Saturday Update on The Frontliners 14th August 2021


Saturday Update on The Frontliners 14th August 2021

Ishani crying and leaving. Aman goes out. Neil is worried. Asha asks him to be strong, his dad will get fine. Neil asks what happened to him. Rahil says let us diagnose, then we will tell, uncle is safe in Sanjivani. Neil cries. Shashank says you treated me, it was same case for me. Juhi asks Asha and Rahil to do the tests. Aman comes and says Ishani has run away, sorry, Ishani left Sanjivani. They get shocked. Aman says Doctor removed her from the team, whoever got those posters…. Asha says everyone knows who has put the posters. Shashank says you are in front of a patient, behave accordingly. He says I don’t care who had put the posters, if Ishani left hospital because of you, who is responsible to get her back. Sid says its my responsibility. He goes.

Ishani is at her home. She cries thinking of everything. She hears a sound. She sees Sid coming. She asks how did you come here and why. He says I got to know terrace is your fac place and I came here when you didn’t hear the bell. She says you had put the posters, no one wants to take me in team. Sid says I didn’t put the posters, trust me once. He plays music. She asks what is it. He asks her to dance with him once, her mood will change. He says this speaker was restless to meet you. She says I have no time.

He says you are a bad dancer, dance is a therapy, mood gets better, please dance, then I will go from here, I know you don’t like me touching you, I will not touch you, I m not a cheap person. She keeps her hand over his hand, keeping some distance. Aye zindagi….plays… He doesn’t hold her. They dance. She looks at him. She holds him. Sid says Ishani. She gets back. He says I know I do cheating and lie to authority, I didn’t put the posters, some idiot did that, the people who don’t want you in team are bigger idiots, how can they punish you for your parents’ mistake. She cries.

Vardaan says I feel proud to introduce luxury ward and chief of surgery Dr. Anjali. They thank the chief guest for coming for the inauguration. Anjali sees Juhi and turns away. Vardaan gives a tour of luxury ward. Sid says remember what you told Sania, that she shouldn’t get punished for her parents’ deeds, why different rules for you, you don’t think good about me, I have seen the world, you won’t see the way if you bend down and walk, I have worked with many doctors, but there are few talented doctors like you.

Anjali says luxury ward will make Sanjivani get into a new league. Reporter asks where is Shashank. Vardaan says he wanted to be here. Reporter asks doesn’t he agree with luxury ward idea. Vardaan says this was my idea, it was made by everyone’s consent. Reporter says he should have been here for his daughter Anjali. Sid says nothing can judge your existence. She says I had come to create my identity, my dream broke because of you. He says at least come for Neil, his dad is critical, I want your help to find out his case, come to the hospital if you want to help. He goes. Vardaan scolds the reporter. He says Anjali will always Shashank’s blessing, its a special day for us.

Anjali says the day would have been special for dad, if you were in my place, I m not Dr. Juhi. Juhi says no. Anjali goes. Juhi says I have to talk to Shashank, how long will this go on, its not good for their relation and Sanjivani. Neil talks to his dad. Sid says we have a rule, doctors can’t get involved in family member’s case, Neil is the best doctor. Neil smiles. Neil’s dad says I know Neil won’t break my trust. Neil agrees. Asha, Aman and Rahil are at the library. They argue about Sid. Sid comes and asks didn’t Ishani come. Asha says Neil’s dad has fever and getting bleeding cough. Rahil says I think its cancer. Sid says no, its not cancer. Ishani comes and says maybe its some kind of blood infection. Sid smiles. Asha and Aman hug her. Asha thanks Sid. Ishani says I just came for Neil’s dad.

They all think of Neil’s dad’s illness. Neil’s dad says Neil, call your mum, I have to give good news, you got best doctor award. Neil asks what. He calls Sid and asks him to come fast. Sid and everyone come. Sid asks is he on medications. Neil says he has diabetics, I don’t know when he came to Mumbai. Sid and Ishani check his bag. Ishani says we will go and check his medications at his house. Sid says come with me, I need your help in this case.

Sid and Neil coming to check Neil’s dad’s house. She shows the card to the guard. He says you can’t go in. Sid bribes the guard. The guard asks them to go in. Sid asks her to come, its raining. He says Neil is close to his dad, why didn’t he say he has come here. They see the decorations. Sid says maybe his dad did this. She says Neil’s dad wanted to surprise him, Neil’s birthday is after two days. Sid says some people have good fathers.

Ishani says such children are so lucky, we will do our work, I will do and check. He gets paracetamol tablets. She says maybe its some airborne disease, wear gloves first. She says room is clean, how will we find out the problem, did you check the kitchen. He steps on the carpet. He shows the wet carpet. He says its coolant smell. She says its AC coolant. She says its lungs pneumonia, his symptoms were same, he has inhaled the bacteria. She takes sample of the coolant from rug. They leave. The door gets locked. He says all the doors got locked, what now.

Anjali comes to Shashank and says I think you were busy and didn’t come for luxury ward opening. He says Vardaan is doing this for his profit, he is fooling you. She says someone else is fooling me. He says I have nothing to do with the luxury ward, don’t forget Sanjivani is my hospital, I don’t want Sanjivani to lose out in treating patients. She says Dr. Juhi was always between us. Juhi looks on.

Sid looks for patients. She says some problem comes always when you are there. He says you mean all this is happening because of me. She says yes, stop becoming a hero, close the window, what do you want. He says I was trying to find help, we have to test that water sample, we have no time. She says yes, anything can happen, every minute is precious. Asha says Neil, we have given sleep medicines to uncle, its better that he rests than hallucinates. Neil thanks her. She asks Neil not to thank her. He asks for Sid and Ishani. Asha says we will find out. Aman, Asha and Rahil worry and think where are Sid and Ishani.

Sid gets network. She says really, call fast. He says gone. She looks for charger. He says we are badly stuck now. She throws a pillow at him. She says you can bribe anyone and lie, you don’t want to do anything now. Sid throws pillow at her and says you don’t like if I don’t do anything. They argue and have a pillow fight. He says you will complain about me. She says I m not a school kid to complain on petty things, I complain when I catch someone red-handed and he doesn’t feel sorry. He says I didn’t put those posters. She says I didn’t complain about Desai. She coughs. She says don’t touch me. He says I will get water. She throws water on her when he touches her.

He says I m not any loafer, I was caring for you, why do you push others, did you had any problem in childhood, any birth defect. She gets sad and cries. FB shows Ishani going to play. The kids ask her to just leave, her parents are bad. Ishani cries. Her friend pushes her down and goes. FB ends. Sid asks where are you lost, wake up. She says I make people away before they make me away. He says who made you away, sometimes you should share your heart. She says everyone made me away, this happens when your parents are criminals, they do mistakes and children have to bear the pain, if I make everyone away, I won’t get sad if they go, I feel scared of affection.

Sid says I have nothing to do with your past, we all are like family, no one will push you away, you have to trust us, if you throw water at me, then I will ways to trouble you. She smiles. He says good, give me a hug, magical hug. She sees network in his phone and says don’t move. She gets his phone and says that network is also gone. Rahil says maybe they got stuck, there would be network issues. Asha asks him to ask Sid, why did he put posters. Rahil says Sid didn’t put posters, I will prove it, its simple. He sees Rishabh. Ishani runs to catch network. She says we have no option, you have to lift me. He asks what, we have no time, I have to touch you. She says we have no option. He asks sure and lifts her. He smiles seeing her.

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