Friday Update on Unforseen Love July 13

Friday Update on Unforseen Love

July 13 Episode

Shyam shouting and telling he is bad. I killed my own princess. I used my own princess for money, fame and everything…
He goes to Arnav and says I had planned your murder but unfortunately you escaped. Thats how evil I am… I can kill anyone to get money this property.
Everyone is shocked… to hear… Shyam goes on laughing.

Anjali breaks mangalsutra that Shyam had given… and thrown on ground… she is about to faint… but Khushi handles her… he seems to have got shock.. .she is still … her eyes still…
Shyam sees the peieces of mangal sutra… and suddenly he realizes what he had done… in jest…
Khushi tells sorry but we had to do all these to make Shyam reveal all the thruth as you wont believe other people words.

Shyam begins his innocent act once again… he says… RANI SAHEBA this is all Arnav/Khushi’s plan who made me speak words which i had not done…

Anjali slowly gets up and walk… Akash tries to stop her but she walks on.
Shyam goes on following Anjali and says its all Khushi’s trap . She brought me back, she has bad intentions… Anjali is just walking.

Khushi runs and holds Anjali and tells He is lying. What is shown is the truth. Shyam goes on how can i kill my own RAJKUMARI. Anjali looks Shyam’s face.

Flashback of Shyam’s antics… Anjali slaps on Shyam’s face. Everyone is shocked… Akash happy.

Anjali says you have fooled me so much … all i wanted was love, but all you wanted was money. Everyone was against you but I supported you. You are worst kind of people that i know of. I hate you just get lost from my sight. Anrav acts he comes up … catches Shyam’s collar and throws him to police who were standing at doorstep. Police says NK has told everything to us. From here we will take care… and takes Shyam… Shyam shouts leaves me…
Arnav comes back and hugs Anjali. Anjali cries and hugs him… Everyone is happy .

Anjali enters into her room remembers all the lies of Shyam’s how he showed her love, love for coming child, how he used to risk his life hiding and coming into house. She just cries… finally she shouts NO

Arnav runs towards her room..
Anjali takes out all Shyam’s clothes and belongings .. phots. and puts it into suitcase she even takes off her engagement ring and puts it into it. Nani tries to stop but Aranv says let her do that. She brings petrol and pours over the suitcase and strikes matchstick… and set the suitcase on first…
Khushi, Nani shocked to see… the suitcase burning and Anjali still…

Nani telling Arnav to stop Anjali from burning all Shyam’s memories else there will be fire in their whole house. Anjali says, no let it burn.. I don’t want to see any of Shyam’s stuff in this house anymore. She then asks Arnav, why did he do like this with me? What was my mistake? and she hugs Arnav.

She continues, first mama & papa left me.. I should have known after what paa did with maa.. I should have known that same thing would happen to me. She then asks, but what was this small raj kumari’s fault? Don’t I deserve any happiness? Will happiness go away from me before it comes? She wipes her tears and says, now that man has gone forever from my life.. I won’t cry for him now. She then says to Arnav, you fulfilled your promise of Rakhi.. you protected me. She says to Khushi, and you as well. You two saved me from man because of whom I stood against all of you. Today, I finally understood what’s the meaning of family. You all saved me today. I promise that I will never forget this love of yours.. the evil has gone now from this house.. now everything will be fine. When you all are with me there can’t be anything bad happening to this house. She again hugs Arnav and whole family seems to be happy.

Scene changes and Khushi is in her room. Anjali comes there and knocks the door. She asks if she can come in. Khushi asks her if she is fine. Anjali says, I am fine and they hug. Khushi says, I am so sorry.. I didn’t want to hurt you but.. Anjali says, whatever you did was right. Yes I got hurt but I found out the truth. And there was no future for our relationship anyways. Relationship that is based on lies and betrayals don’t last long. Anjali continues, I came here to apologize you.. please forgive me.. you were trying to tell me truth so many times, but instead of listening to you.. I got angry at you. Please forgive me Khushi ji. Khushi asks, what are you saying Di? Why are you saying sorry to me? If I was on your place, I would probably have done same thing. I know it will be tough for you.. but trust me everything will be fine. You deserve all happiness and you will get it, just keep smiling… I promise you that life will give you many occasions to smile.

Anjali says, Khushi ji… you proved today.. some relationship are bigger than blood’s relationship. Heart relationships are greatest relationships. They hug again. Arnav is watching them and gets emotional. He comes to them and Anjali hugs him. Arnav asks her, you’re fine right? Anjali says, I just didn’t burn his stuff.. I burned all memories, feelings that I had for him. Now there is no place of his in my life. And as long as you (Arnav) are with me, nothing bad can happen to me. Arnav then kisses Anjali on her forehead.

It’s next morning now. Arnav is on the phone. He says, cancel all tonight’s meetings. Khushi gets happy and asks him, are you taking me outside tonight? Arnav says, yes.. get ready. Khushi gets even happier and asks, for real.. where? Arnav says, it will be hot outside so wear something of cotton. I have told Aman.. he will get some dress for you. Khushi asks, are we going for horse race? But I don’t know how to ride horse. Arnav says, we are going to watch horse race.. not participate in it. Khushi says, this is so strange..some people will be riding horses.. and we will be just watching them.. if they get ahead in race, then what will we do? It’s better if we go watch something else.. Arnav asks like?

