Tuesday Update on True Love August 28

Tuesday Update on True Love

August 28 Episode

Ichha saying sorry to Veer but Veer shows his attitude and goes out of the room Mai then enters the room and informs Ichha that some people r coming from a certain Ashram and that they will b distributing old clothes, utensils and other stuffs to those poor people on which Ichha tells Mai that even she has some colouful sarees with her which she doesn’t wear anymore and so she will give away those clothes to those people ;After Ichha leaves, Mai feels bad for her and wonders why Ichha has to suffer so much at such young age (Mai can think of Veer’s marriage because he is her son..then why not Ichha’s marriage as well )

Pushkar and Masoom r hving arguments with each other over money when Pushkar asks Masoom to keep working in this house rather than relaxing if she wants the real tijori’s key and all the money ;Nani overhears this and so after Masoom goes from there,Nani comes and confronts Pushkar regarding Masoom..

Nani again warns Pushkar against this Masoom by telling him that if Jogi finds out about all this then Jogi will send him to jail but Pushkar tells Nani that once Masoom gets the tijori keys then they can get the entire property in their hands at one go ;Nani keeps telling Pushkar to throw Masoom out of the house before Jogi finds out but Pushkar is adamant in his evil games (I guess Nani is more worried that Pushkar will get caught ..she is not bothered about what may happen to Jogi-Divya because of Masoom..she is more bothered about her son here )..

Tapasya reaches the beauty parlour for her new job where the supervisor gives her the uniform and tells her to join the job and remember that in this profession they need to please the client as the client is always right ‘Tapasya is satisfied with her new job and also her first interaction with a lady client looks quite pleasing sinse she is able to make the client happy with her different hair-style suggestions ;Even Tappu’s boss is happy with her work (But is it so easy to get such jobs in beauty parlours without any experience in that particular field ..She din’t even give any interview or went through any test and just joined the job )..

At Bundela house,Mai and Kasa Kaka along with other servants r distributing old clothes to Ashram and poor people;Jyoti is also among those people standing in queue to collect few sarees from there for Tappu madam ;Jyoti gets Ichha’s old sarees from the servant;Jyoti compliments the design of the sarees when the servant tells Jyoti that these sarees belong to the badi bahu of this house who has become a widow now in less than a year of her marriage and so she can’t wear those sarees anymore (So this means now its Tappu’s turn to wear Ichha’s Uttaran )..

At Jogi’s house,Nani comes to the kitchen and all of a sudden starts buttering Damini with her sugar-coated words ;In the end Nani indirectly tells Damini that she needs her help to get Masoom out of this house before she gives any trouble to Jogi or Divya and so together they need to plan against this Maasoom ;After Nani leaves,Damini wonders how come all of a sudden Nani is talking with such positivity ;Then she remembers Pushkar giving money to Masoom and so Damini guesses that Nani wants to save her own son Pushkar here and not Jogi-Divya ;Damini now feels that she should expose Pushkar’s motives to Jogi-Divya before its too late (I doubt Divya will trust Damini here ..but Jogi might trust her )

Veer is working in his construction site but looks extremely disturbed because they r running late in time-limit that was given to them ;So Veer removes all his inner frustation on his employee by asking him to hurry up because if the build-up itself is so weak then how can rest of the things grow smoothly ;Veer then gets flashes of Ichha asking him to stay away from her and so he wonders why always he goes through all the pains and heartbreaks in life.

Tapasya is working in the beauty parlour when Masoom comes there for manicure ;So Tappu’s lady boss asks Tappu to do Masoom’s manicure ;Seeing Masoom there,Tapasya is fuming in anger while Masoom is enjoying the sight ;Masoom quickly tells that she wants to do Pedicure here ;Hearing this Tapasya tells Masoom that the lady who does Pedicure is already gone on which Tappu’s boss asks Tappu only to do Masoom’s pedicure ;Tapasya has no option but to follow her boss’s instruction while Masoom has the last laugh. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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