18th February Monday Update On This Is Love


18th February Monday Update On This Is Love

Mr. Bhalla taking permission from inspector to give food to Raman. Inspector asks him to explain Raman that Ishita can’t save him from murder case. Mr. Bhalla goes and meets Raman. He says Adi is finding Shagun, she slipped while running away, she fell in some truck, don’t tell anyone, I will come to tell you about her. He goes. Raman says thank God Shagun is safe, Adi should find her. Adi slaps the man and asks where is my mum. Bala asks the driver about Shagun, who fell in his truck, don’t try to lie, there are blood marks in the truck. Adi shouts and asks where is she.

The driver says I stopped at dhaba and saw a woman with severe head injury, she fainted, I dropped her outside a nearby hospital. Adi asks are you mad to leave her. Bala asks did you see anyone helping her. The man says no. Adi says I will not leave you if anything happens to her. The man tells hospital name. Aaliya says mumma fell in truck and cries. Mihika says Adi will surely get Shagun. Aaliya says if anything happens to her, I already lost Mani, I can’t lose her. Mihika asks her to trust Adi. Aaliya says Adi is Raman’s son, Raman has killed Mani. Mihika says that’s not true, once we get Shagun, everything will be ruined. Aaliya says he is doing this to save his dad, not for me, let’s not talk about this, let me go now, I have to find mumma. She calls Nikhil home. Mihika says Aaliya has to go with Nikhil, I hope no new issue gets created between Adi and Aaliya.

Adi scolds the nurse. Bala stops Adi. Bala asks for emergency ward and goes. Adi says don’t know how is mumma, I have to find out what did she see. Bala asks nurse about Shagun. Nurse says describe her, many patients come. Adi shows Shagun’s pic. Nurse says she came here in morning. Doctor asks who are you. Adi says I m her son, is she fine, tell me. Doctor says she is in ICU, she had much blood loss, we gave her blood transfusion, but she did not get conscious. Bala asks can we see her. Bala and Adi see Shagun. Adi gets Aaliya’s call. She asks why did you not tell me that mom fell in truck. He says we got mumma, she is in nursing room. She says send me address. He says she is unconscious, I will tell you when she gets conscious. She says stop it, don’t tell me what to do.

Kiran says kids were questioning a lot yesterday, I made some story, but today they will ask again, can I take kids, I will order food and they will be happy. Appa says fine, take them, what happened about your work. Kiran says don’t worry, I finished my work today. She goes. Amma says why did you say yes, how can she take kids. Appa says she managed kids well, she is trying, we should give her a chance, what’s wrong if she bonds with kids.

Nurse sees Shagun getting conscious. Adi says don’t know what she has seen, I will find out. Nurse says patient got fine. Aaliya and Nikhil come. Aaliya asks did she get conscious. Nurse asks who is she. Adi says she is her daughter. Doctor comes and says let me check her first, its not good for her. Aaliya says please let me meet her once. Doctor permits Aaliya. Bala stops Adi. Adi cries. Aaliya talks to Shagun. Bala asks him to relax, they will come. Shagun asks who is she. Aaliya says I m your daughter, Aaliya. Shagun says my daughter is very young, no she is not my daughter. Doctor asks Aaliya to go out. Aaliya cries. Nikhil asks why are you crying, say something. Aaliya says mumma does not remember anything, she did not identify me. Adi asks what happened to her.

Aaliya says she did not identify me Adi, she does not remember anything. Adi says I will go to her. Nikhil stops him and says doctor stopped you. Aaliya asks Adi is he mad, don’t create a scene, she is saying her daughter is young. Bala asks what does she mean. Doctor comes and says it means she lost her memory. Adi asks does she not remember anything, I m her son. Doctor says she has grown up children, but she said her daughter is young, it means she has forgotten some years, maybe she has seen something very bad before she got hurt. Bala says Shagun’s husband got murdered, maybe she has seen that murder. Doctor says that’s it, maybe she wants to block this from her memory. Adi says does she not remember anything. Nikhil consoles Aaliya. Aaliya says Shagun has seen Mani’s murder, how can she forget me. Bala says how will Raman get saved now. Adi says what will I tell Ishimaa.

Roshni gives file to Ishita. Ishita says this is old report, what are you saying. Roshni says sorry, tell me how to arrange reports. Ishita says arrange it in alphabetical order, you think I m foolish, I understand you are doing this to divert my mind. Roshni says sorry, I can see you worried. Ishita says I can’t sit in peace till Raman gets free. Adi calls her and says I got mom, maybe she slipped and fell in truck, she got a head injury, she will be fine. Ishita says get her back, she can save Raman. He says no, she can’t come. She asks what happened, does she know about Mani. He says mom did not identify Aaliya, she said her daughter is a little girl, doctor said mom got temporary amnesia, I don’t think she can help us in saving Papa, she does not remember anything, maybe she refuses to identify me also. Ishita gets shocked.

