19th February Tuesday Update On Young Love


19th February Tuesday Update On Young Love

Sanchi and Anandi are in the mall to buy gift for Jagya. Sanchi is checking for latest mobile phone. Anandi just stands quiet and sees excitement on Sanchi’s face. Sanchi now goes to buy something else. Anandi says, but you bought this mobile phone.. Sanchi has already left from there. Sanchi now chooses a red suit. She loves it and asks Anandi, this is nice, no? Anandi says, yes, it’s good, but jagya doesn’t wear such bring clothes. Sanchi says, he has had enough boring life, now he should try something adventurous. Jagya is helping Ganga filling a form on laptop. Sumitra comes and sees them sitting too close to each other. She goes to them and asks him to rest. Jagya says, just one form.. once I email, I will go and rest. Sumitra leaves. Ganga gets lost in some thoughts.

Sanchi and Anandi return. Sanchi hears Alok telling someone on the phone that he can’t come tomorrow as he has to go Jaitsar for some important work. Sanchi smiles. After the call, she goes to him and asks, you’re also coming Jaitsar? Alok says, we all are going so when we get chance, we can talk about your and Jagdish’s rishta. At least we will know what they think. Sanchi hugs him and thanks him. She then hugs Ira and says, I love you, mum. No one seems to be that happy except Sanchi.

Later in the night, Shiv tells Anandi, we all thought a lot and decided that Sanchi won’t listen so we had no option, but to make decision in her favor. Anandi says, I understand, Sanchi won’t listen to anyone right now, but we can’t ignore the fact that Sanchi and Jagya are not fit for each other. We could wait a few more days. Shiv says, you think Sanchi can wait more? By staying there, she at least won’t take any wrong step. And we will find out what Jagya feels and if it’s one sided love, then Sanchi will have no choice, but to step back. Anandi says, I understand, but I feel something is not right. Shiv tells her not to worry and everything will be fine. He hugs her. Anandi speaks in her mind, how Jagya’s family will feel when they come to know about this rishta? And Jagya.. how he will react to this?

Next day, Anandi talks with God. She says, everyone took decision of going to Jaitsar, but I don’t think Sanchi and Jagya are made for each other. Jagya needs someone like Ganga who can take care of the house. Ganga has also started liking him. And then her phone rings… It’s Ganga. Anandi tells her, we all are coming. Ganga is happy. She asks Anandi what to cook so with everyone, Jagya also likes it. Anandi says in her mind, how can I tell you for whom you’re doing all this..someone else also likes him. How can I tell you what all happened after returning from there. Ganga asks her again. Anandi says, make whatever you like. Ganga says, you know choice of both houses so if you could tell, then it will be a big help. Anandi says, make cake.. Ganga says, but I never made that and never tasted it either. Anandi says, I didn’t know how to make care few months before as well, but with cake, I started making many new things more. Ganga fears what if something goes wrong. Anandi says, I will tell you how to make. Ganga then asks, what else doctor sahab likes? Anandi says, after staying in Mumbai, he started liking Dhokla. Ganga doesn’t know how to make that either. Anandi is then telling her recipe of cake, but Natthu comes and tells Anandi that her dad has came to their house. Anandi goes to him. Ganga is excited as she will make cake for Jagya.

Anandi’s father gives prasad to Alok and he’s talking with him and Ira in the living room. Anandi comes and asks him if everything went fine. He says, everything went fine. Alok then tells Anandi to take him to guest room so he can rest. Anandi’s father says, no need to rest and I have to leave soon as well. Alok reminds him of his promise of staying in their house after his jatra. Anandi brings him to the guest room. He sees her tensed face and says, you can’t even share your worry with your dad? Anandi says, there is nothing like that. He says, I can tell that something is bothering you seeing your face. He says, I figured that out seeing Alok’s face as well. Anandi then tells him that Sanchi wants to get married to Jagya. Anandi’s father is shocked. Anandi continues, and we all are going to Jaitsar to talk about it. Her dad says, this is not right at all. I will go and talk with Daddu and Sanchi’s parents. Anandi says, its their personal matter.. you shouldn’t interfere. Anandi’s dad disagrees. Anandi says, but what will you say? We need a valid reason. He says, there is a valid reason.. if they get married, then Jagya, your first husband, will be called your nandhoi.

