Monday Update on Promised Love 22nd March 2021


Monday Update on Promised Love 22nd March 2021

Shayra colliding with Noor and tells her that she heard some sound. Noor says she has also heard some sound and woke up, but didn’t see Badi ammi in room. Shayra shouts Azaan. Razia tries to call Azaan from under the trunk. Azaan gets worried for Razia. Surayya and Asgar come there. Surayya recalls Asgar coming late in the night. Noor tells that she heard tik tik sound. Just then they hear the tik tik sound. Qazala comes there holding the walking stick. Noor gets doubtful about Qazala. Shayra says you don’t use stick usually. Qazala says she uses in night. Noor says may be badi ammi woke up and came out hearing this sound and you did a crime.

Azaan says my Dadi can’t do anything. Qazala blames Noor for stealing Razia’s ornaments and kidnapping her. Shayra asks her not to blame Noor. She asks Azaan to call her. Azaan calls her. Razia picks the call and takes his name, coughs…The phone falls in the water. Shayra asks Azaan to trace the number. Qazala, Alladin and Asgar get tensed. Azaan searches Razia’s location on the tablet. Shayra calls her and says her call is not connecting.

Razia gets her phone and calls him. Azaan asks where are you? she gets drown in the trunk. Azaan says the location is of pool side. Surayya asks Azaan where did you bury her? Asgar asks her to be quiet. Noor says I was doubtful on you, and holds a gardener knife, keeps on Asgar’s neck. The battery drains and they can’t find the location of the pool. Surayya asks Noor to move the knife. Noor asks him to tell where is badi ammi. Qazala comes and keeps knife on Noor’s neck.

Noor refuses to move knife from under his neck. Qazala asks Noor to kill Surayya and leave her son. Asgar says ok. Surayya shouts calling everyone. Noor asks Azaan to call Police and says Ammi is in danger. She threatens to kill them. Shayra stops Noor and says we shall search Ammi. Azaan says nothing will happen to her. Shayra asks Azaan and Noor to handle themselves and search Razia. Razia gets drowned in trunk fully.

Noor asks Azaan to call Police and says they are worried hearing Police name. Dilruba calls Police. Shayra sees the marks on the floor and tells Azaan. She says this is going to the place where tracker was going. Noor says everyone will confess their crime. Azaan and others go there. Azaan says this location. Qazala sees trunk and shows to Azaan. Azaan asks how did this come in the pool. She asks them to take it out. Azaan says we are already worried about Ammi, will see this trunk later. Qazala jumps in the pool and pretends to suffocate. Azaan takes her out. He says don’t know where is ammi? Shayra sees the stain and shows to Azaan. Noor says signal…Azaan says trunk. Qazala says may be my bahu is in the trunk. Noor, Shayra and Azaan hold each other hand worriedly. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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