Khushi gets excited and says, like movies.. Salman Khan.. Arnav says, NO. Khushi says, why not? Everything happens in movies.. she then jumps on the bed and says, fighting.. romance.. drama. You tell me.. will we get to see anything in your horse race? How will we know who is hero heroin.. and villain. Villain is very important.. villains make stories very interesting. Arnav says, we don’t go there to see all these stuff. Khushi gets disappointed and says, okay. Arnav then says, fine.. we will go to watch movie. Khushi again gets excited and says, Salman khan.. Arnav says, we will go to watch an english movie. Khushi says, those are most boring films.. no emotional scenes.. no dance.. Arnav says, action scenes are there. Khushi says, hollyoowd actors don’t do any action scenes.. they make robots.. guns to do all the action. Our bollywood actors fight with 30-40 goons alone..

Arnav says, hollywood movies are precised.. they don’t stretch like hindi movies. Khushi says, low budget people…. who is in hurry to come out of theater? Hindi movies are for full 3 hours.. paisa vasool.. Arnav now asks, have you seen hollywood actresses? Khushi says, just don’t talk about them.. it seems like they gave their clothes to poor people. I can’t never wear such clothes.. Arnav says, hollywood actresses are versatile.. they just dont dance in front of trees. Khushi gets sad and says, I haven’t seen any hindi film recently.. but fine we will go to watch english movie. She then says, please forgive me Salman Khan.. I wanted to see your movie but wife’s duties came in between. Arnav says, FINE.. we will see a hindi film. Khushi again gets excited.. hugs him.. and says.. I will be back doing all the preparations.

Arnav and Khushi are ready to go and come outside. Arnav sees all other family members are getting ready to go as well and he’s confused. Anjali comes and says to Khushi, you all go.. I am really not in mood to come. Confused Arnav looks at Khushi. Khushi says, how is it possible that we would leave you alone at home? Anjali then says, I left my phone in the room.. I will be right back.

Now Nk comes there and asks how is this tshirt? Arnav says, very good but what’s going on? Nk says, I am just too excited. He then tells Arnav… don’t you see everyone is getting ready? You get ready too. Nk leaves to see if Manorama is ready or not. Arnav then asks Nani, are you all going for a picnic? Nani says, ya.. this is like picnic only. Arnav says, ohhok. He then asks Khushi, shall we leave now? Khushi says, but Mamiji is not ready yet. And there comes Manorama. She says, going without Manorama huh? Arnav says, no mami ji.. we are going to watch a movie. Manorama says, so I am ready too .. let’s hurry up else movie will start. Arnav says, but you all are going for a picnic right?

Nk says, we will go for picnic too and watch movie too. Arnav asks Khushi, so everyone is going to watch a movie? Khushi says, of course.. there needs to be some people with us who whistle while watching movie na. Manorama then whistles. Arnav says to Khushi.. sure this must be your idea. Khushi then tells everyone, how Arnav was taking her out to see horse race. She says, but once I decide to watch Salman Khan’s movie.. Nk finishes her sentence.. after that she doesn’t listen to Nannav either. Khushi gives Nk high-five. They get their food in bags and leave for a movie.

They are standing in line at the theater and security says to Khushi, you are not allowed to take this food inside because all these you can buy inside. Arnav whispers to Khushi.. leave this here. Khushi replies back, but we can’t find food like this inside. Khushi then starts her sweet talks with security and Manorama joins her. They say, this is special food.. Nani can’t eat outside food.. and she only drinks boiled water. Khushi then shows sugar-less sweet and says, this is for my husband.. he’s very shy.. doesn’t say much.. and he has diabetes problem. Khushi now shows another food and says, that’s for Nk. Security says, rules are rules we can’t do anything.

Khushi asks security.. can you do me one favor? Security says, that I dont’ do any favor (it’s Salman Khan’s movie’s dialouge). Arnav then tries to tell Khushi to leave. But Khushi hasn’t given up yet.. she now says.. he (Arnav) is very big fan of Salman Khan.. whole family joins Khushi now. Arnav is angry and feeling embarrassed. Khushi says, after so many years of our marriage.. he told me that he will take me out for Salman Khan’s movie. How can you say no to such a huge Salman Khan’s fan? He will feel bad. Security asks who he? Khushi says, who else.. Salman Khan. Others in line are asking to hurry up. Khushi asks so shall we go with food? Before security says anything.. she gets very emotional. and security finally agrees.

They come inside theater now. Arnav and Khushi tell others to sit down and Whole family sits down first. Now there are only two seats that are empty.. one on the left end beside Nani and one on the right end beside Nk. Arnav asks Nk if he can go sit beside nani. But Nk says, no.. I don’t want to miss any scene of this movie. Khushi then sits down beside Nk. Arnav is asking Nani if she can shift but Nani is busy discussing movie with Manorama. Other people in theater are asking Arnav to sit down. Arnav has no choice but to sit down at the other end beside Nani. He seems to be disappointed. Movie starts and Manorama whistles. Disappointed and angry Arnav looks at Khushi who just smiles back to him.