Monday Update on Unforseen Love July 16

Monday Update on Unforseen Love

July 16 Episode

Raizada family watching a movie in a theater. Khushi notices that Arnav is sad. She tells Nk, Armav seems to be sad because he didn’t get sweets. She asks him to pass sweets to him. Nani passes sweets to Arnav but he doesn’t eat. Arnav is not interested in watching movie either and he’s just looking at Khushi who is enjoying movie with Nk.

During an action scene, Khushi gets excited and she gets up from her seat. Now there is an emotional scene and Khushi has tears in her eyes. Arnav passes a handkerchief to Nani and asks her to pass it to Khushi. But in between there is Manorama who also has tears in her eyes, and she thinks Nani passed it for her and she starts wiping her tears. And now there is an interval. Khushi asks who will eat pop corn. Arnav gets up and says, I will get it but Khushi doesn’t hear him and leaves.

Movie resumes and finally Arnav has taken a seat beside Khushi. But Khushi is still not paying any attention to Arnav. Arnav is getting upset and annoyed. He tries to touch Khushi’s hand several times, but every time Khushi starts clapping. That’s the end of theater scene.

It’s next day morning. Arnav is getting ready to leave for office. Khushi comes there and says, I know you’re upset with me. Arnav asks, you do? Great! Khushi says, you’re angry because I screamed in theater. Arnav doesn’t say anything. Khushi then goes, no? Then you might be angry because Manorama sang song in car. She says, I sing too. Arnav still doesn’t say anything. Khushi says, oh you’re mad at Nk because he whistled during a song. Arnav gets angry and grabs her. He pushes her towards the wall and says, then do one thing.. watch 12 to 3 movie with Nani, 3 to 6 with Mami, and 6 to 9 with Nk. Khushi asks why are you saying like this? He says, I came to watch movie for you.. I wanted to watch movie with you.. wanted to spend time with you. read full updates with pictures only at Khushi asks, why you didn’t me before then? Arnav says, right.. I should have told you before.. when could I have told you? when you were planning how to whistle? or when you were rushing to watch movie first? He then says, I don’t think you understand me. Khushi tries to talk with him but he leaves. Khushi then speaks to herself, oh god what did I do? What should I do now? She then smiles and says, I will take him for an english movie, but for now I will have to do something else.

Khushi now comes to Arnav’s office. Receptionist gets shocked seeing her and asks you? Khushi says, yes Me.. I have came to the office before too.. there is no need to get surprised. Khushi then asks where is Arnav and Receptionist tells her that Arnav is in meeting.. you can wait in conference room. Khushi goes to conference room.

Khushi then sees a washroom and says, Khushi this is the only way to lessen Arnav’s anger at her. Arnav is busy in the meeting. In the mean time, Khushi has changed her clothes and put her dupatta on.

It’s very dark now and Khushi is wondering what happened to lights. At the same time Arnav comes there. Khushi says, thank God I was searching for you only. I know you’re angry with me and you should be angry with me… you wanted to see horse race but I made you to come and watch movie and that too hindi movie. And then you wanted to pass some time alone with me and me, silly, brought whole family with me. She goes on, Di was sad so I thought to take her out. Arnav tries to say that he understand but Khushi doesn’t let him say anything. She says, I am not done talking yet.. I have decided to show you movie the way you want so you won’t be angry at me anymore. She says, you love english movies actress right? and then she takes off her dupatta and she has wore some foreign style dress. Arnav asks, what is this? Khushi sings, I love you Arnav ji.

She then starts dancing with him. Now she comes back in a different clothes.. japanese or chinese style.. and starts singing.. aaj mausam hai suhana.. kapde badalne ka bahana (reason to change clothes).. what the what the..

She goes away and comes back in one more different type of clothes, a don type. She puts a pistol on Arnav’s head and says, do you know my name? My name is Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.

Arnav is not saying anything. Khushi asks what happened? I did so much, you didn’t like anything? You’re not saying anything since so long. She then says, oh it’s very dark and may be you can’t see anything.. but what are you doing alone in darkness? And then some people clap. Lights come back and Khushi sees there are some other people too.

She asks Arnav to forgive her saying she didn’t know. Arnav says, I am trying to explain you since long time that there is my presentation here.. but you didn’t let me talk. Khushi now puts pistol on her head.. and says, you’re gone.. now Arnav will make you run in horse race. Arnav is sending Khushi outside but some guys get up and tell Arnav, the outfit that your wife has put on is excellent. Arnav and Khushi are surprised. The guy says, don’t take me wrong.. but the designs that we saw till now are very serious and too common. But the outfit that your wife has is international and has its own charm.. it will work for our clients. Your wife solved our problem. Khushi gets happy. The guy says, contract is yours.. congratulation. Arnav says, thank you in a confused tone. They guys leave.

