Monday Update on Young Love 11th January 2021

Monday Update on Young Love 11th January 2021

Abhayram coming to Nandini and Krish’s room late in night while they were sleeping and changes the time in the watch. He smirks. In the morning Nandini and Krish sleeps till late. Karuna asks Krish to wake up and asks him to go to write exams. Krish says I have missed viva and goes. Premal talks politely to Sudha and says Nandini had saved Krish’s life on the road. She asks her to think about people taunt that younger sister is nothing infront of elder sister. He asks her to go and says all the best for rudaali work. Sudha nods. Nandini makes Krish get ready fast. Abhayram says her career will be ruined and says Karuna should have taken care. She scolds Nandini for trying to spoil Krish’s future. Krish asks her to stop saas bahu fight. Nandini asks Krish not
to get tensed as he is just 30 mins late, and concentrate on exam. Karuna says I will bring breakfast. Krish refuses. Triveni makes him eat sugar and curd. Krish goes. Karuna scolds Nandini badly and calls her immature.

Nandini tries to speak. Triveni says people get better instead of giving explanation. She says now Krish is suffering because of you. Nandini apologizes. They leave. Shankar sings mere sapnon ki rani…..He sees Sudha coming and standing with other rudaalis. Shivam thinks he was searching her and found here. Other Rudaali’s ask about her name. Sudha goes without telling her name. shivam looks on. Nandini worries for Krish’s exam and thinks he went to write exam with empty stomach. She comes to kitchen and sees no food. She thinks to eat bread and buter.

Abhayram thinks to provoke Triveni. He comes to Triveni and says women have become lazy now. He says Nandini has refused Karuna’s made food and is eating bread and butter. He says he can’t bear Karuna’s insult. He says she doesn’t have any values and says Krish has to go to write exam without having food. He says I wish I would have taught her to become a good wife. He badmouths about Nandini and says he is worried about Krish.

Karuna says I thought Nandini is having good values, but….don’t know what happened to her. Abhayram says women can become anything, but she is useless if she can’t handle her home and husband. Triveni says her husband is saying right for first time and says she will make Nandini about relations, values etc. She scolds Karuna for bringing 7 years older wife for Krish and says she will make her fine. Abhayram gets happy.

Triveni and Karuna come to kitchen. They see Nandini making sandwich. Triveni scolds her for making sandwich and scolds her for insulting Karuna’s made food. Abhayram thinks he had hidden it. Nandini says she didn’t see the food. Triveni says your holidays are over, I wil teach you how to become a good bahu. She asks her to remember. Shivam tries to enquire Sudha’s address with a woman. Woman tells the address. Shivam asks what do a girl wants from her husband? Woman says gold ornaments and says my husband gifts me many things. Shankar steals her chain. He comes to Sudha’s house and holds Premal’s mum instead from backside. Premal’s mum tells her son that this guy tried to tease me. Shivam says he had slipped.

Premal asks who are you. Shivam says he found this chain and thought it is theirs. Premal’s mum takes it, saying it is hers. Shivam thinks they are big thief. Sudha comes home. Premal scolds her and asks where did you go? He says 5000 is lost because of you and says I am your husband. Shivam hears them. Premal asks her to apologize and goes. Shivam thinks Sudha is meant for a better life and he will give her that life. Triveni tells a story to Nandini about a delicate princess. Nandini says she will do work. Triveni scolds her and says you couldn’t accept family members or this house. She asks her not to do drama. Nandini gets teary eyes. Shivam meets Sudha in someone’s office and says it is my company. Sudha is hesitant. Shivam says I have saved your life and you have saved mine, and asks her to tell what happened? Sudha says I am nervous to go alone inside. Shivam says he will accompany her. Sudha says no…Shivam insists to come with her. He gets happy. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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