15th February Friday Update On This Is Love


15th February Friday Update On This Is Love

Aaliya asking Nikhil where is Shagun. She asks Raman where is she, it was his plan. Raman asks what’s wrong with you, I don’t know where is Shagun, call Adi once, please. Police takes Raman. Aaliya cries seeing Mani. Mihika says I have sent you there to sort out things. Adi says I went, but Shagun did not let me talk to her, Nikhil was there, mom was sending her out, mom called him to cheer up Aaliya. She says sorry, Aaliya is sensible, I don’t know why is she behaving such.

Ruhi comes and asks Adi did he meet Mani at home. Adi says no, he was not at home. She asks when did you go there. He says around 9, why. She says actually….. Adi gets a call and gets shocked. He asks what, how can this happen. Mihika and Ruhi ask what happened. Mrs. Bhalla comes home. Adi says Mani got murdered, Raman is arrested for this. They get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Mihika asks where is Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla shouts no, Raman can’t kill anyone. Mihika says I will come along Adi. Adi asks her to stay at home. Mrs.Bhalla says I will come and meet Raman. Mihika asks Ruhi to take care of kids, I have to tell Ishita too. They cry.

Ruhi says what did I do and cries. Ishita comes to police station and asks inspector to let her meet Raman. He says he is arrested for murder case, we have to interrogate. She says he is innocent, Mani called Raman to talk, they are friends, how can Raman kill him, there was just little arguments. He says this happens in arguments, we feel Raman is culprit. She asks why would he stay there to wait for police. He asks her to leave. She insists. Inspector permits her.

Kiran gets kids home. Ruhi thanks her. Kiran takes Shitija to change her clothes. Pihu asks where is Ishita. Ruhi says she went to clinic. She sends her and sits crying. Kiran asks why are you crying, tell me if there is anything. Ruhi cries and says Mani is no more, he got murdered. Kiran gets shocked. Ruhi says police arrested Raman, I told Pihu that Ishimaa is in clinic, but she has gone to police station. Kiran says Ishita won’t let anything happen to Raman, he can’t do this, I know him well. Mani’s body is taken. Aaliya cries. Adi, Mihika and Mrs. Bhalla come there. Aaliya hugs Mihika. She scolds Adi and says your dad killed my dad, get lost. Mrs.Bhalla says no, Raman can’t do this.

Aaliya says Nikhil and I have seen it, he has killed my dad. Adi says sometimes what’s seen is not the truth. She says you will say this as he is your dad. Nikhil says I think you should leave. Adi says who are you to tell this, its all because of you. Aaliya asks him to leave. Mihika asks them to stop it, how can they shout at this time, we lost a family member, we all are facing a bit loss, court will decide if Raman did murder or not, Adi you have to decide if you have to be calm or not. Adi says Raman did not do this murder. Mihika tells Aaliya that they won’t go anywhere from here. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, we are with you. Adi says Raman can’t do this.

Raman says Ishita believe me, I did not do this. Ishita says relax, I know you did not do this, but who did this, we will get you out of here. He asks how, all proof are against me, when I went there, there was much darkness, I fell down and held the knife, my fingerprints are on it, Shagun fought with me and left, she will not held me. Ishita says I got her voicemail. They hear. Shagun says Mani asked me to be in room, Ishita has sent Raman, I know what’s right for Aaliya, its so irritating. Ishita says it means she was here. Raman says I did not reach there, maybe Shagun was there and saw this, we have to find her. She says yes, she can become witness, I will call Adi.

She calls Adi. Adi says Shagun is not here. She says did attacker do something to her, find her. Adi asks Aaliya where is mom. Aaliya says mom was not here when I came here. Adi runs to room and checks. Adi says Shagun is not here, we checked everywhere. She asks him to call Shagun. Adi calls Shagun. He tells Ishita that Shagun’s phone is off. Aaliya says did they do something to Shagun too.

Ishita asks Raman to think well, nothing can happen to Shagun, else she would have been there, try to find her, manage Aaliya, I have to talk to police. She ends call. She says Shagun will be fine, she will become our witness, don’t take tension, else our courage will break. Nikhil consoles Aaliya. Adi calls Bala and tells him everything. He says we have to find Shagun. Bala says I will ask Appa and Mr. Bhalla to find her at NGO. Inspector asks them to tell him if Raman is not culprit, they can help him. Mihika says you can get clue when you find Shagun. Adi consoles Aaliya. Aaliya cries for Mani. Adi says mom will come. He asks Nikhil to stay away from Aaliya. Nikhil says she is fainting, I got water for her. Adi says I m her husband and know everything. Mrs.Bhalla scolds Nikhil. Adi takes Aaliya. He apologizes and says I did not know things will go so far, I should have controlled my anger, I will get Shagun fine. Mihika says we will take care of her, go and find Shagun anyway.

