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Bhairav pleads with Basanth to return as Maasa is returning. He pleads with Basanth to come back for Maasa’s sake even if he can’t forgive Bhairav. Just as Basanth almost looks convinced Anandi starts her bhashan about how much Maasa will be hurt if Basanth is not there Basanth reacts angrily that he doesn’t need to be told by Anandi how important Maasa is to him. But he will never reconsider and come back to Jetsar, not even for Maasa

Mahavir tells Basanth he has proven he is indeed Mahavir’s son, the Mahavir who used to not care for anyone or anything. No matter how much Maasa had instilled good nature in him, she was unable to change Basanth’s nature. Mahavir starts saying that Maasa has lost to him and that he can now with his son and family in Nagore. Everyone is shocked. Basanth gets mad and Mahavir, but Mahavir reminds him that Basanth is the one who is disrespecting Maasa. Mahavir chides Basanth for thinking only of himself and his ego and not of Maasa. Without Basanth, Maasa is as good as dead.

Basanth is moved to tears hearing Mahavir. Mahavir says that he doesn’t intend any ill-will towards Maasa and requests Basanth to not cause any pain to Maasa and pleads him to reconsider his decision. Mahavir also tells Gehna to think of Maasa. Basanth says he has committed such a grave mistake, in his anger, he forgot about what is really important. He tells Gehna to pack. Basanth tells Mahavir that he will convince Maasa about his decision and come back to Nagore. Mahavir tells Basanth that he hopes he changes his mind.

In Jetsar, Sumitra prays to God. Nandu comes running to her. Sumitra is very happy to see everyone back. She however notices that B&G are still upset. Basanth tells Bhairav that he cannot lie to Maasa and Bhairav can do what he wants. Bhairav is happy that Basanth is atleast back. He tells Sumitra & Anandi to prepare for Maasa’s arrival.

Jagat is calling anandi. Anandi recalls gauri’s harsh words and doesn’t pick the call. She sends srns that everything is fine. Riga gets the rugs and feels happy that ds is corning and wonders y anandi didn’t call him. 6auri sees that and asks him. Jagat tells her everything is much better now and ds will return too. She ask him whether Its will forgive anandi or not. Jogai is very confident that ds will understand anandi. &curl seems unhappy.

At jetsar, breakfast is served. Anandi offers basant but basant tells gehena to bring breakfast. Bhiron tells anandi to pack the breakfast. Basant refused to go with bhairon to receive masa at airport. &Ali tries to convince but no effevt on basant .6ehena brings the breakfast for basant. Basant leaves and bhairon follows him. Bhairon sits on the driver seat but basant orders him to move from there as he wants to drive. Both left. Anandi sees that. While traveling bhairon plays a song “ek dusre se karte prar horn”. Basant tied a towel so that song can’t be heard. Bhairon changes the song. Basant enjoys that. Then again bhiron changes another one. basant irritated again and tells him that to show this “kalakari” in front of masa not in front of him!

At the haveli, She asks nanadu but nandu leaves to play. When Anandi asks her she replies rudely. Sumi is busy in kitchen works. Gehena comes there and asks her about moose’s “paandaan”. &Ali gives her. surni thinks after maasa’s arrival this bitterness will be vanished ! At the road, Jeep stopped and doesn’t start. Bsant blames bhairon. bhiron starts pushing the jeep. Basant tells bhiron that he will complain masa about him. Bhairon tells him he knows mama will fasten to him as basant is her “ladle. While pushing both brothers have some light talks and when it gets started, basant in a mischievous/naughty mood tells bhairon that he is going to receive masa alone and leaves bhairon there. He drives away but bhairon is happy seeing him happy. Very nice funny convo between them after a long time

At the haveli, Anandi and sumi tries to be normal with gehena by saying some old food habits of masa. But no effect on gehena. She sternly says she thought that something wont be changed but in reality those do change. Gehena tells nandu not to tell that they had gone to nagore. When nandu aks her y so. Anandi tries to explain but gehena glares at her, she stops and gehena takes nandu away to make him understand. Anandi tells surni whether they r doing right thing to tell anandu ti lie Or not