Sunday Update on The Frontliners15th August 2021


Sunday Update on The Frontliners15th August 2021

Sid smiling and seeing Ishani. She says stop staring at me, lift me higher, I have to find network. He says you don’t look so heavy. She says really, I didn’t think you are so weak. They argue. They see each other. Anjali gets a bouquet. The man says sender’s name isn’t written. She checks the card and reads wishes. Asha says I got to know you have put the posters, you have deleted the footage, you forgot about the CCTV footage of the security room. Rishabh says I m here since 3 years, there isn’t any camera in that room. Asha says when we had orientation class, Shashank told about new security system in Sanjivani, shall I expose you like you exposed Ishani.

Rishabh says listen to me, yes, I had put those posters. Asha gets shocked. Vardaan says I didn’t send the flowers. Anjali asks who else can send it to me. Juhi says I had sent the gift. Anjali looks at her. Rishabh says I had to separate Sid and Ishani, I m warning you, mind your own work, I know everyone’s weak nerve, I heard you talking to family many times, they want you to get married and have children, become trophy wife of your husband, I can do this easily. She gets shocked. Anjali says thanks. Juhi says I want to invite you home for dinner.

Anjali says emotional blackmail so that I accept the invitation. Juhi says come on, we are not strangers. Anjali says we never spoke before. Juhi says yes, come home, we will have dinner and talk. Vardaan nods to Anjali. Anjali says okay. Juhi says great, I will wait for you. She goes. Vardaan says wow. Anjali asks what’s all this. He says go and find out, what’s going on in her mind. She says I don’t want to know. Rishabh says I don’t want to play with anyone’s career, you can get big patients, it will be big move for your career, else go back to your village. Asha nods. He goes.

Aman and Rahil come to Asha. Aman asks what happened, I won’t leave Rishabh. Asha says Rishabh can fire us for anything. Rahil says you got sure that Sid put posters. Asha says yes. She smiles. Rahil says you are happy as I was right. Ishani says I got the network. Sid says call Asha first. She calls Asha. Sid tells Asha about Neil’s dad’s disease, we got locked here, call the house owner and tell him to get us out of here.

Juhi says we can talk and change this moment into occasion. Anjali says you are multi talented, you have decorated the house so well. Juhi says I m not that kind to keep house well. Anjali says then house breaker types. Juhi asks what do you mean, I want you to tell me what’s in your heart, Shashank always says that one has to say the heart out when you have wine in hand. Anjali says he doesn’t worry for me, you are talking just about him, look at him, he gave the chief of surgery post to you. Juhi says it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Anjali says I guess he always gave my share of love to you, he always chose you. Juhi says our relation can’t be bigger than father-daughter relation, I don’t like when you both fight, I want to help you. Anjali asks how. Door bell rings. Juhi says you will know it now. Shashank comes. He sees Anjali there. Anjali asks why are you shocked, are you not happy that I m also here. He says I m surprised, I didn’t expect you. She says you think I don’t like Juhi, as you don’t like me. Juhi asks him to sit. Ishani says Sid lifted me and then phone got connected. Asha asks what, he lifted you. Neil comes and hugs Ishani. He thanks her for saving his dad. She says no need to thank me, Sid has noticed the AC drip, he deserves credit. Sid comes.

Neil thanks Sid. Sid says I promised you, I won’t let anything happen to uncle, I always keep my promises. Juhi says I never wished to come between your relation. Anjali says then leave from Sanjivani. Shashank says that’s rude, Anjali and my fights can’t end. Juhi says you both are same, same thoughts and stubborn. Shashank says past and present are never together, Anjali you don’t know you so well as I know you. Anjali drinks wine. She asks how could Juhi not read you. Juhi asks what. Shashank says nothing, its wine talking now. Anjali says no, its my frustration. He says stop it now Anjali. Anjali says you said that one should say truth when there is wine in our hands. She asks him to say the truth, why he fired Juhi from Sanjivani.

Sid says its a good news, we have a holiday tomorrow for Ganesh chaturthi, you all have to come to my house, we will enjoy till the Visarjan, it will be better than any party. He asks Ishani to come as his guest of honor. Ishani says I can never forgive you. Asha says you should forgive Sid, whatever you are thinking about him is wrong.

Shashank worries. Anjali says tell her about the guilt you have. He says stop it. Anjali says Shashank can’t express his feelings, let me tell you. He asks Anjali to stop it. Anjali says you can’t lock me, we have no relation to end, tell me one thing, Juhi was the best doctor after you, why did you fire her. Juhi says I don’t want any answer, there would be any professional reason. Anjali says that reason was personal, because he loved you, rather he loves you. Shashank and Juhi get shocked.

