Wednesday Update on Young Love August 29

Wednesday Update on Young Love

August 29 Episode

Jaitsar Haveli
A lost in thoughts anandi gets a phone call and she gets disturbed and immediately says that she would soon be there.

Jaitsar Hospital
Anandi arrives with bhairo and dadisa to see narayan who hs been admitted in the hospital.They console the wife who is distraught ever sinc the incident and curses the boy who caused it all.She talks about her helplessness and the situation that the family is in due to the bread winner of the family in a bedridden condition.Anandi assures her that justice would be metted out to her,and for this she decides to have a panchayat meeting.Jagiya is in the background hearing all this.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar and jaitsar haveli
Shiv calls up anandi and tells him that his family is leaving jaitsar.She says whts the need to leave so soon.He explains that they have to make preparations for the marriage and also other work is piling up hence the departure.They talk more about the family issues and also about the narayan case.

Once the call is over,dadisa comes into her room to talk to her about her unintentional mistake.She sees anandi in tears and tells her that these tears were the main reason for her to be so hasty in her descision to keep shiv safe for anandi as he looked like the perfect boy for anandi who would always keep her happy and never in tears.She says sorry for her hasty actions and apologizes for the same.Anandi gets emotional seeing this gesture and gives her a big hug.

Jaitsar Panchayat meeting
The panchayat is wondering what is to be done in this case and how would narayan’s family sustains himself.
Just then anandi,dadisa and bhairo and shiv come in their respective jeeps to preside over the meeting.On anandi’s permission,the meetiong begins.Narayan’s wife talks about her plight that justice wont be meted out to her just by catching the culprit and punishing him but they have noone to take care of them now.Anandi consoles her by saying that they realise that the situation is grave and the panchayat would do everything within their means.But catching the culprit is equally important to set an example for the others so that such an incident is never repeated.

But they have a problem as noone had seen who did this to him.Jagiya comes up and shocks everybody saying that he is behind all this and narrates the whole incident saying that his hunger for a chapati took over but he never intended for somthing like this to happen.He rues the fact that the family which dopes so much for the poor and th hungry,their son did something like this to bring shame upon the family and therefore he deserves punishment and would accept anything that the panchayat gives him to do.

Jaitsar Panchayat meeting
The episode starts with jagiya accepting hios crime and pleading guilty.The villagers along with narayan’s wife are very angry and are about to beat him up themselves when anandi and shiv stop them and ask them to respect the gravity of the panchayat.Anandi then after consultation with the other members of the panchayat decides to grant jagiya forgiveness on the condition that he would not leave jaitsar but would instead take care of narayan’s family till he comes out from the hospital hale and hearty.Bhairo and dadisa are visibly disturbed.After her descision everybody unwillingly accepts the descision and l;eave.Once they are gone,jagiya shows his true colors that the garb of self guilt and mortification were in fact his first step in the vicious plan of destroying anandi.And that staying in jaitsar was he wanted and anandi handed it to him in a platter.

Jaitsar Haveli
Dadisa and bhairo are discussing the day’s events whre dadisa is concerned about recent happenings in jagiya’s life and the way he would probably deal with it.However bahiro is concerned that he might have returned for the worse and is worried that his presence in the village should not mar the well being and happiness of anandi that she has embraced after a long time with such difficulty.Anandi is hearing all this from behind the stairs.

Jaitsar haveli
Anandi is sitting in her rrom worrying about the day’s happenings and how dadisa was concerned for jagiya.However seeing her disturbed,dadisa comes upto anandi to talk to her.She decides to know whats going on in her mind.Anandi confesses that everytime she sees jagiya,all his insults towards the family and the grief that he caused to every family member,she cannot bring herself to forgive him even after his increased persistence though she knows that this family is rightfully his and he has right to live with his family,yet this one time she considers his deeds unpardonable.However if dadisa feels for jagiay she shoulnt bother how anandi would feel and should happily embrace him and give him the status of the family’s son again.

But dadisa explains to her that it is not because of her that they were obligated to do what they did with jagiya.In fact,he was by birth a memeber of this family,but didnt realise its importance yet she earned the right to be member and did for this family that even thier own members could not do.So she should never feel such way again or feel sorry for the fact that she has to punish jagiya or her inability to forgive him.Anandi breaks into tears and tightly hugs dadisa emotionally.