18th February Monday Update On Young Love


18th February Monday Update On Young Love

Anandi tells Sanchi, you want to do something new every day. But Jagya wants same daily routine life which you call – boring. That is why I think, maybe Jagya is not right partner for you. You said Shiv that you took decision after thinking a lot, but trust me.. you only know one side of Jagya. There’s a lot that Jagya keeps to himself. I will suggest you to think one more time before taking any decision. Anandi leaves.

A group of people come to complain Dadisa about new collector of Jaitsar. They say, he took Shiv’s place, but he doesn’t care about Jaitsar at all. He just listens to rich people. He wants to make farm house on the land here and sell it to rich people from the city. Dadisa says, this is unfair.. this shouldn’t happen. I will talk with Basant and Bhairo and tell them to talk with collector. If you all are right, then collector will have to answer to our questions. Everyone says to Dadisa, we were expecting only this from you and thanks her.

Daddu tells everyone they can’t blame Sanchi either. Mistakes like these happen in your young age. And what’s wrong with falling in love in this age. Even Jagya made mistake, but the good thing is he learned from it. Alok says, that means you don’t mind Sanchi marrying him? Ira says, if you repeat mistake again and again, it’s called habit. Daddu says, try to understand me. We have to see in which condition Jagya got married. First marriage was when he was a kid when you don’t know anything. And other, he got attracted to a girl while studying with her. Mahi says, why are we even talking about this? Jagya hasn’t said anything about this. So that means it’s one sided from Sanchi. Meenu asks him to stay quiet. He says, I also care about her like you all. We all know Sanchi is too stubborn and it might be same in this case. So the problem is Sanchi, not Jagdish. Meenu asks him to shut. Mahi leaves from there.

Alok says, maybe Mahi is right. Ira gets surprised and asks, you also think that it’s only Sanchi who is after him? Jagya didn’t give any response? You can’t clap with one hand. Is that all you think for your daughter? Daddu says, love is not always two sided.. it can be one sided. And why are we thinking about who is right and who is wrong? Both are our children. We are here to think about Sanchi’s happiness. What should we do so Sanchi doesn’t feel bad and her life doesn’t get spoiled either?

Everyone has gathered in the living room. Jagya is finding Ganga’s result. Ganga is too worried. Basant tells Ganga, it would be better if you had gone to school. Jagya says, site is down.. this happens when too many people open site together. All oldies are appreciating such technology. Finally site connects. Ganga gives her number to Jagya. Jagya enters and it shows 56%. Jagya lies to Ganga, your number is not coming here. Ganga starts crying thinking she failed. Dadisa tells Ganga to enter her number in that “dabba” (laptop) and check herself. Ganga does it and while it’s loading, Ganga says nothing came. Jagya says, that means you’re gone… Right then results load and Ganga is surprisingly happy that she passed with second class. She touches Jagya’s feet and says, it’s all thanks to you. Jagya says, many take exams, but they all don’t pass.. it’s because of your hard work. Ganga is too happy and takes blessings from everyone. She then plays with Manu. Sumitra gives blessings, but doesn’t seem too happy. Dadisa takes off her nazar and asks servant to bring sweets.

Basant and Bhairo leave for the work. Jagya says, I feel I should join hospital again. Dadisa asks what’s so hurry for? Jagya says, Lal Singh says, I am fine and can do light work. Dadisa says, I don’t believe it. Until I don’t think you’re absolutely fine, you will rest. Go to your room and rest. Jagya and everyone smiles. He leaves.

Discussion continues at Shiv’s house. Ira says, it’s not possible for me to give my daughter’s hand to someone who has divorced twice, but if that’s the only way to make our Sanchi happy, then we have no other option. She says to Daddu, you want this as well, right? Daddu says, sometimes we have to compromise for children’s happiness. He says, we should examine Jagya and if there is no such feeling, then he will refuse, and Sanchi will have to understand and matter will end there. Back to Jagya’s house. Dadisa asks Sumitra, you remember it’s Jagya’s birthday tomorrow, right? Sumitra says, how can I forget it. Ganga proposes them to keep a surprise party. She says, I will manage everything and we will surprise him. Dadisa likes the idea and says, he’s got a new life so we should celebrate it.

Ganga proposes for a surprise party for Jagya’s birthday. Dadisa likes the idea. Gehna says, but how we will do the preparations? If he sees, then he will figure it out. Ganga says, we will send him to the hospital. Sumitra says, but he is not fully fine yet. Dadisa agrees with Ganga and says, Lal Singh said he is fine now and we will tell him to keep an eye on him. Sumitra is not happy. Dadisa then tells Ganga to invite shiv and Anandi.