Asha says I will tell you, don’t tell this to anyone, Aman promise. Aman promises. Asha says Sid, I misunderstood you, you are a hero. Ishani asks shall I go. Asha plays the video. They hear Rishabh’s confession. Ishani gets shocked. Sid smiles and says you would get a reason to like me, I hope you can forgive me now. He goes. Ishani thinks I have to change my perception, maybe I misunderstand anyone else.

Anjali asking Shashank to say the truth. She says dad, you can’t be doing this to save your professional relation, this is the truth, dad loves Juhi. She says Dr. Juhi, Rahul was with you and dad didn’t tell you anything, he couldn’t see you with Rahul, but now Rahul isn’t with you…. She asks Shashank to tell Juhi that he loves her and complete the love story. Shashank slaps Anjali and says I never thought you will do this. Anjali says you have hurt me a lot, you can’t hurt me more than this. Juhi sits in shock and cries. Anjali asks Juhi did she get her answers. She says the wine was good, but dinner… you are a bad cook, cheers. She goes. Juhi asks Shashank is this true. Shashank says I should leave, excuse me. He leaves. Juhi cries.

Asha asks Ishani where is she going with the white flag. Ishani says its a symbol of peace in war. Asha says you are taking this to Sid to say sorry to him. Ishani asks her to send Rishabh’s recording, so that she can complain. Asha deletes recording and says don’t complain about him, he promised to give me best cases, I can give life for you, but I have to become a doctor. Ishani says we are not racing. Asha says its a race for me to fulfill my dreams, tell me, do you think Sid will agree seeing this white flag, crazy. She dumps the flag and asks her to stop overreacting. She gives a flower to Ishani and says its not a battle ground but Sanjivani, say sorry by giving a rose. Aman asks why are they acting poor to give yellow flower, he could have got a flower from abroad. Neil thanks Sid for coming on time. Sid says I can’t take all the credit. Aman says Ishani is coming to say sorry. Sid sees Ishani coming.

Ishani goes to Sid and shouts sorry. Sid stops and sees her. Everyone looks on. Sid says you left my team without notice, your issue was sensitive, but the way you reacted was wrong, if a patient comes to you, will he ask your parents’ name, why do you care for this, you underrate yourself, you are so talented, how can you so be foolish. Rishabh looks on. Sid says don’t feel sorry for this, feel sorry that you were going to leave this hospital. Ishani says I didn’t wish to leave your team, but maybe I…. you are the best senior resident of Sanjivani. Sid smiles. Everyone claps for them.

Ishani says I m sure of this as I have worked with other senior residents, so nobody like you. She says done… and signs everyone to go. She gives the yellow rose to Sid and gets shy. Sid looks at her and signs to ask, for me? She nods. He takes the rose and thanks her. He says I m happy I didn’t punish you, this is better to see, your innocent and shy face, this is your new avatar. She smiles. She sees Rishabh and says I will not leave him. Sid says Rishabh, I hate you but now I pity you, you have come in Ishani’s radar.

Rishabh says I guess Asha told you, Asha is from village and she still acts like a villager, she should have learnt from you to keep dark secrets, you are daughter of criminals, your surname is your identity, Arora. She says you can’t change my identity, you maybe my senior, I will not be scared to say that you did wrong with me, it will be wrong if you play with Asha’s career, you should thank God that I didn’t file any complaint. She warns him. He says you can’t be rude. She says you can ask Sid what a first year resident can do. She goes. He gets worried.

A man says there is still time, change your ways, else you will be alone. Rishabh says dad, you are also alone, don’t lecture me, don’t talk to me in the hospital. Shashank and Juhi think of Anjali’s words. Shashank thinks of Dr. Rahul, telling him something. Rahul asks him to fire Juhi from Sanjivani, since the rumors about Shashank and Juhi aren’t good for their marriage. Shashank fires Juhi from Sanjivani. Juhi thinks Shashank is my Guru, my Lord, how could he do wrong with me.

Ishani and everyone come to the Ganpati pandal. Aman asks Asha not to trouble Ishani. Asha jokes. They enjoy in the fun fair in the pandal. Asha says Sid also belongs to this house, he is hot, handsome and a bachelor. Neil clicks their pic. He says its nice to stay in locality when everyone is like family. Asha says no, such aunties interfere always and ask girls about marriage. Ishani says these people support in happiness and sorrow, Sid is very lucky, think if I was staying here, I would have taken bath in sanitizer. They go to Sid. They meet Sid, Sid’s mum, Rahil and Guddu.

Sid introduces his friends. Sid’s mum says so you are Dr. Ishani, because of whom Sid was troubled. Sid says let it be. Ishani says very sorry aunty. Sid’s mum pulls her ear and says you know why I held your ear, when Sid does a mistake, then hold his ear like this and explain him. She kisses Ishani’s forehead. Ishani gets emotional. Shashank comes to the hospital. Nurse gives him modak. He asks did Juhi come. She says yes, she had come and asked for you. He comes to Juhi. Juhi prays to Bappa.