bhairon and yells he is enjoying cold drink leaving her thirsty. She tries to call bhiron but bhiron cant notice but hears her voice and thinks that he is missing ds that’s y he is hearing rnaasa’s voice. She comes out of the car, stands in front of him and shouts “lawn main tel bhar ke rake hal ke , itne der se chilaun hun sunai no dewe ke”(did u put oil in ur ears, i am shouting and u r not hearing)

Bhairon shocked. Jaw drop look on his face, cant react!! Basant reaches there and search Os in the car. The driver informs ds went in that direction. Basant comes towards them and asks bhairon did he see macs° anywhere. Bhairon doesn’t react and keeps looking at DS. Basant too sees her and gets a super shock. Then Os is shown with a smile on her face .blue slik saree with sunglasses, tnoti maala, jewelleries, wrist watch, purse.. all in a new avatar! Ds is her usual way yells at them by calling them “nalayakon” she is the same one whom they left at airport. She had to wait at the airport for 1 hour. B&B are still in shock. Os yells them hard after that they get back to their senses and starts laughing and tries to butter ds and say that must be badi macs! ji’s work to change ds. Ds says not to butter her as she won’t forgive them and orders them to put her luggage in their jeep, her beendnis would have been waiting for her with “aarti ka thaal”. Both brother rush to obey Os’s order. They left At the haveli, sup° with her kids came already. All prepare for ds’s welcome. Makahn shouts maajisa came. Makhan is laughing seeing macs° and rest members r wondering at makhan’s expressions. B&B come inside and r laughing. Rest ask them about their laughing. At that time they heard tnaasa’s as usual yelling lines and gets super excited. Ds enters and watching her all of the members’ jaws drop on the floor. They stare her head to toe with shock. Ds yells at them y they r looking at her as if they saw a ghost. Supra asks her is she really her ds. Ds shouts did she sell her mind and ate roasted corn in that money. All smile. Anandi did the aarti. Then blessing mission starts. All get ds’s blessings.

Ds is happy after reaching home and orders anandi to give ginger tea. Anandu comes there running and cant recognize Ds and asks gehena where is ds. All laugh. Gehena indicates to wards Ds. Nanadu too asks her is she his ds or not Ds lovely calls him. Nandu tells her to stand and ds gives a pose with smiler)

DS wearing sunglasses and Nandu says she looks like s smart heroine, she has a nice conversation with Nandu and he lets it slip he hasn’t been going to school lately, DS is concerned about this and Basanth covers it up by stating he was unwell but it wasn’t anything serious that he got a cold so DS is not worried. DS reprimands Gehna to look after Nandu, Anandi diffuses the situation and enquires about DS’s new look and attitude. DS states that she was with her sister therefore had to dress like this with her, her sister told her to dress like this and come to Jetsar.

Anandi is teasing DS and they have a nice Nok Jhok about what she is wearing. DS starts talking about her sister and praises the way her sister has been handling everything in her life, she becomes upset talking about her sister and her health. Bhairon consoles DS to not lose hope. DS enquires to Sugna about Shyam, she talks to Anandi about her Sarpanch and asks her how the village is doing and that she wants to be told about everything that has been happening. She is praising Anandi and wants to know about the justice she has been serving, Bhairon states this will take a long time and to discuss this after eating.

Jagat and Gauri are shopping for food, Gauri wants to go to the bookstore to make some purchases. Jagat talks to her about the junk food she wants to purchase and how before she used to reprimand him. They have a loving conversation and Jagat asks her to make sure that she eats healthy food as well.

Bhairon is asking for Basanth’s opinion but he is not interested and he tries to involve him but he shouts at Bhairon, he sees DS and takes the food that Bhairon offered. DS stating that there is no place like home no matter where you are and how much people look after you. DS praising that she has such a family like this and no matter what has happened this family has not broken. Everyone goes to do pooja.

Gauri looking at books at the bookstore, Jagat comes with audio for her to listen for her and her baby, Gauri is enjoying the attention that she has been getting. Gauri notices her Bade Papa and recalls her last interaction with him and her interaction with Bhairon. Gauri is worried if Jagat and Bade Papa meet

Tuesday Update on Young Love colors hd