Anandi says, that’s my issue, not theirs. Why would it matter to them? He says, it does.. what will society say? Anandi says, still I think you should stay quiet. They didn’t ask you for anything, so it won’t be good to interfere. He says, they are from city.. they sometimes don’t think about all this. I know how to talk to them. We will have to let them know and alert them about this. He goes to talk with Sanchi’s parents. He comes out and finds Sanchi standing there.

Sanchi asks him, where are you going? We didn’t even talk to Jagya’s family yet and you want to break that rishta. Who are you to interfere in my life? You’re getting respect of a guest, then be like a guest. Eat, enjoy, and then go back to your house. (She talks very rudely and Anandi is surprised). She continues, if my parents didn’t share anything with you, then there must be a reason. No one asked you what is right and what is wrong. Then why are you going to give lecture? And why? Just because you’re Anandi bhabhi’s father, you got right to interfere in everything? Both father and daughter are alike. Anandi cannot control anymore and tells Sanchi, enough.

Sanchi angrily saying to Khajan Singh just because you are Anandi bhabhi’s father so you think you have right to interfere in everything You both father and daughter are alike An angry Anandi says to Sanchi Enough Sanchi You have no right to speak with my father like this .Sanchi yells why not Bhabhi if he can interfere in my personal matters then why i cannot speak with him like this and let me tell you one thing very clearly i cannot tolerate any outsider to interfere in my personal life and especially when its about Jagdish and my future and my happiness here i won’t listen to anyone no matter whoever he is and i will speak to him like this only. Anandi is shocked as well as angry Sanchi pointing her finger to Khajan says to Anandi You tell him don’t dare to interfere in my life and stay away from this matter Anandi angrily says to Sanchi how dare you ?how dare you point finger at my father i know this is your house and you have always done here whatever you wanted to do i never said anything to you neither ever answered you back You always ridiculed me , tried to put me down but i didn’t say anything to you In your immaturity you always insulted me i tolerated every thing patiently Thinking this you are immature when you will get mature you will get sense and understanding but if by taking my patience as my weakness you will speak like this with father you will insult him like this , seeing it you think i will remain quiet on it too then you are mistaking here if you think like this In your eyes he might not be of any worth but the person standing in front of you is a relative of this family The father of the daughter in law of this house Your elder brother ‘s father in law Sanchi is angrily looking at Anandi

Anandi continues This is not in my father’s nature to get respect by telling his rights using relations but someone younger to my father’s daughter speak to him like this i won’t tolerate this ever You accept any relation or not thats your wish but he is your adult You will have to ask forgiveness from him Say sorry to him for your misbehavior with him .Sanchi is shocked There is an angry eye lock between Anandi and Sanchi Sanchi looks at Khajan and forcefully says sorry to him Khajan doesn’t say anything . Sanchi hatefully looks at Anandi and then goes away from there Anandi emotionally says to Khajan i am sorry i don’t how many times you and mother has to be ashamed because of me and even today because of me you have to hear so many bitter words Anandi asks forgiveness from Khajan by folding her hands Khajan singh says why you are asking forgiveness You didn’t do any mistake here that girl is short tempered Why are you blaming yourself and your mother always used to say there is no one like my Anandi in this world Never think about this because of you your parents ever suffered Khajan lovingly asks Anandi to stop crying now Anandi says to Khajan promise me you won’t say anything to anyone about Sanchi and Jagaya’s alliance Khajan wipes Anandi’s tears and agrees Both father and daughter hug each other

Badi Haveli:-

Sumitra , Dadisaa , Ganga and Gehna together Dadisaa saying to everyone don’t wish Jagdish happy birthday now .Ganga agrees Gehna says yes otherwise he will get the idea we must have planned something special for today Dadisaa says yes thats why i am saying this don’t say anything to him now just sit and do your work like this that you all have forgot its his birthday today Ganga and Gehna agrees Sumitra cutting fruits only not participating in the conversation Just then Jagaya comes downstairs ready to go to hospital Ganga sees him coming downstairs and tells everyone he is coming .All get busy in their work Jagaya comes to them and is surprised seeing them quiet now while they were talking few minutes ago He asks them what you were discussing before when i came you all became silent Dadisaa replies nothing just daily discussion about what will be cooked today for lunch Jagaya says ok and i was thinking to have lunch at home today All get shocked hearing it Dadisaa says no you don’t come to home for lunch Jagaya is surprised and confused hearing it Dadisaa says i meant you don’t need to take so many rounds first you will go from here then come back home from there to have lunch at home then go again I will send you lunch at hospital Makhan will bring that for you in hospital Jagaya says but Dadisaa you asked me to take care of myself so i thought i will come back home early in the afternoon and have rest you will feel better i did so Gehna and Ganga look at Dadisaa with expressions saying now what you will say

