Monday Update on Cost of Love 1st March 2021


Monday Update on Cost of Love 1st March 2021

Sheetal asking how can this happen. Sheetal gets upset when the lady taunts her. Anita says my fan gifted this, I have many fans, this is old gift, you are worried as someone cheated you. Sheetal says none can dare to cheat me, my family is with me, who are you. Richa says she is Pankti’s mom. Thakur introduces Anita Sharma. Sheetal argues with Anita. Richa asks where is Ahaan. Vikram says maybe he is hiding from Anita.

Ahaan is with Uday. He says love is complex. Uday asks what’s the gift, chocolates, flowers. Ahaan says you think I will give this to Pankti, she is a magician, she can change anything to poetry by her magic, this is a treasure, all her poetry will be safe in this, come we will come Pankti in Ahaan style. He falls in dirt. Uday says you got your clothes spoilt. Ahaan says its fine, my gift got saved. Uday asks him to change. Anita likes the house. She asks Kaira about the family. Aparna stops Kaira. Anita asks her to show the picture. Aparna hides Ahaan’s pic. Anita goes.

Servant puts JD and Sheetal’s pic back. Aparna asks servant to get Ahaan’s pic. Pankti looks for Ahaan. Purva teases her about Ahaan. Aparna smiles and says I got my answer. Sheetal scolds JD for giving her the necklace, which someone else has worn in the party. She says my husband is a liar, you are a public property. He gets shocked and says its impossible. She says I also felt so. He asks what’s her name, if jeweler lied, I will shut his business. She says she is Thakur’s special guest, she is an…. Pankti comes there. She doesn’t see JD’s pics.

She says I have a request, don’t tell anything to Richa for all that. Sheetal says I m not that type of saas, my mood changed seeing you. Pankti asks her to wear the necklace. Sheetal says its imp that just I have my thing. Pankti says now just you have it, I removed it, its imp for me that you have your thing, mum forcibly made me wear it, it didn’t suit me. Sheetal smiles.

Pankti says this necklace suits you much. Aparna gets a necklace for Pankti. Sheetal makes her wear it. She goes. Aparna says Sheetal values relations more than status, don’t worry, Richa is waiting, go now, we have to start haldi ritual. Anita gets JD’s call. She lies to him that they are at home, Pankti is sleeping. He commands her to make Pankti ready. He ends call. Purva collides with Vikram and says sorry. He says thanks for colliding, are you from girl’s side, I m Vikram. She asks are you the one….

Richa comes and says yes, he is the groom. Vikram says meet my old friend. Richa says she is my friend’s sister. Vikram asks Purva not to feel bad. Purva goes. Richa gets annoyed with him. Thakur asks Anita to meet guests. She says I have to go. He says you have to meet police commissioner, he is coming to meet you, you have stolen his heart. She says you know I can’t refuse you. They laugh. She thinks she should have contacts with powerful people so that she can show JD. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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