Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 23rd February 2021

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Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 23rd February 2021

The next morning, Mishti comes to kitchen but Rohan was already there. She turns around, but Rohan says his coffee is almost ready. He will leave the kitchen. Mishti comes to the kitchen and thinks about Rohan’s concern that he wish to know what she did all this.

Mishti tries to burn the stove. It doesn’t lit. She removes the older gas cylinder. Rohan watches her hold the heavy cylinder and comes to help. They stood closer to each other and stare into each other’s eyes. Mishti at once leaves the cylinder and says thankyou, but she is used to help herself. Rohan leaves the cylinder. Mishti rolls it close to the stove. She lights the burner, but there was a mini-blast. Mishti screams and turns around to hug Rohan protectively. He asks if she is ok. Mishti at once realizes being close to him, then says thank you. She turns to leave the kitchen.

Rohan speaks to Mishti to give her some space. Everything can be counted as right and wrong. If Ansh wants to smoke, he won’t stop by her scolding; infact he won’t only smoke in front of her. Its normal, and every boy does this in teenage; he did and Veer as well. What happened to Pari last night was wrong, she wanted to speak to that Ravi and offered him to go outside. Pari could have handled the situation herself, as she isn’t as young. She is the elder sibling, and must be concerned; but she will be leaving this house in two months. She must give them a chance to handle their problems, she will be surprised to know how well they handle all this. And if they will fail, they will surely come to her as family is the last resort. He apologizes for intervening, as it’s not his place to say all this. He accepts it’s his mistake as well, he shouldn’t smoke in front of Ansh. Mishti silently walks into her room.

Arnav was drinking and smoking while being badly hurt. Pari’s words for Rohan echo in his mind. Sukhmani watches him distressed, she cheers the bottle with him. She says he is right, he lost the girl already; now he must turn to Devdas. Arnav thanks her for all this bitter complement. He claims it a hard luck that his love couldn’t accomplish. His love wasn’t conditional, and he will never hurt her anyway. It’s fine if she loves Rohan. Sukhmani says he loves her, and still has accepted the defeat. She only claims her love, Arnav can still take a chance. Most importantly, how do anyone know if Rohan loves her or not. Even Pari is unaware if Rohan holds any feelings for her or not.

Veer was in a meeting. Mishti comes to office. The receptionist informs Veer about Mishti. Veer thinks Mishti might be very disturbed, he didn’t pick up her call and it must have hurt her. She apologized but he aggravated the matter. Veer continues with the meeting. Mishti takes a seat.

Sukhmani tells Arnav he hasn’t yet lost the girl altogether. Pari was attracted to Rohan because girls like it that man is independent and has his own personality and stand. He helps Pari, but he has nothing of his own. He needs to be independent. No girl would be ready to marry a guy who has no standing of his own. Money is not the most, but the second most important thing in life. First and foremost he must find a good job for himself, be independent. Arnav was now determined to prove himself and do anything to get Pari.

Veer dismiss the meeting at the first plan, but his staff say they have to discuss three more plans yet. Mishti was now restlessly walking outside the conference room. Veer was aware. Mishti asks the receptionist to give another reminder, maybe he is busy with the meeting. Receptionist says Mishti forbid her to disturb him. Mishti texts Veer that she came over to meet him but it seems he doesn’t want to meet her. She will still wait for him. He was badly stuck in the meeting with his staff.

Arnav comes out of the room. His phone bell was ringing. Soon, there was a door bell. Arnav goes to check it was Pari. Sukhmani was busy with reading. Arnav asks Sukhmani to tell Pari he isn’t home. Sukhmani asks him to get courage, and face her. Arnav says he is the man but with feelings. He goes to his room. Sukhmani opens the door. Pari asks about Arnav. Sukhmani stammers, then says he must be downstairs. She then makes up it’s a movie character she is watching now. Pari says Arnav didn’t answer her phone call. Sukhmani says Arnav isn’t home, and was worried afterwards that Pari is tensed. She comes to Arnav that making her lie is wrong. Arnav isn’t weak, he has to be strong. The world hasn’t finished, he has to be strong.

At home, Pari tells Radhika that Mishti is lost, she had an important meeting with the client and she didn’t come over. Radhika was tensed what must be going into Mishti’s mind. Pari says their Mishti is very strong and will come out of this phase soon. Radhika was worried that it’s about Veer, he didn’t receive her calls. Pari offers to speak to Mishti. Radhika didn’t know Mishti was going. Pari says the fight between them is because of Rohan, she must ask Rohan to speak to Veer. Radhika agrees, as Rohan handles the situation really well.

In the room, Pari speaks to Rohan that Mishti is extremely tensed. They must improve the situation. If he speaks to Veer, the situation might get better. Rohan says it’s the matter between Veer and Mishti, she won’t live if he intervenes in their personal matter. Pari replies he has already come between them. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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