Dadisaa says to Jagaya yes i said that to you to take rest you have to take rest so i will send your lunch at hospital and you can have some rest there as well after eating your lunch Jagaya is confused but says ok this idea is not bad i will take some rest in hospital Dadisaa ,Gehna , Ganga become happy hearing it while Sumitra is not happy Jagaya then says ok now i should go. Sumitra says to Jagaya don’t do too much work and get yourself tired up if you will feel little weak not well then immediately come back home Jagaya says ok and leaves from there Dadisaa and Gehna are happy but Ganga sadly looks at Sumitra .Sumitra goes from there Dadisaa says she is a mother so she is just concerned about her son Gehna and Ganga understand Dadisaa asks them to get to work now Ganga agrees and rushes to do her work

Kesar Bagh:-

Sanchi is peeling oranges for Dadu Dadu is appreciating the oranges Orange is a very healthy fruit Dadu delivers one lecture on how much beneficial fruit it is Ira is sitting tensed while a tensed Alok is pacing from here and there They both are not paying attention to what Dadu is saying only Choti maa and Sanchi hearing him Khajan and Anandi come there On seeing Khajan with his luggage Dadu asks him what is this ? Have you planned to go from here ? Khajan says yes now i should go back to my village now I have some farming lands there and expect me no one is there to take care of my work so i should go now Dadu says you must have asked someone to take care of that if you would have stayed with us few days more we would be very happy Khajan says i would have done what you are saying but since i met you all my wish fulfilled now what more i will do by staying here ? Dadu asks him you should go with us to Jaitser We all are going to Jaitser to attend Jagdish ‘s birthday Sanchi is tensed hearing it Khajan looks at Anandi and then says i would have gone there with you all but it won’t be possible for me i have really a lot much work to do at my place Sanchi becomes happy hearing this Khajan is not going there Dadu says ok as you wish i won’t force you.

Shiv comes there and asks from Khajan are you going back Khajan says yes and its very good you came here I wanted to thank you for arranging that car for me Shiv says to Khajan why you are making me feel ashamed Can’t we do even this for you. Khajan becomes happy hearing it Then Khajan says good bye to all but before he can leave Alok stops him and asks him We need a suggestion from you on something .Khajan says yes please say what you want to say .Alok asks him what you think about Jagdish ? All are shocked hearing this including Khajan. Sanchi is tensed. Khajan says to Alok i didn’t get what you are trying to ask from me. Alok says if we are marrying our daughter to Jagdish then what will be your views on it ? Khajan replies what i can say about it Its your family matter , its the matter about your daughter’s happiness and her future and it won’t right if any outsider speaks into it .Sanchi is very happy hearing it. Khajan continues you are educated , sane and understanding people so it will be better if you take this decision according to your understanding

Khajan then turns towards Anandi Both father and daughter hug Both say to each other take care Shiv takes blessings from Khajan. Khajan leaves An emotional Anandi runs to her room. Anandi in her room thinks about Sanchi rudely talking to Khajan Anandi starts crying remembering how her father got insulted here.

Badi Haveli:- Ganga is busy in kitchen making cake She puts the mixture of cake in oven She forgets at which temperature to set oven and thinks to herself what Anandi had told her. Makhan comes there and asks Ganga if she has any work for him she can tell he will do that Ganga says Makhan Kaka i will handle all kitchen work you go and take care of outside work balloon’s , lights , flowers etc see all the arrangements for it Makhan says fine and rushes to do his work .Ganga then tries to remember what has Anandi told her about setting oven’s temperature for cake She then remembers it and sets the oven and then starts preparing dhokla Sumitra comes there and sees Ganga making something Sumitra asks from Ganga what is this ? Ganga tells Sumitra its dhokla and we make it with…

Sumitra cuts her in between and says Ganga don’t waste time in making these things You should have made Rajasthani food only that we always make Anandi and Shiv’s family is also coming we can’t serve them anything and Jagaya only likes home made simple food You don’t need to do all this. Ganga tries to explain to Sumitra doctor saa likes it Sumitra says to her i don’t want to argue with you Whatever you have to make , make it quickly I have to prepare lunch. Sumitra then sees the kitchen and says to Ganga you have spoiled all kitchen ,clean it up when your work is done and then call me Sumitra leaves from there Ganga is sad

