Friday Update on Cost of Love 19th March 2021


Friday Update on Cost of Love 19th March 2021

Uday taking the car aside and getting saved. Uday says we got saved. Ahaan drinks and talks sad. Pankti worries for him. Purva asks her to hear her fav song Aashiqui, she will feel better. She plays Tu Aashiqui video on the mobile. Purva sees Ahaan and says Ahaan has sung this song. Pankti asks what. Purva says its Ahaan’s first hit song. Pankti sees the video and recalls Ahaan’s words. She tells Purva that she got busy in hiding her past, she didn’t notice Ahaan’s past, his life’s ups and downs, she is so selfish. She praises Ahaan’s songs for taking care of her. She says its my turn now. She calls Ahaan again.

Uday answers Pankti’s call. He says Ahaan is with me, he is not in a state to talk, he is drinking. She asks where are you guys. JD says don’t know where did Ahaan go, did he cancel his trip because of that girl. Sheetal says Ahaan didn’t board the flight. Kaira says Uday would be knowing something. JD thinks how did I forget this stupid Uday. Aparna calls Uday and asks for Ahaan. Uday says he is with me, don’t worry. She asks what happened. Sheetal puts the call on speaker and asks where is Ahaan. Uday says sorry, he is not in a state to talk, his heart broke, he is not even able to talk, I got him at high point so that he feels better, I will get him home when he feels normal. Manav says it means JD is right, Ahaan didn’t go Dubai because of that girl. Sheetal says let me handle this, Ahaan is emotional.

Pankti worries. Purva asks her to come. Pankti takes few things to change Ahaan’s mood. Pankti asks what about mum. Purva asks her to just come. Anita stops them and asks them to go inside. Purva says now even Ahaan knows this, his family will know as well. Anita says so what, will they get doli, we were saved as this matter was hidden, now see who all get trapped as this truth came out. Pankti cries and says I will bear any permission, don’t stop me from going today, Ahaan needs me. Anita says go inside, shall I call Jagdish. Pankti says I agreed to you always, I got sold too, I don’t know you did mother’s duties or not, I did all duties of a daughter.

She says please let me go, maybe you also love me, get that love out once, please. She begs Anita. She says even you would have loved someone once, you would also know the pain to see that person whom you love in pain, for the sake of that love, let me go. Anita gets back. Pankti and Purva get glad. Pankti runs. Anita shouts Pankti and gets worried. Purva says you have got your motherly love out. Ahaan breaks the wine bottle. He cuts his wrist. Uday worries for him.

Ahaan says let this bad blood flow out, JD will also have this bad blood. Uday asks are you mad, I will get first aid, stay here. Pankti comes there and plays Tu Aashiqui song on her phone. Ahaan sees her and cries. He apologizes to her and says I didn’t know your culprit stays in my house, I was finding that devil and forgot my identity, we all are your culprit.

Anita says Purva call her and ask her to come home. Purva says you did a good work for the first time, Pankti will be happy for some time, maybe you also get happiness in daughter’s happiness like other mums. Anita slaps and scolds her. She says I just want my money. Purva says fine, send me to work again, sell me, but please let Pankti go, she won’t let love again.

Ahaan cries. Pankti says you taught me, hope can end, but it can be revived, darkness can be dense, but it can be defeated, when the teacher forgets the teaching, he can be reminded, I came to do this, I came to teach you. He says I don’t know how will I come out of this zone, I m ashamed of myself. She says you will come out of this, you just need someone, I m with you. Tu aashiqui…..plays…. She smiles. She takes care of his wound. She says I have a return gift for you, I had sent guitar with Uday, but I wanted to give this myself. He sees a small love badge and smiles. He recalls his words. He hugs her. They see someone arriving in a car. Ahaan holds Pankti’s hand. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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