Monday Update on True Love 11th January 2021

Monday Update on True Love 11th January 2021

Maiya is praying about the welfare of her son. Rani comes and sees Akash and calls him father, Meethi invites her inside and she comes and sits on the bed. She asks Meethi if father will be Okay while Meethi insures that he will be well soon as I am here. Rani hugs Akash after Meethi says that there is a lot of power in love. Meethi tells Rani to eat some food and to take some for Maiya. Meethi tells her about Maiya and says that she is your grandmother and you should respect her as she is your elder. Rani agrees and says that take care of my father and I will take care of his mother and leaves.

Meethi says to Akash that Rani called you father for the first time and tells him to get well soon. She says I want to see that happiness on your face when Rani will hug you and call father. Rani comes and Maiya turns her face around while Rani addresses her as grandmother and tells her to eat as she brought it for her. Maiya turns around and asks of what she just said, Rani says that I called you grandmother and Meethi told me to give you food and then medicince. She is about to leave when Maiya stops her and tells her to sit down and looks at her.

Rani asks Maiya while hugging if Aksah will be Okay. Maiya insures that he will be as Meethi is there to take care of him. Nandini comes to Meethi about Akash and asks if she can make a medicine for Akash. Meethi says that there is no need for it and says to her that when you leave then please close the door. Nandini says that she was thinking if she could help as well, while Meethi says that I can take care of my husband and will call you if I need any help. Nandini closes the door and leaves, later she sits on the stairs thinking about herself and Akash.

Malvika comes down and asks her why she is crying while Nandini hugs her and she ask what happened. Nandini says that I did what you asked and tried to help Akash but Meethi refused and didn’t talk to me properly. Nandini says that I don’t know why Meethi is afraid of me as I won’t snatch Akash from him. Malvika says that I know that but also that you are Akash’s first love and one can’t forget it. Malvika says that you gave it all to Meethi including your daughter but Meethi doesn’t understand you.

Malvika says that I don’t know how Akash forgot you. Nandini explains to what Akash said to her but meant it for Nandini. Malvika says that it might be meant for you as Akash is not blind. She adds saying that Meethi came into his life when you were not there and if you were he might have not seen Meethi. Nandini asks that do you really think that there is a space in his heart for me while Malvika says that she thinks that there is.

Meethi is nurturing Akash and says to him to please get better soon as Meethi is incomplete without you and I can’t stand seeing you in pain. The next morning Rani plays to the lord for her father to get better. Maiya comes and says to Rani that I told you not to come here then why did you. Rani says that why can’t I pray here because I am wrong. Rani puts her hand on the candle saying that she lit it up for her father to get better while Maiya apologizes to the lord as well.

Damini and Nani have come to see Akash and are about to leave as Nani has to leave to for her friend. Meethi thanks them for coming when Nani says that we are not that bad to not come and meet in situations like this. Meethi tells Damini to take care of herself and to take her medicines on time. On the way down Maiya comes and meet the two of them and invite them for tea but they want to leave as they are in a hurry. Rani calls Damini and meets her and asks her how she is, Damini says that she is Okay and will get better soon.

Nani on the other hand is getting angry to see Rani and wants to leave. She says that I saw the face of a prostitute and don’t know how the day will go. Rani answers back to not to say anything to her mother. Nandini comes down and says that this is my daughter and don’t think of hurting he. Nani shocked and asks Maiya of what she is doing by keeping them here. Damini says that I will tell all of this to you in the way while Nani gets angrier that Damini knew about this. She then leaves when Damini insists. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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