True Love Friday Update 15th February


True Love Friday Update 15th February

Nani coming to Rathod’s house secretly in search of Tappu and somehow manages to reach her room ;Nani then shows her concern for Tappu and tells her that she has come to take her out of this jail where Rathod might hv forcibly kept her on which Tappu tells Nani that she is staying here out of her own wish and peace and so she will not go anywhere ;Tappu then asks Nani to leave from there and give her some peace on which Nani feels hurt and tells her how she was at fault since she never bothered to tell them that the baby belongs to Rathod but still they care for her but today she is asking her only to go from here ;

Tappu still continues to b adamant and refuses to listen to Nani’s words and simply asks her to leave from there ;Nani was about to leave when Rathod’s Granny comes there and informs Tappu that Rathod called her up and informed her that they hv found a baby and so Tappu needs to come and identify the baby which Nani overhears and asks Tappu which baby r they talking about ;Tappu is shown leaving in excitement without answering to Nani when Nani introduces herself as Tappu’s Nani in front of Rathod’s granny and asks her about which baby she was talking about ..

Meanwhile at night the old man in his room is sleeping when his son Avinash comes with the injection to kill him but his plan fails when police hiding in that room catch him red-handed and even the old man gets up from his sleep and asks the police to arrest him when Avinash tells the old man that how can he get him arrested since he is his son on which Ichha comes there along with Damini and questions him which son he is talking about since he has been lieing to his own father about his own death and even brought her here as part of his plan ;Ichha exposes the vicious plans of Avinash in front of police and the old man when that old man in pain tells Avinash that its better not to hv any child if a child is like him ;Old man also tells Avinash that he will prefer giving his property to some outsider but not him ;Police then arrests Avinash and is about to take him away but before leaving Avinash tells Ichha that he brought her in this house and she backstabbed him only in his game but he will soon return back and will make sure that she repents for her mistake big time ;Damini and Ichha r really scared to see this dangerous side of Avinash when the police takes him away…

After they leave ,Damini tells the old man that now even she and her daughter will take his leave since after whatever Avinash told them just now ,she does not feel safe anymore to stay in this haveli with her daughter on which the old man tells Damini that nothing will happen to them and nor they will go anywhere ;Hearing this Damini tells the old man that earlier too they hv gone through a lot of pains while serving for their previous malik and so they dont want to go through it all over again ;Damini further tells the old man that whatever blessings they hv got in life hv always turned into a curse for them which they dunno why but they dont hv the strength anymore to go through the same again ;The old man quietly listens to thier miseries ..

Veer in the office is shown sulking in depression and hv taken to smoking too ;He keeps looking at Ichha’s photo and is lost in her thoughts ;He throws the cigerette in the backside of his room but because of lots of papers and books kept there ,it catches fire in the backside without his knowledge but he is shown so lost in his thoughts that he doesn’t even realise that his own room hv caught fire in the backside of his chair ;CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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