Thursday Update on True Love June 28

Thursday Update on True Love

June 28 Episode

Tappu is resting her head on Nani’s lap and they both r hving some chit-chat session;Tappu tells Nani that “Tomorrow I m going to US along with Veer..finally Veer needs me and is taking me with him..Now finally I will go away from that Ichha and her nashedi husband…I will b happy with my Veer while Ichha will keep struggling to ger her husband’s love or affection throughout her life”;Hearing this Nani tells Tappu that “I did whatever was in my control to destroy Ichha’s life..but even after you leave I will not stop..I will keep destroying Ichha’s married life”(Now what is really left to destroy in Ichha’s married life..its already destroyed I guess);Both Nani-Tappu continue to bash Ichha in thier ciht-chat session..(This scene proves that Tappu can never change in this birth)
Vansh keeps on scaring Ichha with his emotional habit,
Ichha is still trying to take the drug packet from Vansh’s hand but is unsuccessful to do so;Vansh tells Ichha to get lost from there as he doesn’t want to see her face again;Vansh then sits on a sofa…removes the drug from the packet and places it on the table and starts shuffling it nicely before he can inhale the drug;Ichha now gets really worried and goes near Vansh again and requests him not to destroy his life just because of his doubts and illusions;Hearing this Vansh in anger tells Ichha that “If I destroy my life u should b happy ..because here I destroy myself and there u r free again to go back to your Veer”(Ichha should just leave Vansh alone because the way Vansh was playing with those drugs..I really don’t think he will hv it…he was just scaring Ichha);So then Ichha in her crying mode tells Vansh that “You r the only truth of my life..I m only yours Vansh”;Hearing this Vansh once again in anger tells her that “The only truth in your life is Veer..you even went on to save Veer’s and humiliated your own husband in front of everyone by speaking the truth in Veer’s favour..so its better u go back to your Veer and leave me alone in my world”;All this while Veer outside the room was listening to VanCha’s arguments and giving all sorts of sad and depressed looks;Poor Ichha keeps on crying and hoping that Vansh will not take those drugs when the scene shifts to Veer suddenly..so we really dunno whether Vansh actually took those drugs or not..
“Veer hatches a plan of running away with Tappu to US”
Veer calls up Tappu on her mobile and asks her to come back tomorrow morning itself as they will b leaving for US tomorrow night only;Hearing this Tappu shows her excitement with a broad smile(Well is it so easy to go to US and settle there forever..I mean what about Visa ??..Veer stayed there so he might b hving the visa..but Tappu is going for the first time na ??..writer plss get some reality check at least)
Next morning Tappu is finally leaving Jogi’s house and so she first hugs Nani and takes her blessings;Nani tells Tappu to keep control on her anger as she creates lots of enemies for her because of her anger only(Gosh this scene was so funny..one evil person giving some teachings of life to another evil person on some anger management);Tappu then goes onto take Jogi and Divya’s blessings when Jogi tells Tappu that “From now onwards u will b no more staying in a family but only with your husband..so u will hv to take care of your hubby alone..and I m sure slowly u and Veer will come close to each other”(OMG Jogi why u need to give such type of blessings to Tappu now)
Next morning Veer is doing his packing and remembering Ichha;He gets the flashes of all those moments where Ichha is shedding tears after marriage ..Veer also remembers the moment when they were searching for Vansh and Ichha asks him not to come with her inside the jungle as she does not want any more misunderstandings(Veer no use of these dreams now..because u hv decided to run away from your problems rather than facing them with courage and determination);Veer keeps on remembering those times when suddenly Tappu enters the room;Tappu asks Veer if he is done with his packing as she still has to do her packing and some shopping as well ;Hearing this Veer asks her to go for shopping alone only as he needs to complete some work before leaving for US
Tappu then starts her own packing but before that she opens her mobile and throws away her sim-card in style and tells to herself that Sid can never trace her now
While packing..Tappu takes out her old sarees from her cupboard and takes it all to Ichha’s room;Ichha in her room is still sitting near the table in a devastating manner;Vansh is nowhere in the room(I don’t think Vansh consumed those drugs last night);Tappu enters the room with those sarees in her hand and sarcastically asks Ichha that “Are u happy because I m leaving for US..or r u sad because My Veer is leaving for US ?”(Who said Tappu has become an angel..she is still the same old devil);Hearing this Ichha just gives one sad dejected look to Tappu without any reply when Tappu once again asks Ichha that “R u not going to wish me before leaving..I know u always prayed for me..and for this I would love to thank you today”;Ichha still gives no reply;Finally Tappu gives those sarees to Ichha and sarcastically tells her that “Since I m leaving for US tonight..so I really don’t need these old sarees now and so thought of giving it to u..but plss don’t think I m giving this to u as my Uttaran..I m giving this to u as a token of my love..Anyways I know u will never mind even my Uttaran na”(She is trying to say that Ichha will not mind even if she gives away Veer as her Uttaran..gosh what cheap comment..and it seems the writer is trying to show that Tappu will always win in front of Ichha and thats Ichha’s real uttaran);In the end Tappu once again sarcastically tells Ichha that “In this same room once u told me that one day you will be making your marriage successful…but I m not sure whether u could actually do it or not..anyways I promised u that I will never interfere in your life..and look I never really interfered in your marital life..so well I wish u all the best for your married life”(Tappu can sometimes really kill u with her usage of sarcastic comments..I will say Vansh is better..he tortures Ichha openly but Tappu is slow posioning Ichha with these words..and its sad to see that still she is not getting punished for her deeds);When Tappu was about to leave the room, Ichha finally speaks out;Ichha in a dejected tone tells Tappu that “I wish u and Veer a very happy married life”on which Tappu replies that she will certainly hv a happy married life;In the background Uttaran title song is getting played in honour of the grt Ichha madam
Veer is still packing in his roomwhen Vansh comes there with some prasad in his hand which he offers to Veer;Vansh then sarcastically tells Veer that “Today I had gone to the temple to pray for you..I know u will b shocked to hear that I went to the temple..but well I actually went there to pray for u simply because u r going far away now..and because of this distance u will b separated from your love forever..and then your love for Ichha might slowly start reducing and then this will definitely make me happy na..so I prayed for u”(I really din’t understand what Vansh was trying to say here);Vansh then forces Veer to eat that prasad..Veer finally eats the prasad (Ok I hope Vansh has not mixed that drug or poison in Veer’s prasad..
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