Tuesday Update on Promised Love 23rd February 2021

Tuesday Update on Promised Love 23rd February 2021

Shayra going from the mehendi function. Surayya asks her to write Azaan’s name on Noor’s hand. Shayra says I can’t do. Noor says what could be better than this to wish me happy married life. Razia feels bad for Shayra and thinks she can’t do anything being helpless. Surayya asks Shayra to write Azaan’s name. Shayra writes Azaan’s name forcibly. Azaan thinks how much you have stoop Noor. Surayya says Shayra wrote his name with her heart and prays for their togetherness. Azaan gets angry and takes out the knife in his hand. He comes to Shayra and says I didn’t know that my begum has such a strength, changed lines and destiny too. The lady tells that the groom shall not come here. Azaan says my first wife is here and would be wife is also here, infact I have the first right to come here. Noor gets up and says you said right, you have the first right to come here. Shayra is about to go.

Azaan asks Shayra to write Noor’s name on his hands. Razia says don’t give pain to Shayra. He asks her to fulfill promise made to him. Noor asks Shayra if she will not write her name on her would be husband’s hand. Shayra writes Noor and asks him to accept this. Azaan says one more rasam is remaining. Noor sees his other hand bleeding and asks him to open his hand. Razia and Shayra also come to him. They see Shayra written with knife and his hand bleeding profusely. Azaan says you have written Noor’s name with mehendi, but I have written your name with my blood which will never go from my hands.

He says I wrote this name, not on my hand, but on my soul. Surayya thinks many dramas are happening here. Razia asks what is this madness. Shayra asks until when you will have enmity with my dupatta. She is about to tear her dupatta. He stops her and tears Noor’s dupatta to tie his injured hand. He says you have fulfilled enmity, I was fulfilling our relation. Shayra takes him to room. Surayya says Shayra is very lucky, mehendi is yours, but Azaan has her name with blood. The ladies gossip that it is inauspicious. Other lady tells that Noor is mad to marry Azaan who loves his first wife. Shayra scolds Azaan and asks why did you do this with me? She says do you have any idea, how much hurt I am.

Bolna Mahi Bolna plays……Shayra asks why didn’t you think what will Ammi or I will feel. Azaan says this wound will be healed, but what about the wound which is on heart. Shayra says time heals all and asks him to promise that he will not do anything. He gets a call from the expert that they have retrieved the footage and is checking. Azaan excuses himself. Surayya comes to Khalid and asks why did you lit the fire? Khalid says I wanted to stop Noor’s marriage and don’t know what to do. The expert checks the CCTV feeds. Khalid says I thought if fire breaks out then the marriage will be stopped. Expert sees Khalid coming to kitchen after Shayra leaves and lights the candles there, keeps the gas nozzles on and cylinder on. The expert says he is the real criminal. He says then I heard Mashuqa and Dilruba coming and running away.

Expert see Mashuqa and Dilruba coming there holding oil cans. Experts call Azaan and tell that footage is retrieved and he can see the criminal now. Azaan thinks now Shayra will not go and he don’t have to marry Noor. Shayra is packing her stuff. Azaan asks what is she doing? She says she is returning back to London after his marriage. Surayya and Asgar ask why didn’t you tell us. Khalid says I thought Noor will hate me and say he wants to stop her marriage anyhow. Surayya asks him to stop it and says you have already taken 2 lives and asks if he wants to die. Khalid says I don’t mind to get hanged to stop her marriage. Azaan asks if Noor refuses for marriage then? Surayya asks what do you mean? Azaan says if the fire didn’t break because of you then. Shayra says fire was lighted because of me. Azaan says you didn’t fall from stairs, but someone made you fall.

Shayra is shocked. Azaan says someone threw oil on the stairs. Shayra says why someone will do this? Azaan says we had accepted that fire broke out because of your carelessness , but after the oil incident, I got the CCTV retrieved and we will know if it happened due to your mistake or someone did it intentionally. Dilruba hears them shockingly. Shayra asks if this can happen? Azaan says I just know that my Shayra is innocent and everyone will know.


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