Strings of Love Update: Friday 16th February 2024


Strings of Love Update: Friday 16th February 2024

Sahiba asks Simran if she doesn’t study in orphanage school, warden Simran is in 3rd Std and good at studies. Simran says she should have been in 5th std but is in 3rd std since she is staying in orphanage. Sahiba asks why? Simran recalls warden’s warning to keep her mouth shut and lies that warden madam doesn’t haver money. Sahiba emotionally hugs her. In the evening, Angad and Sahiba drop Simran back to orphanage. Simran says she enjoyed a lot with them, even her mamma used to love her like they did. She asks if they will come and meet her again. They both say they will come for sure and will enjoy more than today.

Warden calls Simran. Simran kisses Sahiba on both cheeks and asks her to pass on one to Angad. Sahiba says she will later and sends her in. Angad says kids act weird sometimes. Sahiba says they need to do something for Simran. Angad says she is right.

Seerat waits for Angad and Sahiba to return. Angad and Sahiba return home. He gets Pam’s call and informs Sahiba that he needs to visit workshop at this time to finalize jewelry designs for a foreign client. She asks him to have dinner and go and walks. Seerat walks to Angad and gifts him a T-shirt. She tries it on him and its a perfect fit for him. Sahiba asks maid to serve dinner for Angad. She notices Seerat’s weird behavior and thinks she needs to talk to her about it. Veer walks to Angad and says he needs to visit workshop immediately. Angad says he will stay at their farm house near workshop after finishing his work and leaves asking him to inform Sahiba about it. Seerat grins hearing that.

A rich couple come to adopt Simran. Simran stands nervously. Couple offer money to warden and say they can help her financially and need adoption formalities completed without any issues. Warden promises her. Sahiba calls warden and says Simran is very bright and hence she and Angad want to fund her education. Warden says she need not worry about Simran as she is adopted by a rich couple. Sahiba asks when did this happen and why didn’t Simran inform them about it. Warden says they wouldn’t have questioned Simran and asks her not to call Simran again. Sahiba rushes towards farm house to speak to Angad about it.

Seerat reaches farm house and asks servant Gopal about Angad. Gopal says he is still in workshop. Seerat gives him leave and prepares food for Angad. She pours wine in a glass, some spills on her dress and she goes to washroom to clean herself. Angad reaches farm house and calls Gopal. Seerat walks to him. Angad asks what is she doing here. Seerat says he is shocked as if he saw some stranger. Sahiba reaches farm house hoping Angad hasn’t slept by now. She rings bell and seeing it off walks near window to check.

Seerat holds Angad’s hands and says he promised to take care of her. Angad says he remembers that he promised her that she can stay at Brar mansion and he will support her always. Seerat says she feels lonely and needs his companionship, she would have married him if Sahiba wouldn’t have interfered and snatched her right. Angad asks her not to talk like this. Seerat asks if he fell in Sahiba’s love.

Sahiba opens window and listens to their conversation. Angad notices her. Sahiba leaves fuming. Angad runs behind her. Seerat feels jealous seeing Sahiba there. Angad runs behind Sahiba and justifies himself. Seerat tries to interfere. Sahiba warns her to let her speak to her husband. Angad also says same. He says he didn’t know Seerat was here and came here directly from workshop, he had informed about his visit only to her and Veer. Sahiba says he should explain Seerat that he is her sister’s husband and she should maintain a distance. She walks away from there.