Friday Update on Young Love June 29

Friday Update on Young Love

June 29 Episode

A guy comes and steals a key from a locker whilst the watchman is sleeping, he enters I think Shiv’s office and leaves something to the bottom of the table and leaves from there.
DS wakes up and calls for Makhan and tells him to take Anandi out for the morning for a walk, he tells her to go where Shiv usually has his run and nowhere else.  DS calls Anandi, Anandi asks why DS is there so early, DS explains about going for a walk and she basically sells the idea to Anandi and tells her to go with Makhan. DS is glad that Anandi agreed
Shiv is out for his daily run, his PA gets a call for Shiv from London, the call is from a girl and it seems like Shiv knows the person well, the person is coming to India and they arrange to meet up, he tells Ashi that he will skype her later.  He tells Bheem to arrange for Ashi to stay somewhere, Shiv drives off quickly and Bheem literally has to run and jump into the car.  As he leaves Anandi comes so they miss each other.
Gauri is cooking food and there is a knock on the door, Gauri asks Jagat to see who it is.  The owner has come for the rent and Jagat asks for 15 days and he will pay it off, but Gauri then comes and says there is no need to wait for 15 days he will get the money in 3 and Gauri writes a cheque, Jagat seems to be put off by this, Gauri says she got money from work in advance. Gauri tells Jagat in future to not make any money commitments without speaking to her.
DS is wondering where Anandi is she is thinking that maybe with all the conversation Anandi and Shiv are having they lost track of time. Anandi finally comes home and DS asks how it was, she replies that it was greatDS then slyly tries to find out if Shiv was there and is shocked to hear that there was no one else there, Anandi says she saw Bansi Kaka and gives other names, Anandi asks who else was there, she tries to cover herself, Anandi asks for DS to come next time it would be good for her.  Anandi leaves and DS wonders what happened.
Bheem notices the case and wonders who its from, DS calls and Bheem picks up, DS fakes it and says she wants to speak to Bheem, DS slyly tries to find out what happened and she finds out that Shiv got an call from London and therefore left early, Bheem tries to find out how DS knew that Shiv left early.  DS hurriedly cuts the call
Shiv and Anandi in a meeting  about the Neher and that the idea that was made was a great idea, Shiv gives the credit to Anandi.
There is some sort of commotion outside and people are here to see the collector,  Bheem asks why they are shouting and the people still wants to meet Collector, he tells them to wait in the waiting area, the others finally make the guy understand and they wait for the collector.  Bheem is trying to accommodate them but the main guy still seems angry. Heth Singh also comes and he seems very happy for some reason, he barges into the meeting.
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