Jagdish receives a call from Sanchi. He picks up and says, you forgot me after going to Udhaipur. Sanchi looks at her tattoo and says, no.. even if I die, then I won’t be able to forget you. Jagya says, I am just kidding, why did you get so serious? Sanchi says, I know, but what I said wasn’t joke. I can’t forget you even if I want. She then says, you are sounding much better now. Jagya says, you found out that I am almost fine without asking me? Sanchi says, you will have to tell me something else too. Are you missing me? I mean, you remember me, right? You don’t feel like thank God you got rid off me? Because I used to behind you, do this, eat this n that. Jagya says, not at all, I really liked how you were taking care of me. Sanchi gets emotional and says, soon I will be there with you again, and you won’t have to miss me. Here I said to everyone… Jagya says, i didn’t get it. She says, I am sending you my photographs, so when you miss me, you can look at them. She was going to say, I love you, but doesn’t. After the call, she recalls his words that she is wonderful and says, he also misses me.

Dadisa comes to Jagya. She says, you’re condition is not bad either that I keep you in house. You will go out and meet people and will get well faster. Jagya says, I was telling you same thing. Dadisa says, then you can start going to work from tomorrow, but don’t do heavy work there and take care of yourself. Jagya promises that he will do that. At Shiv’s house, everyone has gathered. They all are still with sad faces. Meenu comes and says, I told Sanchi, but I don’t think she will come. Right then Sanchi comes and joins everyone. Daddu starts the conversation and says to Natthu, why this flower pot is empty? Don’t you know how much Sanchi likes the fresh flowers? Natthu runs to get flowers. This cheers up everyone. Daddu asks them to attack on the food now. Anandi serves it to everyone and they finally eat something. Natthu returns and tells everyone someone from the village came to see Anandi. It’s Anandi’s father.

Anandi runs to him and hugs him. Her dad gives her blessings and asks, how are you? Anandi says, I am fine.. how are you? He says, I am fine as well. Shiv then takes blessings from him and they hug. Sanchi whispers to Mahi, he could have at least called before coming, but who teaches manners to these village people. Mahi asks her to shut. Natthu apologizes him for keeping him wait as he didn’t know he’s Anandi’s father. Anandi’s dad says, it’s okay.. it’s not your fault. Daddu asks him to join them to eat pakores. Anandi’s dad says, it’s enough for me seeing Anandi happy here. He apologizes them for coming without telling and says, I came for some Jatra here so thought to come here. He says something about bus, and Shiv says, there must be rush right now.. take our car. Anandi’s dad says, I am fine in the busy, but Daddu also tells him to take the car. Anandi’s dad is very happy seeing Anandi happy and says, your mother wish finally came true. He has to leave now for the jatra now. Daddu tells him, we will give you permission now, but when you’re done with the jatra, you will have to come back and stay here. Anandi’s dad says, I will have to come back to give you prasad so.. He leaves now.

Ganga calls Anandi and before she says, Anandi says, yes I know tomorrow is Jagya’s birthday. Hearing this, Sanchi gets happy. Ganga continues and tells Anandi about the surprise party. She invites them. Anandi says, I will tell you whether we will come or no after talking to family. Anandi tells this to everyone. Sanchi is too excited and says, I am definitely going. Ira says, you just returned.. it won’t be good to go there again and again. Sanchi says, it’s like Jagya got a new life after that attack so it’s very important to celebrate this birthday. And no one will feel bad seeing me there, they all will be happy.

Sanchi says in her mind, if I knew about his birthday, then I would have stayed there and plan something big. How stupid Sanchi, you don’t know birthday of the person whom you love. But don’t worry Jagdish, I will make tomorrow memorable for you. She then tells everyone, I will go and get a nice gift for him. Shiv stops her and says, Anandi will also go with you. He requests Anandi to go with her and get gift from the family as well. Sanchi asks Anandi to hurry. They leave.

Alok shouts, what’s happening? This girl is behaving like there is no elders in this house. He asks Daddu, why are we quiet? Daddu says, this is why I was saying, we have to make some decision. Seeing Sanchi like this, whether we like or no, we have no choice but to make decision in her favor. He says, once Sanchi finds out that her love is one sided, then she herself will step back. It’s very important for us to know what Jagya thinks, then we can take some decision. Furious Alok says, fine then.. let things go the way they are going. Tomorrow we will talk Jagya about this when we get a chance and then think what to do. He leaves from there.