Thursday Update on Young Love June 28

Thursday Update on Young Love

June 28 Episode

Anandi comes to meet Shivu. Shivu is in a meeting with HS. HS praises Shivu and gives him a list of contractors for the dam project. Shivu promises to look into it. Anandi misunderstands this and starts to leave. Shivu sees her and stops her. Anandi talks to him rudely and indicates that he should not trust HS. Shivu says he has no reason not to. Anandi feels Shivu is on HS’s side and says that she had a list of good contractors for the dam project but probably Shivu has already made up his mind. Shivu says he will examine all entrants and then decide and takes the file.
Gauri gets ready to go to work in new clothes. Jagat sees that she is not wearing her mangalsutra. Gauri says it doesn’t go with her outfit. They argue again and Gauri leaves. Jagat gets a call from one of his classmates to meet.
Shivu comes back to his office (Did I miss a scene). Bhim tells him he has made notes about the contractors. He sees Shivu with some school textbooks. Shivu says they are Anandi’s and tells him to drop them at the haveli.
Jagat’s friend offers him that he can run his nursing home in Bangalore. Jagat accepts immediately. He comes home and tells Gauri abt this happily. Gauri says she cannot quit her job and move to Bangalore. She tells Jagat that the problem is not the city, but him, he needs to finish his MS and not procrastinate. Jagat is mad to hear this and asks Gauri if she will go to Bangalore or not. Gauri refuses.
Ds is praying to devimaa that if AnSh will busy with their respective work then how will they get to know each others liking and disliking,she prays devi maa to do something. At that time bheem singh comes there and asks for anandi so that he can return her books which she left at shiv’s office. DS is super happy seeing bheem singh and managed to call him for tiffin.
Bheem singh is also super happy with the food given to him and enjoying completely. In the mean time ds trying to get more info about shiv from him. she tries to ask more about him. bheem singh tells her that shiv loved his family a lot. He presented himself as very rough but he is like a coconut and very soft from inside. He is very strict and honest. Ds tries know if there is any special girl present in his life, bheem singh tells her that its his personal thing and shiv doesnt like if anyone interferes on that. But ds again insists , so he tells that shiv’s mom is searching a suitable girl for him.shiv loves jogging and exercises. so the girl in his life should love those too. ds is very happy and gave him some packed dry fruits to bheem singh . poor gehena seems very irriated with all those.
Anandi comes there and surprised to know so much VIP treatment for bheem singh. ds tells her that he came here to return her books back.
Shiv is in a very deep thought. Bheem singh asks him why didn’t he sleep till now. Shiv tells him that he is trying to know jetsar ppl. Bheem singh says shiv usually recognizes ppl by their faces then what happened now. Shiv tells him sometimes its not easy to read faces. Bheem singh says but they have to decide something soon. Shiv tells him tomorrow will be the day.
At shiv’s office, Anandi and heth singh present there with their respective contractors. Heth singh is very sure that his man will get the work. Shiv comes there with an engineer and says they decided to whom tender will be given and asks the engineer to announce. The engineer says they went through all the aspects of the quotations and heth singh’s man gave the lowest quotation. HS starts celebrating thinking he won. Anandi irritated.
But shiv interrupts and says allotment letter/tender will be given to keval ram(from anandi’s side). Hs stunned, so is anandi. Shiv gives an assured look towards anandi with a smile.
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