Strings of Love Update: Sunday 18th February 2024


Strings of Love Update: Sunday 18th February 2024

Seerat tells Angad that she didn’t know that taking his help would cost high to her and she would be accused wrongly. She says she is tensed about her future and wanted to discuss with him about the same, anyways let it go. Angad says even he wants to end this issue right here and says he was taking Keerat’s help to select a birthday cake for Sahiba. Seerat says he would have taken her help as even she is Sahiba’s sister; he must be hesitant after yesterday’s event, nobody is bothered about her, it’s okay, etc.

Angad asks her not to feel disappointed. Seerat says Sahiba doesn’t like cakes and her mothered used to prepare kada prasad and pray in gurdwara every year. Maid hands over Angad’s ordered parcel. Angad tells Seerat that he had ordered a gift for Sahiba. He injures his finger with a knife while trying to open the box. Seerat sucks his finger. Angad pulls it back and says she shouldn’t do that.

Sahiba passes by and is shocked to see that. Seerat asks Angad what is wrong if she tries to help him, wouldn’t he have done same. Angad says he would have rather brought a bandage for her and says she is not a kid to do all this. Seerat reminds him lifting her when she sprained her leg during dance performance, recalling the event. Angad says situation has changed now. Seerat says he was worried for her then and even now, he had promised her to take care of her when Garry left her, what is wrong if she showed her concern for him, she would have done the same if there was someone else in his place.

Sahiba hearing their conversation asks if she really would have done that; she was injured 1000 times, but Seerat never bothered about her. Angad hides gift box. Seerat says how would she help Sahiba when everyone run to Sahiba’s help even if she gets a minor injury. She says she will wait for Sahiba’s permission whenever Angad is injured next. Sahiba says she doesn’t have to take her permission but ask herself if she is doing right. Angad tries to speak. Sahiba says she saw him hiding a box and can understand what is going on. Angad says these are jewelry designs. She walks away.

Angad tells Seerat that there is a limitation to every relationship and one shouldn’t cross it, he hopes she understood his words. He walks to Sahiba and tells her that he told Seerat to not cross her limits in relationships. Sahiba says he should have told that to Seerat when she told him first. She applies ointment to his finger injury. He thanks her and says he is a human and not god to understand what is in a girl’s mind; Sahiba heard what he told to Seerat today anyways. Sahiba says he told it purposefully to make her hear and continues to criticize him.

Angad says one shouldn’t get blind and not see truth. Sahiba gets a message that tomorrow is her college’s first day. Angad asks if she said anything. Sahiba says she doesn’t want to talk to him and is going to sleep as tomorrow is her college’s first day. Angad thinks tomorrow is her college’s first day and also birthday. Sahiba asks if he said something. He says no. He calls Veer and asks if the surprise is ready. Veer says bhabhi’s cake is ready.

Angad acts as asleep and waits for 12 midnight to wish happy birthday to Sahiba. Click hits 12. Veer calls Sahiba. Angad says his sleep is getting disturbed. Sahiba picks call. Veer and Keerat wish her happy birthday and asks her to come to the lawn. Sahiba walks out thinking Angad wouldn’t come. Angad watches her from balcony. They both wish her and make her wear birthday girl stash. They ask if she didn’t sleep yet. Sahiba says tomorrow is her college’s first day. They discuss why Angad didn’t inform her about it and asks Sahiba if Angad knows about it.

Sahiba says no and he doesn’t even know it’s her birthday. They say they will inform Angad. She says no. Keerat calls Seerat and asks her to come to lawn to celebrate Sahiba’s birthday. Seerat yells not to disturb her as she is having headache. Sahiba cuts cake and celebrates with Veer and Keerat. Angad records it and hopes he makes her birthday special tomorrow.

Next morning, Sahiba gets ready and leaves for college. Angad asks if it’s her college’s first day. She asks how does he know. He says it’s obvious when she got ready early morning and leaving home, he even saw her paint brushes in bag. He says he wants to wish her. She gets happy thinking he wants to wish her happy birthday. He wishes her happy college’s first day. She feels disappointed and walks saying thank you. He thinks he will pick her from college and surprise her with a surprise birthday party and acts as busy over phone.