Saturday Update on A Magical Love Story 14th August 2021


Saturday Update on A Magical Love Story 14th August 2021

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Roshni joking on Aman for killing the romance. He smiles and stops her. She asks are you fine. He says I need to talk, you tried to show me the truth, I didn’t believe you, I m sorry. She smiles and says you are saying sorry. He says I m sorry for not trusting you, for making you cry. She says its okay. He says you always forgive me, how did you get this big heart. She says love is such, it forgives mistakes, life goes on like this. They hug. Pal pal…. plays…. Chotu calls Baazigar. Baazigar flies out.

Roshni asks Baazigar did he understand what to do. She asks Chotu to record the video when Aliya runs to save the creepy snake, then Aman will know that she is a bad Ayana. Parveen gets shocked when fire surrounds her. She shouts to Aman and Dadi. Aman comes and protects her. The fire goes off. Roshni says like the snake attacks a rat, Baazigar will attack the snake, they are natural enemies. Farah says ready. Aliy comes there. She asks what happened, fine, go out and come soon. Parveen sees Aman’s burns and asks why did you jump in the fire. Aman says I won’t regret to die to save your life, there is no one more imp to me. Parveen cries and feels sorry. She gets human emotions and loves her son.

The snake comes out. Farah asks Baazigar to go. He picks Zaher and flies. Aliya worries and says Zaher is in danger. She runs to see. She shouts Baazigar an says leave Zaher, stop. Roshni and Chotu record this. Aliya flies to get Zaher back. Chotu gets shocked. Aliya hides Zaher. She turns to see. She asks Roshni to come out. She sees Chotu recording. She says so this was your plan, Ayana, now see my trick. Roshni and Aliya fight. Roshni falls down. Chotu runs. Aliya sends Zaher. Roshni asks Chotu to run faster.

Roshni uses her powers. Zaher comes in front and takes giant form. Chotu gets scared. Roshni says leave the camera. Chotu says its proof. Zaher snatches the camera from him. Chotu falls down. Roshni runs to him. Aman comes out of the house and sees them in the middle of the road. A car speeds towards them. Aman does the magic and lifts them in the air. They get saved. Roshni sees Aman. She asks Chotu are you sure. Chotu says the snake has eaten the camera. Parveen asks where are you going Aman. Roshni says its fine, if you are fine. Aman and Parveen go to Chotu. Parveen asks what’s happening. Chotu says we were just playing. Parveen says one shouldn’t play on the road. Roshni says sorry. Aman says play inside the house. Parveen scolds Roshni. Roshni cries.

Parveen takes Chotu. Roshni says I m really sorry. Aman says don’t cry, tears don’t suit you, come. Roshni says Aman would be much angry on me. She imagines Aliya saying its Aman and her marriage, Aman asking Roshni to leave. She shouts no. Aman comes. Roshni says how can you marry Aliya. He asks are you fine. She says Aliya stares at you, wear torn clothes and get an army cut, you look dashing so she stares at you. Aman says its your imagination, what were you doing there. She thinks I can’t tell the truth, I will be quiet.

Tabeezi asks what, black jinn has come back. Parveen says yes, to punish me for losing powers, he wants to take Aman with him, Roshni was protecting him. Tabeezi says Aman is King of jinnat. Parveen says Aman is still a human, he has love and goodness in heart, it will make him wear in front of black jinn, he will come to take Aman, I won’t give my son. Aliya says I will get rid of Roshni, I know how to do this. Roshni says Tabeezi said right, Haiwana won’t lose, I have to do something to explain her.

Aman doing his magic and getting a chocolate for Roshni. Roshni says Baazigar also gets chocolate for me, what’s special. He says its not an ordinary chocolate, but my world. He names everyone. She asks how does this prove your love. He says they are my world and you are my heart. She smiles seeing chocolate heart. She says heart will break if you fall in love. He says beauty knows to break heart, love knows to connect hearts. He holds her close. He does magic and joins the broken heart. Roshni smiles. He says we are like this heart, the heart may break but will join again. Pal ek pal….plays….. They eat the chocolate. She hugs him and thinks my life seems perfect.

Roshni says my life is perfect, I won’t let Aliya come between. Farah asks what will we do. Roshni says we will strike openly now. Aliya smiles and asks what happened Roshni, did you come to find proof against me again. They argue. Roshni says Aman is just mine, you can just think about him, how sad, I m a good Ayana, you are a bad Ayana, you will lose this time. Aliya says I can do anything. Roshni jokes. Aliya says I challenge you, Aman will throw you out tonight. Roshni asks her to think well, else she may go out. Aliya says I m baby’s mum, that’s my strength. Roshni says your own strength will make you out. Aliya gets Zaher out. She says the time has come. Farah asks Salma are you fine. Salma says yes, don’t tell anything to Roshni. Roshni asks what happened. Farah says it was Salma’s call, there is some issue with old client.

Roshni says I have to go to her. Farah says I will go to help Salma. Roshni hugs her. Salma says I have shut the business, I will give you money. Parveen asks everyone to just come with her. She asks them to just go. She sees the black circle around the moon. She goes to call Roshni, Aman and Aliya. Aliya says sorry Zaher, now I have to sacrifice you to play the biggest trick. She gets something potion from Zaher. Zaher falls down. Aliya says Roshni will go away from Aman’s life forever. She sees Roshni taking Aamir.

Roshni calls Aman and asks him to come out, Aliya isn’t a normal girl. He says stop it. Roshni sees everyone leaving. She says sorry, truth will come out. She thinks Aliya will come behind her. Aliya asks where are you going. Roshni says just think I have your baby. Parveen asks Aman to come with her. Aman says I have to find Roshni. He goes. Parveen sees the black smoke outside. The smoke enters the house. Parveen says its time. She sees Aman going. She throws some red thread and stops Aman. Aman gets it tied to his wrist. He falls back.

She recalls Tabeezi’s words. Tabeezi says this red thread will save Aman, he is Jinnat King, you will feel weak after doing this magic, Kaala Jinn will take Aman’s shadow, real Aman will return but he won’t remember anything. Aman’s soul flies to the cloud. Aliya says return Aamir to me. Roshni says no. Aliya says you can’t hurt an innocent baby. Roshni says if Kabir and you are baby’s parents, then baby can’t be innocent. Aliya says I can shout and call everyone. Roshni says but there is no one at home. Parveen gets dizzy. She sees the black jinn. Aman gets up. Roshni says Aman will see Aliya’s truth now.

Kaala jinn takes Aman. Roshni throws the baby. Aliya flies and catches him. Roshni thinks where did Aman go. Aliya checks and sees the doll instead baby. She says I can never hurt any baby, Aamir is safe with Farah, all this was a lie, you couldn’t do anything, it will be proved who is more powerful, Ayana or Haiwana.

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