Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 3rd March 2021

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Wednesday Update on Complicated Love 3rd March 2021

It was morning. Arnav turns to leave for office. Tani wish him good morning, but Arnav was annoyed. Tani says it’s just eight thirty. Arnav was angry that he knocked her door, but she didn’t reply. Arnav says he wanted to look for a file. Sukhmani comes home from her morning walk. Arnav says he needs to go for final interview, then she needs to meet Veer. Sukhmani wish him luck and brings sweet yogurt. Tani makes fun of Sukhmani old school tradition. Arnav was angry at Tani, and says it was their mistake to admit her in boarding school. Tani wish Arnav luck and says she will do a lot of shopping from his first salary.

Veer comes to meet Mishti and concerned about her last night behavior. Mishti was leaving for Runawla. He explains to Veer that Pari was stuck with a problem in their last night event, so she is going to see the site in Runawla today. Veer offers to take an off, but Mishti assure she is fine. They hug each other, Mishti drives away.

Tani comes for breakfast. Sukhmani asks how her studies with Ansh was. Tani replies it was good Ansh is brilliant, she got quite late. Sukhmani says she didn’t sleep till Tani had returned, and she didn’t wake Arnav up because she didn’t want a drama. She tells Tani it would have been worst, had she told Arnav she was at Ansh. She scolds Tani for her lies, and says it was extremely wrong to return so late. Tani lies again that she went to another friend because Ansh was sleepy.

Sukhmani clarifies she will not tolerate it anymore, if she can’t understand this and continue this behavior she would just call her mummy papa; then Tani must explain them all the situation. Tani apologizes Sukhmani, and promises not to do anything that gives her a chance of complaining. Sukhmani punishes Tani that she must press all the clothes inside now. Radhika had come over.

Mishti was in a meeting with the client. The clients were happy about Pari’s lay out and her detailing. They were confident in their company. Mishti assures the client it will be the way they would want. They ask Mishti to even thank Pari for arranging a meeting in such a short time. Mishti was happy and texts Pari.

Sukhmani and Radhika sit inside. Sukhmani says she is exhausted. Radhika had brought cards for Sukhmani and Arnav’s parents. Sukhmani feels offensive for the invitation, she feels an outsider and stranger. Radhika smiles it’s a symbol of respect for Sukhmani as she stood beside them in all times. Radhika wanted to discuss something important. Sukhmani bolts the door of their room. Radhika says Mishti seems extremely tensed these days. Initially she thought it was wedding panics, she assumed Mishti must be dancing around when her cards got printed. But Mishti felt extremely nervous. She said it seems to be too early, though she had deemed three weeks as a long time earlier. She can clearly see now that Mishti isn’t happy. Sukhmani was tensed. Radhika says Mishti shares her heart out with Sukhmani. Sukhmani assures Radhika to speak to Mishti. She then thinks their conversation wasn’t in vain, there is something Mishti is unable to explain.

Pari assures the client there is no problem, they could have discussed the matter on phone. The client leaves. Pari gets a call from Mishti, she was cheerful and says I love you, I love you and I am so proud of you. Pari replies I love you too, then wonders if this complement was sarcastic. Mishti assures it was true, she has taken hold of everything so well; the clients appreciated Pari’s detailing and work. Pari was thankful to Mishti and happy that she could apply what she taught. Pari tells Mishti the meeting was client went well here, then asks Mishti to leave Lonavela as soon as possible. Later, she inquires the workers.

Sukhmani replies a door bell, it was Tani. Tani says she pressed the clothes, then had brought a Summer Camp form to Sukhmani. Sukhmani and Radhika give looks to each other. Sukhmani says Tani already left her boarding school, she can’t allow Tani to leave this place anymore. She will have to be strict with Tani. Either Tani must complete her semester or leave for Muscat with her parents. Tani says she won’t go anywhere, but Sukhmani must not involve their parents. Arnav comes inside then with a box of sweets for them. He got an appointment in Veer’s office at a post of executive. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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