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Monday Update on Complicated Love 22nd March 2021

Niki comes in with Radhika who tells her to go to Rohan. She greets Rohan. Rohan smiles towards her. Niki says he didn’t make a call, and their coffee date had been cancelled. She asks if the dinner date is on. Radhika tells Rohan to take Niki for dinner. Pari was angry and curt. Mishti says off course, if Rohan wants to take Niki out he must go. Rohan offers Niki to play games with them. Niki agrees. Mishti leaves her place for Niki and goes on a couch. Pari begins the game and tells a movie name to Rohan. She thinks this is the right chance, she must tell him what’s in her heart. She says “Tum Mere Ho”. Rohan nods. He now acts, Niki tries to judge “Aap, Woh….

Hum…. Hamara…. TUM” Rohan gives a hands up. Mishti now judge “Tum Mere Ho”. Everyone claps. Rohan tells Mishti to get up. Mishti wasn’t ready to play, but Pari also convince Mishti. Rohan clears his throat, removes her hair strand and whispers “Hum Tumpe Martay Hain”. Mishti replies there is no such movie. Rohan says there is, and she has to enact, looking into his eyes. Pari judge “Hum Tumpe Martay hain”.

Sukhmani comments today everyone is playing romantic. Radhika gives turn to Niki. Arnav gives her the name, ‘Dracula’. Niki acts as Dracula. Everyone makes fun of her, later Ansh judge its Dracula. Niki asks to speak to Rohan. Rohan stands up attentively, and says she wants to speak one to one. Rohan says it doesn’t look good, everyone is here. Niki was inconsiderate. Rohan takes him to balcony. Mishti was annoyed but helpless. Radhika continues with the game.

Veer was his friends in bar. They plan a trip to France. One of his friends say it’s good that Veer didn’t get a tattoo of Mishti’s name. He already hurried to include her sir name in the passport. Veer was angry. His friends tell him to accept Mishti dumped him.

In the balcony, Pari overhears the conversation. Niki tells Rohan that she doesn’t like him live in this house anymore. Rohan asks excuse me. Niki says after marriage, they will have to live separately; what if Rohan finds a home again. She dislikes Rohan living with Mishti and Pari; he belongs to her. Rohan says no matter Niki likes them or not, it’s their Dadi who approved of their relation. Niki says Radhika must have felt her granddaughters can’t reach Rohan’s level. Even Rohan must have judged the difference between them and Niki.

Arnav comes to Mishti and says it feels good when everyone is together. Mishti asks about his job. Arnav says Veer is good boss. He tells Mishti that Naina came to office, she is looking for a girl for Veer. It’s some Janvi Verma, studied with Veer in IM. Mishti was happy that Veer was trying to move on.

Rohan clarifies to Niki that he isn’t moving from this house, nor will he break his friendship with Mishti and Pari. And let me be straight, I can’t marry you. Niki asks Rohan about the coffee or dinner date. Rohan clarifies that Dadi wanted him to marry her, but he can’t marry her. There is nothing wrong in her, but he loves someone else. Niki leaves the house in tears.

Pari comes to Mishti and whispers to Mishti said a No to marriage. Mishti says how it matters to them. Pari says Rohan is their friend. Rohan leaves for some work, and tells Radhika he will speak to her later.

It was night. Rohan enters the girl’s room through window. Mishti lay awake. Rohan puts a hand over her mouth, so not to wake Pari. He carries Mishti into his arms and out into the balcony. He shuts the door of the room cautiously. Back on balcony, Mishti was still annoyed. She says it’s late, and it’s not right for them to meet like this. Rohan holds her hand from behind and asks if she is still angry. He notices she was crying and was concerned. Mishti asks how he agreed to marry Niki, she can’t bear this at any cost. She clutches his collar.

Veer was having a drink with his father. He asks Veer what that girl is important for him, he didn’t leave her then why regret. It’s her loss that she left him. He can bring a line of girls to him, such a girl who would understand the meaning of love, family and him. She is a mere girl, he must deal with his break up. His mother feels the pain whenever he cries. He convince Veer to start his love over again, its sensible to pay attention to their business. No girl is worth leaving his life, and business.

Rohan complains that Mishti started it all over. Dadi thought about it, but Mishti assumed everything already and started hating him. She also thought about some mischief. He was only teasing her. Mishti asks what if it truly happens, if a third person comes between them. Rohan says he can’t let this happen, he would die but would never let any third person between them. Mishti warns if he teases her again, she would truly walk away from his life. Rohan hugs her from behind. He smiles and says

“There is no pen without ink, body without a soul, story without words, existence without respect, life without love, heartbeat without life, me without you and you without me. They belong to each other for all the lives ahead”.
They hug each other. Rohan placed his head into her lap.

Veer’s father says if someone wronged him, staying silent isn’t the right thing. He gives Veer a bat, and breaks a light over the room window. It was Mishti’s mistake to leave him, now is the time to make her realize her mistake. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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