Mihika asking Adi not to worry for Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to find Shagun. Ishita tells inspector that Shagun and Mani knew Raman is coming. He says yes, but it does not prove that Raman is not a murderer. She says he can’t do this. He says Shagun can tell us about real murderer, pray that we find her, else sorry. She says I have to find Shagun, this is only way to save Raman. Ruhi sees the kids playing with Kiran.

Pihu asks where is Ishimaa and everyone. Ruhi says Ishimaa got some work, she will come in some time. Kiran says I will tell you where they all went, they went in rain dance party. She lies to them. She says Ruhi and you all have to attend school tomorrow morning. Pihu says we want to go there. Kiran says fine, we will take permission from your friend. Kids hug her. Kiran sees Shitija. They go to sleep. Ruhi gets worried and thinks of seeing someone. She says how can say this about a dead person, I can’t hide this too, what to do. Mihika talks to Ruhi on call and says Shagun is missing. Ruhi worries and says I should have told everything to Shagun, why did I not tell her. Mihika hears her and asks what are you saying, is there anything you want to say, are you hiding something.

Aaliya wakes up and hears Mihika. Mihika asks Ruhi to tell everything, maybe it can help in investigation. Aaliya asks Ruhi where is Shagun, tell me. Ruhi says I don’t know anything and ends call. Aaliya says why is Ruhi lying. Ruhi say I won’t tell anyone, police will investigate and know it. Constable says the vase we got, the blood sample does not match with Mani’s blood. Inspector asks them to call Aaliya and Nikhil, did murderer kidnap Shagun and take her. Inspector calls Aaliya. Mihika answers the call and says Aaliya is resting. Aaliya takes the call. Inspector asks about anyone’s blood group, AB positive. Aaliya says its of mumma. He says the vase had that blood group. She says it means mumma, did anything happen to her. She cries. Mihika asks what happened, if you get any info, call me.

She asks Aaliya not to cry, nothing will happen. Inspector says it means Shagun is also hurt. Constable says Raman is saying he does not know anything. He goes and taunts Raman. Raman gets angry. Adi talks to Shagun and says Bala and everyone is finding Shagun, she is nowhere, they have no idea.

Adi and Bala check the compound. He tells Ishita about some truck coming to that building, maybe Shagun jumped from the window into the truck, her saree cloth is found here, we will take number of that guy from watchman and follow the truck, don’t worry, I will inform you. She asks him to find Shagun. She sees Raman’s pic and says we will free you. Bala asks Adi not to worry. Guard gives the number. Bala calls the man and talks. He tells Adi that they should go and check the trucks. They leave. They reach the place and look for Shagun. Bala and Adi ask the truck driver about their belonging, which fell in the grass truck. Adi says its imp. Bala gives the address of the building. The man says that truck did not come till now. The truck comes.

Bala and Adi check the truck. Adi sees blood on the flower pot. Bala catches the driver and asks where is the woman who was inside the truck. Adi says there is blood, it means mom was here. He asks driver where is his mom. Driver says leave me. The guy asks what’s the matter. Bala says a woman was attacked, she was hiding here to save her life, now she is not here. I will call police. Driver says I really don’t know anything. Bala asks how did blood marks came inside. Driver says I m not driver of this truck, ask Shamu, he called me and asked me to park truck here. Adi asks where is Shagun. The guy says I will take you there. Bala asks Adi to call Ishita and not tell everything. Ruhi wakes up Ishita. Ishita says Adi did not call yet. Ruhi says what did this happen, have a sandwich. She pacifies Ishita.

She says we have to find that murderer and free Raman. Ishita says I can’t believe Mani is no more. She gets Adi’s call. Adi says we are going to find that truck. She asks him to find Shagun. He says I will call mom, we have much work, we have to free Raman, Mani’s culprit will be punished. She cries. She says I will get ready and meet lawyer. Ruhi worries.

Adi says we did not get mom, will Raman get out of jail. Bala says yes. Shagun is the eye witness, she will give statement and free Raman. They leave to meet the driver. Constable says you are still in jail, your wife could not help, don’t stare at me, you are a murderer. Raman says I m not a murderer. Constable scolds him. Raman shouts I m not a murderer.