Tuesday Update on This is Love August 28

Tuesday Update on This is Love

August 28 Episode

Raman and Ishita talking about Vidyut and Shagun. He asks her not to worry, Vudyut is with Shagun. Vidyut comes and says Shagun has gone to lawyer, she agreed to give you Pihu. Raman and Ishita get glad, and hug. Raman thanks Vidyut. Vidyut says she told me that Pihu is here, so I thought you both will be here too, I sent her to lawyer and I m here to give you good news. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays……… Shagun thinks I hope Raman understands, I have to explain him, I love Pihu, but Vidyut loves me a lot, I m sure everything will fall into place. Ruhi and Pihu are together. Shagun sees them and goes to them. She surprises them.

Pihu asks is your friend fine. Shagun says yes, she is better, where is Raman. Ruhi says Papa had imp work, so
he asked us to enjoy the parade, he is going to pick us, if you have come, we will leave. Pihu says we will stay for some more time. Ruhi says I m tired, lets leave. Shagun says I just came, I have to enjoy parade. She thinks what happened to Ruhi. Shagun says we will go after parade ends, and takes selfies with them. Pihu says I m hungry, we will go and have food. Shagun asks her to come, there is restaurant nearby. Ruhi worries that Shagun can go to same restaurant. She tries to stop Shagun. Shagun says the food is better here, come. Ruhi worries and messages Raman.

Ishita, Raman and Vidyut talk about the family union. Shagun comes with Pihu and sees them together. They get shocked seeing Shagun. Ruhi comes there and looks on. Shagun asks Pihu to see Raman’s imp work, he is chilling with Ishita in Adelaide, Raman is a big liar, he said he is staying away from Ishita since one year and going to give her divorce, it was all lie, he left you with Pihu to chill with Ishita, right?

Pihu asks Raman is Shagun saying true. Raman says I will explain. Shagun says then keep hand on Pihu’s hand and swear that its not lie, you don’t love Ishita, say it, you can’t swear false on Pihu, stay away from her, she does not need a liar. She throws the ring on Vidyut and says you like to play games, I m never gonna forgive you, I got saved, thank God I did not sign any papers, Pihu lets go. Ishita says please Shagun, you know we love Pihu, we did all this drama for her, we stayed away for one year for Pihu, don’t snatch her. Shagun says you start drama anywhere, stop this drama, you both will never get Pihu. She takes Pihu and leaves. Raman and Ishita cry.

Ishita says we lost Pihu forever. Aaliya wonders did Ruhi spoke to Amma or not. Ananya shows her new dress. Aaliya says its pretty, who gave it. Ananya says mumma gave it, she looked happy, she said she gave me gift as she got gift, I liked the dress. Aaliya goes. Shagun tells Pihu that Raman is bad, did you see how he treated me. Pihu says Raman is not bad, he takes out time for me. Shagun asks don’t I do anything, sorry I should have not hurt you, stop crying, mumma loves you, I m sorry.

She says I will take you to park tomorrow, you can feed kangaroos, it will be fun, smile, sorry, go and freshen up, I will make your fav food. Pihu goes. Shagun says I will not leave three of you, just wait and watch. Aaliya says how did Adi go by calling me home, not fair. Mrs. Bhalla says he got urgent work call and went, come and sit. Aaliya says I had to talk to Ruhi on video call. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to use Simmi’s laptop. Aaliya gets the note, chocolates there and asks Neelu who has sent gifts to Simmi. Neelu says Ananya has sent it to make her feel special. Aaliya says but out plan flopped, why did Ananya send, I will ask her.

Ishita says we lost Pihu, I did not see her childhood. Ruhi says I m with you. Raman says I will tell Pihu that Shagun’s love is fake, she is not her mum. Ishita says we can’t break her heart for our happiness, Pihu loves Shagun. Vidyut apologizes. Raman and Ishita say you don’t be sorry, Shagun would have reacted same way, none can help those who have bad fate, we are unlucky and don’t get children’s love.

Aaliya goes to Ananya and asks about the gifts, why do you want to upset your mom. Ananya asks what did I do. Aaliya asks why are you sending roses and chocolates. Ananya says I did not send this, ask anyone else. She goes. Aaliya says if Ananya did not send gifts to Simmi, who is sending this, there is something fishy.

Its morning, Shagun and Pihu leave for park. Ruhi sees them and thinks to talk to Pihu any way. Shagun and Pihu enjoy in the park. Ruhi comes after them. Shagun goes to attend a call. Ruhi stops Pihu and hugs her. Pihu asks did you come to see kangaroos, did you not come with Papa. Ruhi says no, I came alone, did you feed kangaroos. Pihu says not yet. Ruhi takes her along.

Ruhi and Pihu feed the kangaroos. Pihu says mumma kangaroo carries baby kangaroo in pouch. Ruhi says yes, she carries the baby’s weight, mothers are such, they love babies a lot, they take every problem on them, our Ishi Maa is such. Pihu says no, she is not my mumma. Ruhi thinks Pihu has to understand that Ishi Maa is her mum.

Ruhi explaining Pihu about Ishi Maa. Pihu does not want to listen. Ruhi says truth won’t change if you don’t believe it, Ishi Maa will always be your baby, you don’t know this, when you were born, Ishita left you, we have hidden many things, but I will tell you everything, there was a bad aunty Niddhi, she kidnapped you and took you somewhere, Ishita was worried and left my hand to save you, then bad aunty kidnapped me and took me along, Ishi Maa felt guilty as I was also her daughter, she thought I died and she tried to commit suicide, but she survived and stayed away for 7 years, when she came back, she did not tell you anything, she can’t see you hurt, she cares for you, like Adi is your brother, I m your sister, but Adi and I have seen Ishi Maa since childhood,
she loves us a lot, she never cared for her life and cared for our lives, so we love her and call her our Ishi Maa, Papa and Ishi Maa are staying separately for you, as you don’t like Ishi Maa, you know you are imp for him, he left everything and came to stay with you in Bangkok, Ishita loves you, you may hate her, but she will always love you, because she is your mother, you know I was of your age when Papa and Ishi Maa got married, they love each other a lot, trust me, they are world’s best husband and wife, they can do anything for you, you tell me the people who love you a lot, how can they be bad.

Shagun comes and shouts Ruhi. She asks what nonsense are you saying, why are you brainwashing Pihu, she knows Raman and Ishita are big liars. Ruhi says no, they are not liars, I m saying truth to Pihu, infact I did not tell her complete matter, shall I tell her about you and Vidyut, and your reply yes to his proposal. Shagun says shut up, Pihu does not need to know. She asks Pihu to come and takes her. Ruhi calls out Pihu. Pihu stops and says I have to go somewhere mumma. Ruhi smiles. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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