Adi pacifying Aaliya. He says we all are with you, mom will be fine. She says stop it Adi, you don’t care for her, you are using her to get your dad out of jail, you maybe disappointed that she lost memory, how will you free your dad now, stop this drama. He says she is my mum too. She says you stop this pretension, you are selfish. He shouts yes, I m selfish, I want to know what mom has seen, I want Papa to get freed, it does not mean I don’t care for him. Aaliya asks him to stop it. Bala comes and asks them to stop it, Raman is in jail, Shagun is inside in that state, we lost Mani, if you really care, then keep the differences aside and think how to handle Shagun, can I rely on you two. They nod. He says come we will go to doctor and talk. Doctor says Shagun’s scans have come, she lost her memory, she got partial amnesia, she has forgotten her immediate past, she remembers things happened 10-15 years before, she said her husband is Raman and she is staying with Ashok, you said her husband is Mani.

Adi says Papa was her husband 12 years ago. She says she has forgotten things, she can regain memory in a month or a year, don’t let her take stress, else it can be dangerous for her. Bala asks what shall we do. Doctor says show her that things are same, if she gains strength to understand situation, we can know what she has forgotten, get the people she is naming. He says Raman is in lockup, how is this possible, he is prime suspect in Mani’s murder. She says get him here, he has to make Shagun recall things. Adi asks can you give a letter about Shagun’s medical state to get Raman’s bail. Doctor agrees. Aaliya asks will she get fine. Doctor says I can’t say anything, you should just hope and pray that everything gets fine.

Bala says please make the papers ready. He tells Adi that he will call Kiran, she was trying to arrange a lawyer. Kiran packs Shitija’s clothes and asks Amma about her. Appa says take these snacks for kids. Kiran gets Bala’s call. Amma asks Appa why is he sending kids with Kiran. She managed once, but how will she managed everyday. He says don’t worry, give her a chance, I hope she will manage everything. She says she got a call from office, see. Bala asks Kiran about the lawyer. She says don’t worry, I know Mr. Kumar, I m sending him to you, you mail me the documents, please take care, I worry for you, you don’t take tension of kids, I will manage. Bala thanks her. Amma says I will meet Mrs. Bhalla and goes. Appa asks was it Bala’s call, is everything fine. She says Shagun is not fine. Shagun asks nurse where is Ashok. Nurse says but your husband is… Shagun says I know he is not my husband, just call him, I don’t know how I came here. Nurse says I don’t have his number. She says he will be so worried, where is my phone, someone give my phone.

Aaliya asks is she okay. Nurse says she was saying about Ashok. Aaliya goes to her. Shagun asks where did nurse go. Aaliya says don’t panic, we informed Ashok, he will be coming. Shagun says he will be so worried, when he comes here, see how he gets hospital on his head, thanks I think he will come, you came in morning also and called me mum. Aaliya says its my mistake, my mum is in other ward, I saw you alone and came to meet. Shagun says you scared me, my daughter is of 8 years, my son is in boarding.

Adi worries for Shagun. He says this happened because of me. Bala hugs him. Nikhil comes and asks Aaliya about Shagun. He gives her coffee. Aaliya asks Bala when can we take mum home. Bala says she won’t go to Mani’s house, we will take her to Bhalla house for her improvement, send her daily use things there, I know she used to live with Ashok 15 years ago, but we have to convince her to stay in Bhalla house. She says I will inform everyone and get her things. She goes with Nikhil. Bala says Ishu will go police station, our lawyer went to court. Adi says I hope Raman gets bail.

Ishita says Shagun has partial amnesia. Inspector says I saw this in films and laughs. She asks do you think this is a joke, this is real life, Shagun has lost her memory of 12-15 years, she is not able to identify anyone, she does not remember Mani’s death, she just remembers Raman, who was her husband before, doctor said her memory can come if we support her, just Raman can take care of her, she is our Samdhan, I m explaining you as I want you to give him 30 days bail, we want to reach real culprit, else I will get Raman back.

He says its big risk. She says I just want 30 days, if Raman comes out of jail, we can prove something, I will prove his innocence, Shagun’s memory will come back and then we can know what happened that day. He says sorry, I can’t do this. Lawyer gets bail papers and gives her. She asks inspector to give bail now, judge has given the bail on medical grounds. She thinks we won this war, and now we have to prepare for another war.

After 12 days, Mihika asks Ishita not to worry, she will talk to everyone. She says Ishita is getting Raman, finally after 12 days, Raman will be coming back, Shagun is getting discharged from hospital, she will be coming here. Mrs. Bhalla says she will be coming here, that’s the problem. Mihika says Ishita, Ruhi and Adi will shift to Amma’s house, Shagun should feel we are neighbors, Shagun can come anytime, we have to change things, if murderer is not caught. Raman can’t come home. Amma says Ishu took this step so that Raman gets free.

Mihika says Ishita said all her things, photos should be removed, Adi and Ruhi’s things should not be here, Pihu is Ruhi for her, she spoke to Pihu, we will tell Shagun that we shifted home, we have to make house like old one, we don’t have much time. They remove new pics and fix old pics. Ruhi packs her bags. Mihika fixes Raman and Shagun’s pic. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….. Raman holds Ishita’s hand and says Shagun knows old house, do you want me to go to that old phase where I just got hurt. She says Shagun’s state is fragile, you have to do this, she just remembers she married you, its imp that she regains memory, only then you will be proved innocent.