Tuesday Update on Promised Love 2nd March 2021


Tuesday Update on Promised Love 2nd March 2021

Noor seeing Razia and gets shocked. She says badi ammi….Razia asks her to call begum sahiba and says you lost right to call me badi ammi. She says your accent and attitude is not taught by Yasmeen and me. She says your aim is to throw dirty water on others. She says when Azaan returned and made me meet Shayra, I felt bad and thought that he is making a big mistake, but today I am very thankful to him and tells that Azaan was not wrong, but I was wrong. She says Shayra is in all means, thousand times better than you as she knows to love others, but you just love yourself. She says you became bahu due to her, but it will be very difficult for you to sustain.

She says when you leave this house, then nobody will be happy more than me. She says Shayra is like me, but her destiny will not be like me and she will never be called as the abandoned woman. She says Shayra can say that Azaan can give his life for her and asks can you say this? She says you will the abandoned woman between you both and says this is not Razia begum saying, but an abandoned woman is saying to the woman whom her husband will leave very soon. She goes. Shayra runs behind her and asks her to listen. Razia says I will not listen. Mashuqa brings food for Razia.

Shayra says Azaan was very particular about having food and had said that you are very particular about it. Razia says you know so much about him, but did you know that he will never love anyone else except you. Shayra says you only said that you don’t want to listen. Razia says she is the abandoned woman due to helplessness, but you have chosen bad luck with your hands. She says I took your side, but will never forgive you.

Noor is sitting in her room and tells that badi ammi has many misunderstandings and she will clear it. She says she is not be called as abandoned woman, but Shayra. She says she will initiate the war and for that she needs Billu Rani’s mother, as she is talking to the cat. She calls Suraiyya and asks what she has to do to get Azaan. Suraiyya says you can’t compare yourself with Shayra. Noor says she can’t wait for Azaan for her victory.

Azaan comes to his office and greets receptionist Sonia. Everyone greets him. He comes to his cabin and finds the gifts kept there. He asks Sonia what is this? Sonia says staff gave gifts for your marriage. Azaan gets upset. Sonia asks Peon to clear the things. Azaan asks won’t you wish me? Sonia says I know that you are not happy and tells that she is sure that he remarried due to helplessness. Azaan tastes the tea and asks Sonia how she knows about his tea preference. He calls Shayra and says he is missing her. Shayra is in the kitchen and says she is not missing him. Dilruba and Mashuqa are in the kitchen and smile. Azaan asks Shayra why she is keeping the fingers crossed if she is not missing him. He asks about the biryani which is making and asks her to bring it fast. Azaan thinks she will bring biryani and asks his secretary to schedule meetings before lunch.

Suraiyya tells Noor that she will tell Azaan that you died. Noor asks if it is good. She tells that what Shayra would do to call Azaan from office. Shayra says nothing, I will let him work in the office. She asks her to become Azaan’s friend and don’t do wrong things, wrong thoughts and wrong company. She says she made biryani for Azaan and says you can take biryani for him. Noor says I am ready to take biryani to office. Shayra says good and says you have to win his heart and for that you have to leave the bitterness. Suraiyya asks will you give some biryani to us.

Shayra says you make khichdi all day and splash raita and asks if your hunger don’t end. Suraiyya gets angry. Razia asks Asgar if he withdraw 30 lakhs from company accounts. Asgar scolds the manager for troubling her when Razia is so worried about her son. Razia questions her. Asgar asks her not to worry about small amount. Razia asks him again. Asgar says he needed money for Khalid’s treatment as he met with an accident. Razia says did you get a dream one day prior to his accident? She says you shall be ashamed to make an excuse of your son’s accident. She says you have to return company’s money and fires the manager for helping Asgar. She tells Asgar that he shall not talk about family matters in front of outsiders.

Receptionist calls Azaan and says your wife brought food for you. Azaan sees Noor through the window and gets upset. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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