Tuesday Update on Promised Love 23rd February 2021


Tuesday Update on Promised Love 23rd February 2021

Noor telling Shayra that peeping inside someone’s room is shamelessness and asks what is called to be in someone’s husband bathroom and says you are not only murderer, but characterless. She raises her hand to slap Shayra. Azaan holds her hand and says how dare you? He says if you say anything to my wife next time, or do anything then I will forget my goodness. He says I am leaving you because of friendship else would have pulled out the tongue. Khalid thinks why Azaan is marrying Noor. I love her and not Azaan. He thinks I shall marry Noor and not her. He comes to the kitchen and gets scared thinking of the fire. Mashuqa comes and asks do you need anything. He says water. Mashuqa gives him water. She says everyone is very happy seeing him returning. Khalid is scared and goes. Mashuqa thinks she loved a zaalim.

Noor comes to her room and vents out her anger. Shayra ties brooch to Azaan’s kurta and says you over reacted. Azaan says I have never seen her such face and says friend will not be friend and wife will not be wife. He holds her hand and hurts himself with the brooch pin. Noor gets angry and stamps her foot on the glass pieces and injures her foot. Shayra tells Azaan that his hand is bleeding. Azaan says this is just a blood and I can make it flow to be with you. Noor takes out the glass piece from her foot and says it is my mistake to let Shayra come near Azaan, they will be punished for hurting me.

Khalid comes there and sees Noor’s injured foot, gets worried for her, says he will call doctor. Noor holds his hand and asks if he can do anything for her. Khalid says yes, I can give my life for you and can take someone’s life for you. Noor says what you want is not possible, says we can be friends, but not lovers. She says right now, I need a friend the most. She says my dear friend is snatched by Shayra from me, I am all alone, nobody is with me to wipe my tears. Khalid says I am with you and wipes her tears. Noor asks will you become my friend. Khalid says yes and holds her hand. He says I will love you the most, more than Azaan, best friend. Noor hugs him and says thanks Khalid. She thinks it is important to make new relations and thinks to settle down the scores with Shayra. She says I will be back. Khalid smiles and thinks Noor will marry him only. He promises that he will ruin Shayra and Azaan.

Shayra tells Azaan that she can’t back off from her words and says I will fulfill your condition and will get your marriage done, then you have to keep your promise. She thinks I know this is all wrong, but Noor’s life will get better by this. Azaan thinks your wrong step will ruin three lives. Shayra is stepping down the stairs and falls down. Razia sees her fallen down and shouts Shayra’s name. Azaan runs out of the room. Razia calls Azaan. Azaan and Noor come there. Azaan runs past Noor. Razia asks him to call Shayra. Dilruba tells Mashuqa that the incident happens because of Shayra or with her. Surayya says they were in bathroom, and she fell down. She sees Noor hearing her and says Shayra do this to get Azaan’s attention. Azaan is worried as if she died. Doctor comes and checks Shayra. He says your old wounds are not healed yet and tells that she is fine now. Razia asks her to rest.

Shayra says I am happy that you care for me still. Razia says I can get upset with you, but can’t hate you. She goes. Azaan asks can’t you see and walk. Shayra says may be my slipper broke. Azaan says I will bring something for you to make you feel better. He kisses on her forehead and is going, when he slips and finds oil on Shayra’s slipper. He goes to the stairs and finds oil kept on the stairs. He thinks who kept it.

Dilruba massages Asgar’s feet and gives news to him about Shayra and Azaan. Noor is with Surayya and gets angry, thinks Shayra is sympathy stealer. Azaan says you are jealous of Shayra and that’s why spilled oil on the stairs to hurt her. Noor says if Shayra said this? Azaan says I am saying this. She says you know me this much. Azaan says if Khala would have been alive then she would have told that she don’t know. She says I didn’t do it, if I want to hurt her then would have attacked from front. Azaan thinks who did this? Razia scolds Dilruba and Mashuqa about the oil on stairs. He says why anyone will take oil on stairs. He says it was fallen intentionally and says whoever was there, wants to hurt Shayra. He says I have a doubt that the fire didn’t break out due to Shayra’s mistake, but it was done by someone else. He says I tried to get the CCTV footage, but couldn’t get it due to the fire accident. He says if it is retrieved then we will find out the culprit.

Khalid is shown washing oil from his hands. He says how did you get saved Shayra and tells that he wants to marry Noor and don’t want to become her friend. Azaan brings milk for Shayra and asks her to drink. Shayra says if I need anything then will call Mashuqa. Azaan says I am not yet married to Noor and has not divorced you. He says it is his duty to take care of his ailing wife and asks her to drink milk and rest. Shayra drinks milk and lies down on bed. He kisses on her forehead and thinks just few moments, if I prove that the fire haven’t broke out due to you, then you will not be guilty and will not force me to marry Noor.

Khalid asks Azaan, why he is marrying Noor? Azaan asks him to move away from his way. Khalid says you came in my way and Noor. Azaan asks him not to come infront of him. Khalid says when you have a wife then why you want to marry Noor and want to ruin his life. Azaan says he is not marrying Noor with his wish and tells that he is helpless. He says Noor thinks that Khala and Faiz died due to Shayra and wants to take revenge on her and Shayra feels guilty of the happenings. He asks can you stop this marriage and says I promise that I will not forget your favor. Khalid thinks if Noor comes to know that Shayra was not responsible then she will not marry Azaan. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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