Udaipur Market:

Sanchi with her friend seeing cakes She doesn’t like any cake and says to shopkeeper These all are very ordinary cakes show me something special The shopkeeper gives her a book and asks her to see through this and choose which ever cake you like Sanchi starts seeing it Her friend says i can’t believe your family has agreed and you all going to Jaitser to fix this marriage that too on Dr. Jagdish’s birthday Wow double celebrations then for you all .Sanchi says happily just imagine how much happy i am now i am very very happy Her friend says but have you ever thought about us , our best friend will go away from us after marriage and then how much bore we will be without you. Sanchi says aww so sweet of you but i will keep coming to meet you all .Sanchi’s friend says but please don’t come to us wearing that lehenga choli you look good only in these clothes what you are wearing now Sanchi says of course What you think i will wear those village clothes after marriage ? No way That i only wore to impress Jagdish and his family otherwise i and lehenga choli Pooja phaat Hello Both laugh at it .Sanchi’s friend says but till marriage keep impressing them like this till they don’t like you and accept you then after marriage it will be easy for you to make them agree to your wants What you will ask they will only do that Sanchi is very happy hearing it She then likes a cake with red roses on it She asks from her friend howz it Her friend says very nice but very expensive as well Sanchi says expensive so what Its Jagdish’s birthday so everything should be at grand level She then orders for the cake and asks the shopkeeper to write Happy birthday Jagdish on it and pack it in well The shopkeeper goes to complete the order while Sanchi asks her friend the cake is nice naa Her friend agrees its awesome

Kesar Bagh:

Dadu talking with Mahi on phone and saying to him so we will meet you back at home ok all the best Choti maa asks from Dadu What Mahi has said ? He is not coming to Jaitser with us ?Dadu says no actually some world class cricket coach is in Udaipur He has to select some good players so Mahi wants to go there Alok says Mahi worships that coach He is always singing his praises .Dadu says its his dream to get training from that coach and if he is selected in it it will make his life thats why he was saying he can’t miss this chance Alok says what can be more better than Mahi’s wish fulfilled Dadu and Choti maa are happy Ira says now we should get ready and leave from here Dadu agrees OK

Badi Haveli:

Haveli is beautifully decorated with balloons ,lights and flowers Singhs all ready waiting for Jagaya to return home Nandu comes running and excitedly tells Dadisaa Bhaisaa has come All become happy and excited including Ganga and Mannu too Nandu reminds everyone you all remember what you have to do right? Dadisaa says to Nandu what you have taught to me in English band o what was that whatever i am forgetting it now i will forget it completely soon All laugh. Nandu says to Dadisaa No Dadisaa i am sure you won’t forget just don’t be nervous and whatever you have to do , do it with full confidence Dadisaa says Ok and then she sees Jagaya coming and says to everyone he has come All look towards door happily and excitedly

Jagaya enters and is surprised to see Haveli decorated with balloons, flowers etc He looks at all arrangements surprisingly while Singhs along with Ganga are happy to see him surprised Jagaya;s eyes then fall upon at one wall where his all pictures from childhood to teen to present have been pasted in a sequence along with Happy Birthday written on it Jagaya is looking at it when Bhairo signals to all who then starts singing Happy Birthday to you to him Jagaya becomes emotional seeing all this .He is still at his place Singhs come to him Basant happily asks from Jagaya you are surprised right This work is Nandu’s he taught us this Happy Birthday song .Jagaya is happy as well as emotional All are happy Basant says Nandu taught this song to Masaa as well .Dadisaa is blushing Jagaya says to Dadisaa now i understood why you send me to hospital and was not letting me come to home on lunch Dadisaa laughs so do others

Bhairo wishes Jagaya a very happy birthday An emotional Jagaya takes blessings from Bhario .Bhairo blesses him to be always happy in his life Jagaya then takes blessings from Basant who wishes him happiest birthday and a lot many more to come Jagaya then takes blessings from Gehna who blesses him to do a lot many more good works in his life and brighten the name of his family Jagaya then takes blessings from Dadisaa who wishes him happiness in his life and then he takes blessings from Sumitra who wishes him long life and a lot many happiness in his life God always keep you happy. Dadisaa says after so many years he is celebrating his birthday with us All are happy as well as emotional at Dadisaa ‘s words Jagaya is happy Episode ends on a happy Jagaya.