Friday Update on True Love 8th January 2021

Friday Update on True Love 8th January 2021

Meethi opens the box and is surprised to see that the color of the sari as she also remembers when Akash promised her about the pink sari. She asks Maiya that if Akash said it and she leaves when Maiya confirms it. Meethi comes down and Nandini on the other hand is wearing the pink sari and comes to thanks her as she would have told Akash to bring this sari for her. Nandini says that Rani was saying that you two would change me and never thought that you will do this much for me. Nandini says that I feel very different today while Meethi says that you look great and gives her the other sari as well.

A bell on the door comes and Jogi comes to meet Meethi. Jogi is confused to see Meethi and asks her what it is and asks of who the woman is. Meethi on the other hand tells him to come inside. Vishnu is standing on the road and tries to come in front of cars when he comes back again and again. He sits down and says that a real accident will cause a bigger problem in her life.

Meethi sits down and tells to all that happened between her and Rani to Jogi. Jogi says that it makes sense now and then tells her not to cry. He says that you told me about Nandini and her past but should I tell you something and that is keeping Nandini here is wrong. Meethi says that Nandini is Rani’s mother while Jogi says that you must mix the two things. He says that Nandini can live in the cot house but the three of you living under the same roof is wrong.

Meethi says that you are saying right and I will tell Nandini about this but what of her life in Akash. She says that I am not mad at Nandini but at Akash as when I see them I feel as I have no place near him. Jogi calms him down again and says that I know that Akash has made a mistake of not telling you about his past, maybe he felt that this past would not come back. Jogi says that I fear that this mistake might not cost you your relation and you must be very careful and brave. Meethi says that without I feel powerless without Akash while Jogi encourages Meethi to not to give up.

Meethi says that I brought Nandini in this house and won’t ask her to go. She says that if our love is that weak then I can bare when it would break. Jogi says that you and Akash have not gone through less difficulty and Akash has sacrificed a lot for you as well. He tells Meethi to keep fate and all will be fine. Vishnu is sitting of the footpath thinking about what Nani said and then he says that I must earn some money for the sake of my family and must put my life under threat. He stands up and sees a car coming and jumps in front of it. Jogi is also coming from the same path and comes out to see what is going on, while the driver is a young boy apologizing to Vishnu. Vishnu is taken to the hospital when Jogi feels that it’s Vishnu but misses him. He then calls Mukta who says that Vishnu is at work.

Rani is giving Maiya cara and counts to three again. Rani says that you must thank me while Maiya says that I thank no one. Rani replies saying that you are like me, arrogant and if you don’t want to thank me then you will give me a hug. Maiya tells her to stay back as she doesn’t wants to give any hug to anyone. Then on seeing Rani’s face she says that you will also get the cough while Rani says that just once won’t do it. Rani then starts to copy Maiya and then comes to hug her while Maiya also thanks her.

Meethi comes to the front door and says that this is my house and my family. She says that let the past be it but the future of mine is with Akash and only me. Meethi says that Jogi is right and I must be steadfast. Malvika complements Nandini on wearing the pink sari just to taunt Meethi. She says that who would know better about your choice than Akash himself. Meethi comes and goes upstairs while Nandini says that she left without saying anything. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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