Strings of Love Update: Saturday 17th February 2024


Strings of Love Update: Saturday 17th February 2024

Angad reaches home behind Sahiba trying to explain her that he doesn’t know how Seerat reached farmed house. Keerat calls him. Angad asks her if he can call her later if it’s not important. Keerat informs him that it’s Sahiba’s birthday day after tomorrow. Angad thanks her for informing and says he will throw a surprise party for Sahiba and asks her to attend it with her parents without informing Sahiba. Keerat agrees. Sahiba walks into home recalling Seerat expressing her love for Angad. Gurleen asks her why did she come home at this time instead of staying at her parent’s house when her mother is severely ill. Sahiba in surprise asks who said her that. Gurleen says Seerat was going out in a hurry and when question informed her about it.

After some time, Angad tries to speak to Sahiba, but she acts asleep. Angad says he wants her to question him or do anything she likes, but not act as asleep. Sahiba feels headache. Angad asks if he shall apply balm. She switches off light and doesn’t respond. Next morning, Seerat unpacks her bag and fumes recalling Sahiba’s interference when was trying to lure Angad. Sahiba walks in. Seerat comments think of a devil and she is here, asks why did she come here. Sahiba asks why did she lie to Gurleen that she is going to her parental house as her mother is ill and went to meet Angad at a farmhouse instead. Seerat refuses to answer her and misbehaves with her. Sahiba insists to tell why she was telling Angad that she was lonely.

Seerat says she is lonely after husband left her and she wanted to lighten her heart with someone, so she went to meet Angad. Sahiba says she can share her sorrows with her. Seerat says her husband left her because of Sahiba and says she was about to marry Angad, but Sahiba came in between. Sahiba says she had to marry Angad as Seerat eloped just before wedding, now Angad is her husband and it’s her right to know why Seerat went to meet Angad at farm house instead of house or office. Seerat continues that she doesn’t want to answer.

Sahiba sternly warns her to remember her limits and not cross them. She then walks to Angad and asks him to remind Seerat about her restrictions. Angad says he will when the right time comes as he doesn’t want to upset Seerat now. Sahiba reveals how Seerat lied about their mother’s illness, etc. Angad refuses to talk right now and asks if she is upset. Sahiba says she is not and is going to meet Simran.

Sahiba reaches orphanage and requests warden to let her meet Simran. Warden refuses and says Simran already left with her new adopted parents. Sahiba walks away feeling suspicious. Inder enters orphanage and passes by Sahiba. Sahiba busy over phone doesn’t notice him. He walks to warden and and asks her to call Simran. Warden says there is no girl named Simran at the orphanage and asks him to leave. Inder calls his detective and says his information that Simran is in this orphanage is wrong and asks him to find her soon. She thinks she needs to hide Simran until her adoption deal is complete.

Angad searches for Sahiba’s cake online and thinks of seeking Keerat’s help. Seerat notices that and starts her emotional drama. Orphanage kids chat with Sahiba. Sahiba gives them gifts and asks if they are missing Simran. They ask why would they miss Simran when she is still in orphanage. Sahiba asks them to take her to Simran. Warden reaches and stops Sahiba.