Arnav is angry at khushi. He asks her, how could you do all this in office? I work here. Khushi says, please forgive me.. I thought I should dress up like your english movie actresses to impress you.. but like always.. everything went wrong. She says, I will be back changing clothes. Arnav stops her and asks, did I tell you to change clothes? He then says, I understand why you did what you did.. and you said you have planned something for me? What’s the plan? Khushi shows him two tickets for an english movie.. Arnav asks and? Khushi says, I will come in skirt.. and we will talk in english. Arnav asks, really? Khushi says, yes arnav ji. Arnav says, no.. if you want to impress me then you have to stop calling me Arnav ji. Khushi asks, how can I call you laad governor? Arnav says, I meant Arnav. Khusi still says, Arnav ji but in end Arnav finally makes her say, Arnav only. Khushi hugs him. Arnav says, you know you’re very…. Khushi finishes his sentence saying, I am very strange.. I know.

Khushi is back to home and is doing preparations for something. She says to herself, only 7 hours left.. how everything will be done. Nani and Anjali come there. They try to talk with her but Khushi is going crazy with preparations. She orders a cake without sugar. and then she says, we should wear new clothes for tomorrow. She finally says, it’s Arnav’s birthday tomorrow and they should do something special. She says, we should wear same colored clothes tomorrow. Now she is confused between black and red color. Everyone is trying to tell her that she can’t do anythin for tomorrow. Khushi asks but why? Manorama says, because Arnav doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday at all.

Anjali and Mami tell Khushi that Arnav doesn’t like celebrating his birthday and Khushi is sad. Anjali explains that if anyone does anything he will be upset and for Khushi not to do anything. NK states that is boring and Akash challenges him to sing Happy Birthday to Arnav and see what happens. He explains Arnav doesn’t like wishing or being wished.read full updates with pictures only at . Khushi states that that is the old Arnav and things have changed since marriage, Khushi explains that she will celebrate his birthday and as his wife she wants to make is special . As Khushi leaves Anjali explains how Khushi might feel if Arnav shouts at her. Arnav comes and asks what he will be upset about.
Khushi is ordering food and Arnav comes to speak to her. She goes with Arnav and he tells her not to do anything for his birthday and leave it as it is. Khushi gets a call and Arnav enquires about it, but she brushes it off.
Akash explains that the last time someone wished Arnav he got very angry with them. Anjali explains to Khushi that Arnav doesn’t like celebrating.
Khushi is upset that he doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday. Khushi continues that if he is like then she is like this. Mami states she will get movies to watch rather then watching angry Arnav.
Khushi is ordering clothes and she is asked for measurement, Anjali is worried but she tells Anjali not to worry.

At night Arnav is on the laptop and Khushi tries to sneak out a suit, he calls her and enquires about taking his suit, he states that he knows what she wants to do with it, she explains that she wants to give it to the laundry and he replies that it is a new suit so there is no need. She replies if its cleaned then it wont get old. Khushi gets a call and enquires if she still not planning something, Khushi denies it and Arnav states that its good she isn’t, Khushi wonders how to take the measurement.

Khushi then gets all poetic and romantic with Arnav and Arnav questions what she is trying to do, she states that wants to say something but is shy to, she tells him to close his eyes and he is confused, she then fakes romance with him and gets his measurements, he goes to get is leg measurement and there is a awkward moment, she continues to fake and states that patience leads to fruitful outcomes and Arnav is damn confused and wonders what she will do tomorrow

It’s the next morning and Arnav wakes up and Khushi wishes him a good morning. Khushi tells him to get ready for office and he is getting late. He is confused and sees Khushi getting a box and wonders if its his present, but its just bangles. He then asks khushi what the plan is, but Khushi states he is not a child and he even stated that he didn’t want to do anything, she tells him food is ready.

As Arnav comes down the stairs he gets a call from Aman, he thinks he has called to wish him, he answers Thanks to Aman but Aman answers what was the thanks for he only called about a meeting. He wonders if Aman forget his birthday. Everyone is formal on the table and he wonders if everyone forgot. Arnav asks what else there is for breakfast and Khushi states there is nothing else. NK leaves stating he is meeting friends for breakfast. Khushi gives Akash his tiffin, no one seems to wish Arnav birthday, he is thinking that with KHushi hear he thought something would happen but everyone seems to have forgetten. Anrav gets ready for office, khushi calls him stating he forgot his phone.

Akash and Anrav talk business in the office, he asks Akash if he has forgotten something, he explains that its his birthday, Akash replies he remembers but he even says his birthday is like any other day. Arnav wants to eat. Khushi arrives with a Dabba to eat with Anrav, Arnav tells Akash it will be a big meal with a note, Akash is about to leave but Khushi tells him to eat with them, but he declines. Khushi has brought simple food and Arnav asks whether this is all it. Khushi tells him to eat quickly as she doesn’t have much time and has shopping to do. Khushi is about to leave and states she forgot something, Arnav thinks she is about to wish him but gives him something for digestion?. Anrav seems angry that Khushi hasn’t wished him.

Arnav and Akash arrive home from work and everyone is watching a film. There is a knock on the door and there is a cake for him. Khushi goes to the guy and tells him that they cant accept the cake as Arnav doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday. Arnav asks what she just did, Khushi explains that he doesn’t like celebrating his birthday and leaves, he looks on