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April 3rd, UPDATE

Episode Starts with Jogi informing Icha that Veer and her are finally going to get married . Everyone’s expressions’ as expected, Icha shocked, Jogi happy, Divya & Nani not happy, Damini uncertain and Tapu glad about the miscommunication and confusion ala dulha’s identity. Icha cries and questions if Veer’s mom came? Jogi comfirms saying asking for your hand. Icha is shaken and is going backwards. Jogi tells her to throw away all her doubts as now her dreams are going to be fulfilled. He also informs that he has given his consent to this proposal. Icha drops her wallet in shock and runs away crying. Jogi tells Damini that we can’t help her at the moment. She needs time to come to terms with it. Don’t put any pressure on her to think anything. Just hug her close to your heart. Tapu wants to go to Icha but Jogi says right now, let Damini go. As Damini goes away, Divya sits down in distress. Tapu puts her hand on Divya’s and gives an evil smile. Damini sees Icha crying her heart out.

Gunnu wakes up Daddaji from his slumber who asks if everything went ok at  Jogi’s and whether they have accepted the proposal. Gunnu says Tapu’s presence and support made the difference and Jogi will be coming over with the shagun. Daddaji asks whether Lalla knows about it and Gunnu says she couldn’t gather courage. She is apprehensive about not letting Veer know about this and Daddaji in a resigned manner says they are plagued with bad luck as one son is getting married, the other divorced and Tej’s singh’s court case is also scheduled at the same time, so he’ll have to go to Delhi. Gunnu gets an idea and requests him to send Veer instead. Daddaji is not convinced as Veer doesn’t know the case details. Gunnu says it isn’t right for Veer to be around when Vansh is getting married to Icha. Vansh’s life is getting back on track and he needs Icha’s support. Veer may not agree or forgive them for hiding this,but God has already decided his fate.  Daddaji agrees and asks her to send Veer to him so that he can explain.

Jogi is trying to call someone, when Damini walks in. Jogi is happy that things have worked out so fast and the Bundelas have finally accepted Icha. Damini says that Icha has always listened to you, but this time… Jogi explains that she is not unhappy with this decision, she is only feeling miserable for Tapu. She cannot understand that Tapu is returning what belonged to her. Damini asks how do we make her understand. Jogi says that in her present condition we cannot pressurize her but at least let her know that no one including Tapu has any objections. Tapu walks in when Jogi is saying that they should take the shagun the next day itself. Damini is stunned while Tapu thanks him and hugs him, saying she is very happy with this decision. She then tells Damini that she has hurt Icha a lot. Whenever she gets emotional and does something wrong, after she comes to her senses she always apologizes.  Tapu is holding her ears now. Damini looks from Jogi to Tapu and removes Tapu’s hands from her ears. Tapu continues that you and Icha have always embraced. Believe me, I will convince Icha. Damini goes away. Tapu turns to Jogi and continues her innocence ka drama and asks if they will be successful influencing Icha. Jogi nods happily, then sends her off to explain to Divya that whatever he is doing is right. Tapu comes out of the room and thinks, now no one can separate me from you Veer.

Veer receives a call from Jogi. Veer says that he was about to call him as he has just come back from meeting Icha. He is disheartened by his failed attempts to please Icha. Jogi says leave it all on him as everything is going to be alrite. He informs Veer that Gunnu had come over with his rishta. Veer is ecstatic and cannot believe that Gunnu did this for him. Jogi says didn’t I tell you that if your love is true you will be victorious. Veer is in tears with happiness and says that he never thought that Mai would ever understand him. Jogi says now get ready for this new life waiting for you. They both are extremely happy and end the call.

Vansh is painting Icha and has flashbacks on when Icha was with him in rehab centre, giving him smiles, medicines etc. Gunnu comes in and sees a khud mei smiling Vansh. Vansh notices Gunnu standing there. He gets excited and asks a lot of questions, like whether Icha was there, what did they say. Gunnu says that everything is alright and has gone smoothly. They will give a reply in next couple of days. As he is about to fire some more questions, she says at the moment there is a lot of work so I should go, we will talk in details later. Vansh smiles happily and says ok.

Chanda sees Gunnu walking out of Vansh’s room and goes in. Vansh is talking to Icha’s painting that soon this room is going to be yours, but I don’t know your likes and dislikes as yet. Chanda hears Vansh telling the painting, ” I think you like a lot of light in the room with a corner for books and …” when he notices Chanda walking in, He doesn’t want her to see the painting. Chanda wants to see who is is painting, but Vansh says you shouldn’t see incomplete paintings as the person then gets angry. Chanda says ok, she’ll ask Kanha ji who doesn’t hide anything from her. Then she asks about his wellbeing and  whether the bad habit has gone or not She also says that she has noticed a change in him after his return from rehab. Vansh is a bit embarrassed. Chanda continues that you no longer close your room, or behave like a stranger. Won’t you share the reason with your sister (apne) Vansh smiles shyly says ask Ma. Chanda says you are sharmao-ing like a girl. I always pray to Kanha ji for both my brothers’ happiness. Unfortunately, happiness was about to come in Veer’s life but didn’t. Vansh says that its about to return in his life as well. Chanda asks that means the troubles with bhabhi has been solved? Vansh is taken aback and asks troubles with bhabhi? Chanda says how stupid am I, I mentioned the things I wasn’t supposed to say. Kanhaji forgive me.Vansh says that might have been the reason for Veer being so lost these days. Bu he did tell me that his lost hope was coming back.. He beats himself up for being so self absorbed and not noticing Lalla. He asks Chanda what had happened. Chanda says she doesn’t know the details, just that Tapu left home in anger. Vansh is angry that such a big thing happened and no one bothered to tell him.  Then he remembers that Tapu was there in the Puja. Chanda says maybe Veer pacified her. In any case Kanha ji doesn’t let 2 lovers to be angry with each other for too long. She then leaves on pretext of doing Puja. Ends on Vansh’s disturbed face.


Vansh calls Veer on the phone and demands to know why he hid such a big thing from him. Veer is all happy and still in the same car as when Jogi called, and says he was about to tell him about it. He asks an annoyed Vansh if Gunnu told him. Vansh says not Mai but Chanda. Veer rolls his eyes and says she cant keep anything to herself. Vansh is annoyed that Veer used to meet him everyday but didn’t mention anything

Tuesday Update On True Love colors tv shows online