True Love Monday Update 18th February


True Love Monday Update 18th February

Veer and Rathod confrontation where Veer returns Rathod’s wallet to him which contains Tappu’s photo but Veer does not see it and both leave from there …Veer goes inside the bank … Kanha complains to Ichha about her Ammo leaving and so mayb she too will leave him but Ichha assures Kanha that they wont leave when Ammo comes and tells Ichha that she does not want history to b repeated again as earlier also they made the same mistkae by staying in Jogi’s house for which they hv already faced enough consequences and so they cant do the same blunder again ;Ichha once again asks Ammo that why she had to leave Jogi’s house on which Ammo does not give her any reply but tells to herself that its better Ichha never comes to know the reason she had to leave the house because she is not even aware of what accusations were put against her ;

Ammo keeps telling Ichha that they cant stay here and repeat the same mistake but Ichha assures Ammo that nothing of that sort will happen and so they should stay here ;So then Ammo further suggests to Ichha that they should go to the same busstand to find out about the parents of that small kid since they cant keep the kid with them forever as it will b unfair on their part ;Hearing this Ichha is not convinced but silently agrees to Ammo’s decision…

Nani tells Divya about Tappu’s marriage with Rathod and also the fact that the baby is missing on which Divya is shocked to know that Tappu is marrying at a time when her kid has gone missing ;Divya this time blames Tappu for being a careless mother and also a stubborn kid on which Nani once again tries to justify Tappu’s stand and so this time Divya looses her cool and blames Nani for Tappu choosing all the wrong route ;Dviya tells Nani that she is responsible for giving all wrong lessons to Tappu on which Nani defends herself by telling Divya that since the day Tappu tried to cut her wrist to marry Veer ,its her who hv always come to Tappu’s rescue and today she only is being accused for it ;

Dviya and Nani’s tussle over Tappu continues Damini is shown going to the busstand to enquire about the small kid ;She goes to that tea shop near the busstand and asks a small boy whether he has any idea about the kid’s parents when that small boy says he has no idea and so Damini tells the small boy that she will again come later to enquire about it in case his father has any idea about it ;Damini then goes from there when that small boy’s father comes and asks him who was that lady when the small boy tells that she came to enquire about some kid on which the father remembers how the other day Rathod came to enquire about a kid and so he runs behind Damini to give this info but misses her since Damini sits in a rickshaw and leaves.

Tappu is shown watching TV and looking restless over her upcoming marriage when Rathod comes and informs Tappu about meeting Veer outside bank on which Tappu repeatedly asks Rathod whether Veer asked him about her or her baby ;Hearing this Rathod in frustation tells Tappu that he just returned the wallet to him and asked nothing about her or her baby since Veer is hving his own family and wife which she needs to remember on which Tappu too in hyper tone tells Rathod that she never asked him about whom he met and all ,but it was him who started telling her about Veer ,so why is he shouting at her then ? ;Tappu then cools down a bit and says sorry to Rathod and then asks him whether he met panditji for their shaadi ka mahurat on which Rathod says yes he did meet and panditji gave 3 different mahurats too ;Hearing this Tappu tells Rathod in a depressed tone that she will marry him in the first mahurat only and leaves from there

Ichha dressing up Baby Mukta when all of a sudden she starts feeling a bit dizzy when Ammo gets worried and decides to call the doctor who was already present in another room doing the old man’s check up…

Jogi comes to meet Tappu and so Tappu is shown all excited when she is informed about it ;But as soon as she comes running outside to meet Jogi ,she is shocked to see that Jogi asking her to stop right there only since he has not come to give her any love or blessings as he is shocked to hear that at a time when her baby is missing ,she is getting married without caring for her missing baby ;Jogi further accuses Tappu of being irresponsible towards her baby when Mr.Rathod comes to Tappu’s rescue and tells Jogi a twisted story of how Tappu had nowhere to go since she was scared of going to his house knowing he will b angry on her and so she kept her baby in orphanage when he(Rathod) gave her shelter ;

Rathod further tells Jogi that Tappu dint do anything deliberately and she is equally worried about her baby ;Rathod also tells Jogi that loosing the baby is their common pain which they both r going through at present and they both r hoping that they will find their baby soon for which his blessings r needed ;Hearing this Jogi tells Rathod that he knows his daughter well and so he can also guarantee that this is not the exact truth which he heard just now ;Jogi further tells Tapasya that she is indeed lucky in life that everytime she did mistakes ,she has got someone to cover it up on her behalf since someone or the other always hv loved or cared for her in every walks of her life ;

Jogi also tells Tappu that during childhood her father always made sure that her demands r fulfilled and then later her best friend Ichha always sacrificed her own happiness for her and then her Nani always hv tried hiding her mistakes from everyone and finally today she got someone like Rathod who is ready to support her and accept her in his life even after all this ;Tappu keeps silently listening to Jogi’s words with tears in her eyes when Jogi goes on to say that she could neither b a good friend to Ichha nor be a good mother ;Finally Jogi gives one advice to Tappu that since Rathod has given her so much respect and love ,she should value it and try to fulfill her duties as a wife towards her lifepartner at least this time ;Before Tappu can say anything ,Jogi leaves after giving this advice to her …

Meanwhile doctor does Ichha’s check up and tells her that she is pregnent on which Damini is very happy ;Later Damini tells Ichha that they should give this news to Veer and Bundela family so that everything is sorted out ;But Ichha tells Damini that they will not inform about her pregnency to Veer or his family since she does not want everyone to think that she wants to use her baby to get an entry in the house again ;Hearing this Damini is shocked and tries to explain to Ichha that Tappu lied about her baby to get an entry in the house but in this case she is telilng the truth and so its not wrong ;But Ichha is adamant and decides not to tell this to Veer or Bundela family ..CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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